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  1. Took over 20 minutes to receive, thus the post. I do have now. Received it while I was writing this technically. Can now report but again that's a lot of effort and time spent just trying to tell someone about the problem.
  2. Given the extent I'm having to go through to just report a bug I'm not even going to bother posting it because this is absolutely ridiculous. Solitude's Castle Dours are all misspelled. Dour - 1) stern, harsh 2) obstinate, unyielding 3) gloomy, sullen First Known Use: 14th century I believe this applies to the Legendary Patch as well. Been awhile since I was in Solitude.
  3. While helping "defy" Hercine, I was trying to exploit the rewards and get both, however either unofficial patch or an official one has fixed it. Bummer. Because I couldn't decide if I'm going to be a werewolf or not I haven't talked to Sinding and therefore haven't accepted either reward. However some interesting things happened on this quest line. The most notable is that Sinding is back in the Falkreath jail cell in werewolf form after I witnessed him leaving. Second, Sinding wouldn't fight at all while helping him. He would just run up to the next enemy and tank everything while I couldn't even get his health bar to appear to see if I needed to fall back (playing on legendary). I tried different loads to try and fix this and even tried attacking him while he's on the ledge... Nothing UNTIL I talk to him, leave, come back and try to kill him again -- and I get slaughtered because legendary difficulty. And of course the kill command doesn't allow me to activate ability to wear his flesh on my flesh. Sinding wouldn't approach me to talk when first starting the quest. tcl and walked to him or reloaded a previous save before I entered the barracks to fix. I think I noticed another person having issues with a companion / follower in the grotto as well... I obviously am using Arissa and she was disabled in this area (hunched over holding her stomach like the Khajiit you speak to and then dies). She comes with a debugging tool that allows her to reset but it was worth pointing out since the other person is having problems with a vanilla follower. Mods: Arissa, Blood Textures, Falskaar, portal2, Race menu, Recorder, SkyUI, Dance of Death, Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. <- short list might as well just list it and just wanting to do my do-diligence. I manually installed these like a pleb, I didn't clean anything/am not using a patcher. But the load order is good! Only had Arissa was with me for all of this. This was on the standard edition (not remastered non-sense). Too lazy to reinstall Skyrim. I know these games have a ton of bugs but this one was a WTF moment as I'm staring at Sinding in the cell the guard is telling me I helped him escape and he promised me that he would live out his days (if I side with him) in that grotto! I probably won't go into this jail cell too often so I don't think it'll matter much.
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