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  1. @Tanker1985 Could you try the latest nightly? We've changed to using PyInstaller to build nightlies now, which *should* fix the LOOT crash.
  2. @Verayth Are you using git or the source download? Make sure that your Python version no longer contains a 'chardet' folder, even if it's only .pyc files, otherwise Python might still try to use it. @Tanker1985 Huh, removing loot.dll shouldn't *crash*. LOOT stuff just shouldn't work. I'll forward it to Ganda.
  3. @Tanker1985 Try deleting loot.dll. We removed the second build to get some feedback on an experimental change that seems to have fixed the loot issue for Win10 users, but apparently Win7 users still experience it. @Verayth If you're using the Python version, you need to make sure to always synchronize your dependencies when you grab a new version. Use something like this to do it (substituting PATH_TO_PYTHON for your python path, obviously): PATH_TO_PYTHON\python.exe -m pip install -U -r requirements.txt
  4. @KatonRyu Are you using the latest WIP build (see second post in this thread for the link)? If not, try that version. It has completely rewritten locale handling, which should fix that error for good.
  5. @LJ44 Make sure you're using the latest WIP version (see the second post in this thread for the link) @Malonn It already is optional, open the installers tab, right click on the column header and uncheck 'BSA Redirection'.
  6. @Mr. Dave Grab the latest WIP version (from the second post in this thread), should be fixed in that one.
  7. That wasn't a fix, the build just unconditionally disabled CBash We still have no idea why that crash happens, so the only thing we can recommend is to launch Wrye Bash with the -P argument to disable CBash completely.
  8. Wrye Bash 307.beta4 is now available! See the reddit post for a rough overview of the highlights since beta3. Downloads are available at all Wrye Bash Nexus pages: - Oblivion Nexus - Fallout 3 Nexus - Fallout New Vegas Nexus - Skyrim Nexus - Enderal Nexus - Fallout 4 Nexus - Skyrim Special Edition Nexus
  9. @moesnd I assume you're the same person as 'horse_man' on Discord? If not, try the latest version, as Leonardo suggested, and if that doesn't help, follow these steps and post a BashBugDump: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog
  10. Okay, there's something distinctly weird going on here. Not only did it fail to load CBash properly (it loaded the DLL without errors, but none of the functions are accessible), but it also failed to load loot for some reason. I'll make another debug build and edit my comment here when it's uploaded. Edit: new debug build: https://mega.nz/#F!pr4UhQ5Q!s9hhUpcEBrFRgzrui2pCXQ
  11. The first part (about the OBSE plugins) sounds like a bug. It should let you install them if 'Skip **SE Plugins' is turned off. As for the second part, are you talking about the .dat files used by Wrye Bash? Those are picked data files, and they aren't supposed to be editable. We use pickling for two reasons: 1. it's fairly easy to do from Python, and 2. we store what amounts to some (small) databases in those files, and JSON / INI would not be a good fit there. Granted, there's some stuff pickled in there that probably *could* be in an INI file (e.g. settings), but that's another story (see https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/178).
  12. Built a version with CBash usages disabled but CBash loading enabled as well as some extra debug prints: https://mega.nz/#F!FjolVYxK!ubX8I_7PdCNXJ6aYwZixbA Again, use debug mode and upload the BashBugDump (this time it should generate one).
  13. Could you do the debug mode and BashBugDump steps? Not sure if it will throw up anything, but it's worth trying.
  14. @lmstearn Edit: Nevermind, could you try the latest nightly I just uploaded? If it starts but CBash is disabled, then run WB in debug mode (I posted instructions a few posts above) and upload the BashBugDump here.
  15. AttributeError: function 'cb_GetMajor' not found That's a CBash-related issue, which us developers probably can't help with - none of us have a good understanding of CBash and its inner workings. Utumno would be the best shot, I certainly can't help. Also, 307.201904161810 is absolutely ancient, try the actual nightly first.

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