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  1. The only things that are silently skipped with no way to change it are executables (DLLs and EXEs), except for xSE (SKSE, OBSE, etc.) plugins. This is by design, for security reasons. I've submitted an issue a while ago because I personally don't think this argument holds much water: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/501 But people feel strongly on this, and without some sort of consensus from the rest of the team I can't just make a change like that.
  2. I wouldn't say we're interested in having two different GUI backends, just that it's possible GUI refactoring could eventually make such an API possible. Honestly? I'm not sure. You would have to reimplement all GUI components we use right now, which is no problem for e.g. dialogs, but I can imagine that UIList (the class we use to display the mods/saves/installers/etc. files on the left side of each tab) would be much harder to implement. I'm not sure how much I can quantify a subjective feeling, I just think Tkinter looks much uglier than wxPython
  3. We wouldn't accept a patch to remove it (because Tkinter looks way worse than wxPython), but we might work towards allowing multiple GUI backends. If we do that, then you could implement a Tkinter backend (and we'd probably accept the patch).
  4. I've gone ahead and increased the contrast on several checkbox images in 307.202006121256 that were failing WCAG AAA or even WCAG AA.
  5. @Synel00 That error is caused by an invalid BSA file you have somewhere. Try again with the latest WIP version (link is in the second post in this thread) and make another BashBugDump, which will tell you what BSA file is affected.
  6. Yeah, the online advanced readme doesn't get updated very often. I've gone ahead and synced it again, but the only guaranteed up-to-date docs are the ones that come with the Wrye Bash download. Regarding your error: are you on the nightly branch? That branch needs a 64 bit python, while the dev branch is still on 32 bit.
  7. They're not all used for the same thing, e.g. masters use purple, blue, green, orange and red, while mods only use green, yellow, orange and red (with increasing severity of the problem in that order). Also, the status bar at the bottom will tell you what any of the 'problematic' colors (i.e. yellow, orange and red) mean (except on the Installers tab, where we don't have that yet).
  8. imp = imported into the Bashed Patch (i.e. a plugin is deactivated, but some of its data has been imported) inc = merged (stands for 'included' I guess?) into the Bashed Patch off = inactive plugin, uninstalled package, etc. on = active plugin, installed package, etc. The _wiz variations are for packages with BAIN wizards. Also, if you do change these, make sure to keep copies of the altered images in a safe place. The WB download includes the original versions, so if you use the installer or just unzip and overwrite, that would overwrite your changed files again.
  9. @sombrero Yeah, the colors might not be great for visually impaired people - right now they're just images we display, so you *could* open them with an image editor (they're in Mopy/bash/images, look for checkbox_*.png) and change the colors yourself. Hopefully we'll be able to draw them via code in the future, which would mean you could just configure their colors via the Colors dialog. Edit: opened an issue so it doesn't get forgotten: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/511 @gurglegurgle You're using wxPython 3, but we're already on wxPython 4. You can also just run pip install -r requirements.txt while in the WB folder that has the requirements.txt file. That should install the right versions of everything you need.
  10. 1: I mean the 'File' menu at the top. Only available in the latest nightly build (second post here), in older builds you have to right click the columns. 2: BAIN already does this. It checks if all files are installed and match the package, that's what the colored checkboxes to the left of each package mean. Green=OK, Yellow=Conflict loser for non-plugin files, Orange=Conflict Loser with one or more plugin files (.esp, .esm, etc.), Red=one or more missing files. If you suspect that BAIN somehow missed a refresh, you can right click the package and choose 'Quick Refresh' to force a recheck of all files in that package (or right click the columns and choose 'Full Refresh' to do it for all your BAIN packages). Edit: And zip integrity should be checked automatically by 7zip, BAIN directly calls 7zip.exe for all its extraction/listing/compressing needs.
  11. @sombrero 1. Not [Game]\Mods, but [Game] Mods. So at the same level where you have your Skyrim folder, there will also be a Skyrim Mods folder (will generally be something like D:\Steam\steamapps\Skyrim Mods). The Bash Installers folder inside that folder houses the installers, and you can manually drop them in there. So the full path will look something like D:\Steam\steamapps\Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers. If you're using the WIP version, you can also open this folder directly via File > Open Folder while on the Installers tab. 2. BAIN code is still fairly uncharted waters, and refactoring it is a 308 goal. Once that's done, we'll be able to have the same feature as MO2 where you can just manually pick the 'root' folder inside the archive when an fomod is not recognized. As for the second part, that sounds like a bug - do you have a link to an archive with which that happens?
  12. Click on the gear icon at the bottom, then click 'Save Settings'. That will save your settings & data immediately. Doing it every time a mod is installed would be difficult, because we'd be asking BAIN to save its data while it's still changing its internal data (due to the mod installation). Plus it might not be a feature some people want so it would have to be opt-in - and we don't have a great settings menu right now (which will be coming, but isn't there yet).
  13. @Arthmoor I'll have a look, seems like the RACE definition for Oblivion broke. @lmstearn Should already be fixed in nightly.
  14. Actually @PoptartJuniper, could you try again with the latest nightly (307.202005131856)? I think it might have been due to you having 'Has Extra Directories' enabled on that file, which wasn't working correctly with some FOMODs.
  15. I'm working on a Bachelor's degree in CS, but I learned Python as a random aside for hobbies.

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