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  1. @moesnd I assume you're the same person as 'horse_man' on Discord? If not, try the latest version, as Leonardo suggested, and if that doesn't help, follow these steps and post a BashBugDump: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog
  2. Okay, there's something distinctly weird going on here. Not only did it fail to load CBash properly (it loaded the DLL without errors, but none of the functions are accessible), but it also failed to load loot for some reason. I'll make another debug build and edit my comment here when it's uploaded. Edit: new debug build: https://mega.nz/#F!pr4UhQ5Q!s9hhUpcEBrFRgzrui2pCXQ
  3. The first part (about the OBSE plugins) sounds like a bug. It should let you install them if 'Skip **SE Plugins' is turned off. As for the second part, are you talking about the .dat files used by Wrye Bash? Those are picked data files, and they aren't supposed to be editable. We use pickling for two reasons: 1. it's fairly easy to do from Python, and 2. we store what amounts to some (small) databases in those files, and JSON / INI would not be a good fit there. Granted, there's some stuff pickled in there that probably *could* be in an INI file (e.g. settings), but that's another story (see https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/178).
  4. Built a version with CBash usages disabled but CBash loading enabled as well as some extra debug prints: https://mega.nz/#F!FjolVYxK!ubX8I_7PdCNXJ6aYwZixbA Again, use debug mode and upload the BashBugDump (this time it should generate one).
  5. Could you do the debug mode and BashBugDump steps? Not sure if it will throw up anything, but it's worth trying.
  6. @lmstearn Edit: Nevermind, could you try the latest nightly I just uploaded? If it starts but CBash is disabled, then run WB in debug mode (I posted instructions a few posts above) and upload the BashBugDump here.
  7. AttributeError: function 'cb_GetMajor' not found That's a CBash-related issue, which us developers probably can't help with - none of us have a good understanding of CBash and its inner workings. Utumno would be the best shot, I certainly can't help. Also, 307.201904161810 is absolutely ancient, try the actual nightly first.
  8. @TGTheGamer Try downloading the version from the 'loot_update' folder in the dropbox link and using that: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iazpayeexiyazeh/AAAbGeVHrlIksp2AFgI4w48Oa?dl=0
  9. Hi @BelGarion, I'll need a full BashBugDump.log to investigate this: If you're using the Installer version, run "Wrye Bash - FalloutNV (Debug Log)" from the start menu. If you're using the Standalone version, do a Shift+Right Click in the folder into which you installed Wrye Bash, open a command prompt or PowerShell, and run: "Wrye Bash.exe" -d in cmd, or & '.\Wrye Bash.exe' -d in PowerShell. If you're using the Python version, run python "Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw" -d All these methods launch Wrye Bash in debug mode. Reproduce the problem, close Wrye Bash, and upload the resulting BashBugDump.log file (it's in the folder in which Wrye Bash is installed).
  10. @VeraythSorry that I've only seen this now - I don't look at this thread much. The reason you got that error was probably because the loadorder.txt and plugins.txt files still contained those removed plugin files. It should also have been possible to fix that by running the Enderal launcher. Note that this should only be a problem if you manually removed those mods - if you removed them via Wrye Bash and still got that error, something is wrong. There's a GitHub issue for Enderal support here - if you post stuff there, the chance of me seeing it in a timely manner is much higher.
  11. Can confirm, debug trace looks like this: Failed loading CACO - Script Update-69306-1-2-1.7z due to 'fomod_active' bain.py 309 __setstate__: Failed loading CACO - Script Update-69306-1-2-1.7z Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 306, in __setstate__ self.__setstate(values) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 337, in __setstate dest_scr = self.refreshDataSizeCrc() File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 659, in refreshDataSizeCrc if self.extras_dict['fomod_active'] and full in self.extras_dict['fomod_files_dict'].values(): KeyError: 'fomod_active' (Spammed once for every installer in the installers tab)

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