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  1. Wrong again. If you want to add content from one esp to another, without making it a master, that is how it is done. You "merge" them. At least it is one way to do it that is recommenced by a member of the team.
  2. Unfortunately, you don't. If you did, you would have used the instructions I gave you and merged the two esps. If you are unable to follow simple instructions or listen to the people who try to help you here, you could head over the the Xedit discord channel.
  3. Right click on B, click Add Masters and chose A Right click on B and select "Inject Forms Into Master..." menu, chose A. It will ask to optionally preserve ObjectIDs (the YYYYYY part in FormIDs XXYYYYYY numbers), in your case it doesn't matter when simply merging two mods. Expand B, select all record groups, right click, hold Ctrl+Shift and click "Deep copy as override into", chose A. Say Yes to overwrite any changes if asked. Close and save A only. Now you have A+B properly merged into A. - Zilav A is esp A, B is esp B.
  4. I am also curious about how they are going to implement the creation club content. As far as Mods. This is going to be the same game with some bug fixes and the creation club content added. So some mods will "likely" need to be updated. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the CC.
  5. Sure, But are you not moving the building to make the mod compatible with another? So you are fixing conflicts between two mods. This is very simple. You have an esp and you need to make changes to it. You have two options. You can make changes to the esp itself or you can make the changes via another esp "patch". The second option is your "patch" and you can make one for only one esp if you want to.
  6. Hana, Who exactly are you talking to? From what I can see both of these users have the proper perms.
  7. "You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod." That is an open permission to do what you want with the mod as long as the author is credited for their work. You are free to upload it here. I know nothing about the nexus TOS, I believe they are claiming that if you upload your work there then they have permanent rights to distribute it. I do not think it states they have sole distribution rights to the work. Keep in mind some mods may use assets from other mods that may require more permissions but that would be clearly stated in the Mod description.
  8. Direct add campaigns ( products or services offered at discount to your users ) or a merch shop. You might need to start thinking about something to make sure you can keep the lights on.
  9. The Perms look fine. Even if they were not you could create a patch and upload it here without issue. A patch would be a separate esp that makes your changes and requires the original mod as a master.
  10. Dragonblood

    Unread Books Glow: Black Book

    Screenshots from the Mod Unread Books Glow: Black Book
  11. I have been able to find no helpful information online. Does anyone know where I can find some?
  12. This is an example of the zoomed note.
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