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  1. Took over 20 minutes to receive, thus the post. I do have now. Received it while I was writing this technically. Can now report but again that's a lot of effort and time spent just trying to tell someone about the problem.
  2. Given the extent I'm having to go through to just report a bug I'm not even going to bother posting it because this is absolutely ridiculous. Solitude's Castle Dours are all misspelled. Dour - 1) stern, harsh 2) obstinate, unyielding 3) gloomy, sullen First Known Use: 14th century I believe this applies to the Legendary Patch as well. Been awhile since I was in Solitude.
  3. While helping "defy" Hercine, I was trying to exploit the rewards and get both, however either unofficial patch or an official one has fixed it. Bummer. Because I couldn't decide if I'm going to be a werewolf or not I haven't talked to Sinding and therefore haven't accepted either reward. However some interesting things happened on this quest line. The most notable is that Sinding is back in the Falkreath jail cell in werewolf form after I witnessed him leaving. Second, Sinding wouldn't fight at all while helping him. He would just run up to the next enemy and tank everything whi
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