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  1. Here's a quick BCF for SSE's XP32 I made for myself. Only supports RaceMenu cause I couldn't be bothered to make subpackages for all the MCM/RaceMenu/ECE options: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - BAIN Compatible-1988-4-71-1577467636-BCF.7z Use with v4.71. No wizard right now, and all subpackages (except 00 Core) are optional.
  2. @Gemma_Kat Try the latest WIP build (see second post in this thread for the link), that's a bug in the Nexus version that is fixed in the WIP build. Wrye Bash supports all three types of save compression (LZ4, zlib, uncompressed).
  3. @Verayth @Arthmoor pipenv through powershell seems to crash (at least for me), try using Git Bash to run the commands instead.
  4. Important info for everyone using the source download or a git clone of the nightly branch: Wrye Bash is now 64bit, so make sure to grab a 64bit version of Python 2 and all our dependencies. And speaking of dependencies: our method of installing them has changed. Please see the Readme.md for information on the new process. For everyone else: Wrye Bash no longer supports 32-bit operating systems. The newest WIP build will not run if you have such a system. This is unlikely to affect a significant number of people, and it's simply not something we can support any longer.
  5. @Leeux Glad you got it sorted. That was going to be my guess as well, that pywin32 isn't working on your system for some reason, which would cause WB to think you're on Linux. Re: py3 - no, we're still on py2. Hopefully not for much longer though @bossaruu The cause is "Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches Merged.esp". Lexy is already aware of the problem and should have a fix up at some point. If you want to manually fix it, open that mod in xEdit, find the record with FormID 3200150C (should be under Armor Addon) and delete it. @Crownless Sword King New WIP build is up. Note that the error you experienced actually happened while Wrye Bash was trying to display another error. So after downloading the new build, please make a bashbugdump: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog and upload it here, because you may get a different error now.
  6. @bossaruu Thanks, it happened because your file was encoded in UTF-16 but the Python paser we used for the INI was expecting ASCII. I'll see about adding proper encoding detection to avoid that in the future. @Crownless Sword King Thanks, I found the mistake. Will push a WIP build that fixes it tomorrow.
  7. @bossaruu That looks perfectly fine, so it must be the encoding of your INI that's causing hiccups. Could you upload the file itself to some hosting service? Mega or Mediafire or whatever. @Crownless Sword King Are you using the latest WIP build? If not, try again with that one (see second post in this thread for the link) and if it still fails, post the new traceback.
  8. @bossaruu Please upload the contents of your file to something like pastebin or gist and link it here.
  9. @pendraggon If you mean that WB is *still* crashing, even with the loot integration now functional, then as @Malonn mentioned this must be some problem with your system. Sorry, I've never heard of anyone else who had their WB 'freeze' like that - if it doesn't work, it generally just crashes. @sadnewsshawn Are you sure you have beta5.1? That error occurred in beta5 and fixing it was the whole reason we pushed beta5.1. If you have checked and you do indeed have beta5.1, then try the latest WIP build (see the second post in this thread for the link).
  10. Alright, new nightly is up. @pendraggon (and anyone who was crashing), please try that one and report back if it still happens.
  11. @pendraggon A new nightly will be up in a few hours that will put these loot issues to rest for good by dropping the loot dll entirely. @GNC1995 Please make a BashBugDump: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog and upload it here.
  12. @pendraggon Do you still have loot.dll? If not, that error is complaining that it's missing, recent nightlies no longer work if you delete that file.
  13. @Tasdanduil Wrye Bash is a 32-bit application, and you're hitting the memory limit for 32-bit programs. Try deleting some of your saves (or moving them elsewhere). @pendraggon Try this version: https://github.com/Wrye-Code-Collection/wrye-bash/releases/tag/307.202001030030
  14. @pendraggon You've been told twice now to please post your errors in this thread: We only monitor that one. Any other threads here are likely to be ignored. If you still get the error with the WIP version, then I'll need a BashBugDump report from that version, otherwise I won't be able to reproduce and fix it: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog Oh, and if the WIP versions crash on load, try this one: https://github.com/Wrye-Code-Collection/wrye-bash/releases/tag/307.201912231441
  15. @pendraggon Don't report things from a version that's a month out of date. Same advice as in the other thread - use the latest WIP version, and if you can still reproduce it, post in this thread:

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