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  1. Probably - see issue #1383 for some discussion on this. Can you send me copies of the plugins that LOOT is complaining about, and your LOOTDebugLog.txt?
  2. I don't know about sorting, but nothing about saving a load order has changed. LOOT basically just passes the load order to save down to libloadorder, and that hasn't been updated since v0.14.4. It definitely shouldn't be taking seconds... If you go back to v0.15.1, how long do sorting and saving take? EDIT: Someone else reporting far worse sort times (7 minutes!) still only sees applying the load order take 0.2 seconds.
  3. It's supposed to be a warning, not an error message, so just ignore it if it's not applicable. Warnings are used when something might be wrong, but LOOT can't tell, and errors are for when LOOT knows something is wrong.
  4. It's probably failing to download the MSVC redistributable, if you install it manually (e.g. from here) then the installer won't try to download it. I just ran the installer and it downloaded the redist fine, so if it is the redist, it's not a server issue.
  5. It looks like the warnings were added in April 2017, which is after the last update on the Nexus page you linked. I don't know enough about the mod to say what the issues are, so maybe you've just been lucky.
  6. "load after" does take precedence over "group" metadata, but when building up the plugin graph it's not obvious which bit of metadata is "responsible" for the cycle: in the example you gave, it could either be the group metadata that loads "AMatterOfTime.esp" after "RealisticWaterTwoMerge.esp" or the group metadata that loads "Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp" after "AMatterOfTime.esp", and LOOT has no way of knowing which to ignore. Because it might not be the load after rule that you want to remove to break the cycle.
  7. This is the same issue as with ELFX - Exteriors.esp, ESMs can't load after ESPs (unless the ESP has its master flag set). I think you need to launch LOOT through NMM for LOOT to be able to see the plugins installed by NMM.
  8. It looks like you're right, I've filed issue #96 to track this. This isn't a metadata issue, it looks like you need to rebuild DynDOLOD.esm so that ELFX - Exteriors.esp isn't in its list of masters, because an ESM generally can't load after an ESP.
  9. What game was this for? I've seen a few of these 'object not found' errors recently, no idea why they're happening.
  10. There's no way to tell LOOT that you've renamed f4se_loader.exe and Fallout4.exe, and it can't tell what you've renamed them to, so all you can do is bear that in mind and ignore any related warnings/errors that LOOT shows you.
  11. Every release trips several antivirus products' heuristics at first (something to do with the masterlist update code I think), if you can figure out how to report it as a false positive then doing that will stop those reports happening.
  12. LOOT v0.14.6 released! This adds support for Morrowind, a theme dropdown in the settings dialog, and more flexible language handling (languages can specify preferred fonts, and the list of supported languages is no longer hardcoded), as well as a few bug fixes.
  13. LOOT v0.14.5 released! Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this release.
  14. Maybe, I've seen people do all sorts of things with spreadsheets. Why would you, though? Pick the right tool for the job. You can provide conditions for most metadata, e.g. load B after A if C is present.
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