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  1. Do you have 'Skip Bethsoft Content' (on the Installers tab, Settings > Skip Bethsoft Content) on? It has to be off if you want to overwrite vanilla content. There's a feature request to make BAIN instead capture versions of vanilla files it's about to overwrite, but it'll take a while before we can make that happen: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/52
  2. The format specifier regression in Tweak Names should be fixed in the newest nightly. Can you upload the BAIN package that's not working?
  3. Actually, did it say something like 'Custom NOTAGS'?
  4. No idea why it would be on custom. The custom choice is new and will tell you if you enter an incorrect format string.
  5. You're welcome. For future reference, 'update your masterlist' means pressing this button: Sorting will update the masterlist as well, but you don't *have* to use LOOT's sorting to get tags, you only need to update the masterlist.
  6. Those files are missing their tags entirely. For me, all the Beautiful_Women/Handsome_Gents files have two tags, NPC.FaceGen and NPC.Hair. Are you using the WIP build of Wrye Bash and have you updated your LOOT masterlist?
  7. Do all the plugins involved have the right tags? Do a View > List Bash Tags..., that will tell you which plugins have tags and where they're coming from.
  8. They import correctly for me, with Feminized Idle Walk only importing animations and Beautiful Women only importing facegen/hair. The only thing I noticed is that they have unnecessary NoMerge/Deactivate tags, so dropped those from the LOOT masterlist: https://github.com/loot/oblivion/pull/308
  9. @Dom Rafael I think I was able to reproduce the hang on main menu you described. It should be fixed in the latest WIP build (309.202104052006).
  10. Import it into the Bashed Patch, it already has tags in LOOT. Should forward fine, it just does some edits to NPC faces and races.
  11. WIP = Work In Progress, i.e. not stable
  12. Try it with the WIP build, link is in the second post in this thread. As for the two mods you linked, the walk mod needed an Actors.Anims tag (https://github.com/loot/oblivion/pull/305) and the latter already has the right tags in LOOT, and so gets forwarded correctly for me in the BP.
  13. And re: Import Face, I can't help with that - I have no idea how the code that handles faces even works. There's an open issue for it: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/196 One of the points in there is probably the one you're facing (Failed to find pcName in PC ACHR record).
  14. I submitted all tags that were needed for the flame atronachs mod to LOOT: https://github.com/loot/oblivion/pull/304 So if you update your LOOT masterlist, you should now get those tags and the BP should behave correctly. As for the Arachnophobia patch, that one is constructed in a terrible way. I uploaded a redesigned version in the comments on that mod page (https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/146209-creature-diversity/page-54#entry92734088), try it with that one instead.
  15. @Dom Rafael Could you upload some screenshots of what data needs to be forwarded in TES4Edit? I tried it with the Flame Atronach mod and I only see some spell additions getting reverted.
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