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  1. Yeah, that'll make WB think you're managing Oblivion since that's the file it uses as a heuristic to figure out if the current game is Oblivion.
  2. @theQuestionmark That should be fixed in the newest nightly build (link is in the second post in this thread).
  3. @Wolfstorm I assume you're the same Wolfstorm that sibir answered on Discord? That answer stands - changing the extension requires a new game, adding or removing the flag does not.
  4. There is no way to do that right now. Feature additions will have to wait for a while since we're in the middle of a major transition (Python 3).
  5. Hmm, it still shouldn't have crashed on that. I'll take a look, but might have to shelve that until after Python 3.
  6. That was back in 2015. xEdit has had numerous updates since then, most notably the introduction of Quick Auto Cleaning (QAC). We've checked that cleaning report, and it is legitimate - those are all new ITMs found by QAC, the older dialogue ITMs are not detected as ITMs by recent xEdit versions. Inigo hasn't had an update since QAC came out, so it has obviously never been cleaned with QAC - hence these ITMs.
  7. Wrye Bash 308 is a 64bit application. The original Mod Organizer can't handle 64bit applications. You can try downloading 307 and using that: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/releases/tag/v307 Also, Wrye Bash has a dedicated thread here:
  8. Wrye Bash reads the header of each save to retrieve information like player name, current location, masters, etc. If you have tons of saves, it could be that Windows is trying to shove them all into its RAM cache, filling up its cache due to the sheer size of all those saves, and then clearing it out and filling it again over and over. You can also try moving them into a profile (i.e. a subfolder of the Saves folder) if you want to keep them. That should make WB ignore them, unless you switch to that profile form within WB.
  9. I don't have much to add. Try the development build and see if that helps. If not, check your save folder - keeping thousands of saves around can slow WB down quite a bit.
  10. @TruCorsair Your version of Wrye Bash is very out of date. Download 308 from the Nexus.
  11. If you're using the installer version, you can simply install over the previous version. The installer will take care of deleting old files and preserving customizations. If you're using the standalone or python version, you need to uninstall the old version (by deleting everything but the Apps folder and the bash.ini, if you have one) and then drop the new version in.
  12. The new nightly build should fix that issue.
  13. That's a bug in the BP. It should not be putting that subrecord out if it's not already there. Will have a look at fixing it.
  14. Do you have 'Skip Bethsoft Content' (on the Installers tab, Settings > Skip Bethsoft Content) on? It has to be off if you want to overwrite vanilla content. There's a feature request to make BAIN instead capture versions of vanilla files it's about to overwrite, but it'll take a while before we can make that happen: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/52
  15. The format specifier regression in Tweak Names should be fixed in the newest nightly. Can you upload the BAIN package that's not working?
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