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  1. And preliminary testing suggests that this technique doesn't work on the Series X at all. Shame.
  2. Okay, that's definitely different from what I've experienced. You should probably submit a bug.
  3. How patient have you been? I know on my last few playthroughs there was a long, awkward silence at that point where Preston and I just stare at each other, but he always continues eventually.
  4. And after a couple of months using this technique successfully, I had two or three occasions where it resulted in a corrupted save. Every time I got the corrupted save I was on The Island (from the Far Harbour expansion), which might or might not be a coincidence. I've also discovered that rebooting your console from the same menu works too. Haven't had a corrupted save yet that way, though that could just be luck.
  5. It's just inconvenient enough, in my opinion.:) I mean, if I could save at will, I'm pretty sure I'd wind up saving every thirty seconds like I did before Survival Mode. Which would mean death would have no consequences, which defeats the purpose of limiting saves in the first place. With this trick, I can create saves only when I really need to. It reduces the frustration of days with multiple tough fights without completely defanging Survival.
  6. No idea if it works on other platforms, but on Xbox One it turns out the game automatically saves if you power off the console with the controller. (Hold down the Xbox button for a couple of seconds, then select "power off" or something to that effect.) And the save it creates isn't flagged as an Exit Save, so you can reuse it freely. Did everybody else already know this? How long has this been true?
  7. Hi all, Does anybody on this board know anything about the invisible wall bug that sometimes affects the quest "I Put a Spell on You"? If you don't know what I'm talking about - I'm trying to blow up the monorail for the Legion, but when I take the explosives to the train, I can't board, which means I can't access the vent where I'm supposed to plant them. There's an invisible wall blocking access to the train, and I'm greeted with the text "A) Take Monorail to the Strip" when I try to enter. (Pressing A does in fact take me to the strip, but that doesn't help.) Googling the issue tells me the same problem has been known to afflict goodie-goodies who want to stop the train from blowing up, but nothing about what causes it or whether there's a workaround. So... does anybody know anything useful? Is this something that happens randomly, in which case restarting my console and reloading the same save might eventually help? (Seems unlikely.) Or if it's tied to the game state, what do I have to do to complete the quest? I'm playing on Xbox, so I can't fix it with console commands. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. That much I did know. But they ARE considered when determining whether a specific settlement has "enough" food or water. Until this bug hits, then they're not - until you enter workshop mode at the affected settlement or sleep for the night. (And there may well be other ways to clear the bug; as I said, I haven't experimented widely.) How the check for "enough" is actually implemented in the game's scripts, I have no idea. I don't own a Windows PC, so unless and until Bethesda has plans to have somebody port the game to Linux, I don't have much opportunity to delve into that.
  9. Possibly I wasn't clear. I'm getting the same numerical values in both the pip-boy and workshop mode. Eg, for a settlement that produces no food but has supply lines connecting it to settlements with an ample surplus, both will display zero, which is correct. But the pip-boy reports a shortage. Once I've travelled to the settlement, entered workshop mode, and then exited it, the shortage indicator disappears from the pip-boy - until the bug triggers again, of course. Presumably the recalculation you mentioned that occurs when you enter workshop mode is clearing the bug. Just travelling to the settlement doesn't clear it, but maybe if I waited long enough at the settlement the background process you mentioned would clear it as well - I haven't experimented with it too much.
  10. I've tried to open two issues, but I got a "Fatal error" both times.
  11. Oops. Where has it been moved to? There's still no link in the FAQ that I can see.
  12. Sometimes, after exiting Workshop Mode, the game seems to lose track of the B button, preventing you from entering the Pipboy. Switching to first person mode than back to third fixes it, so it's only a minor nuisance, but it is annoying. This is on XBox One, either with no mods installed or just the Unofficial Patch.
  13. Settlements which don't produce enough food/water, but have ample available through supply lines, will sometimes erroneously show the "warning" next to the food/water line in the Workshops subtab of the Data tab on your pipboy. If you go to the settlement, the settlers there will voice dialogue suggesting they are in fact short on the given resource. If you enter workshop mode while at the workshop, the values for food/water will appear in green, not red, and the two issues mentioned above stop. Sleeping the night (not necessarily at the affected settlement) also seems to fix it. I don't know specifically what triggers the bug, but I think it's always a settlement I've visited recently when I notice it. Sometimes coincides with the bug where the Workshops subtab erroneously displays zero instead of the correct value, but I believe it's a separate issue. This is on XBox One, either with no mods installed or just the Unofficial Patch.
  14. When you're faced with a gun trap, you can get the XP for disarming either by pointing at the gun and clicking A to take it, or by pointing at the gun trap/gun brace itself and clicking A to disarm it. So far so good. But if you disarm the trap first, you can then take the gun and get the XP a second time, which seems unlikely to be intended. This is on XBox One, either with no mods or with the Unofficial Patch only.
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