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  1. I am making adjustments to the INI to resize the books, notes and journals making them easier to read. As you can see they also flatten the book out allowing it to fill more of the page. This is meant to be compatable with all screen sizes. Please feel free to give me your feedback.
  2. The main functions of Unread Books Glow Super are basically now done. This is the result of a test done by reading books in the menu and then dropping them. 1. Drop the first two. 2. Drop two more of the same book then read the third and drop it. 3. Drop the next two. 4. Drop four of the same spellbook and learn the last. 5. Drop two of the same spellbook ( a spell the player has, but has not read the book ). Then try to learn the spell with the third. 6. Drop the last two. Then leave the menu. No errors in Papyrus.
  3. @Leonardo, I like to joke around but would not make light of someone's legitimate suggestion. I thought you were joking about this. When you think about it from the perspective of immersion, it is actually not a bad idea. Any and all suggestions, and jokes, are always welcome.
  4. I will be implementing this next year with my new updates.
  5. When a spellbook is read onread does not fire onactivate does not fire. Oncontainerchanged does not fire. Anyone have any ideas on how I could track this? All I can think of is onitemremoved. I am not sure but I think one of those events might fire in SSE.
  6. Unread Books Glowing in the middle of the air? Why not?
  7. I was going to include the skill the book teaches but it can only be done via list and that would not work with Mods, so I made 6 different shaders for them. Skill Skill Books Glow: Green: Apothecary Tan: Blacksmith White: Priest Fog: Thief Red: Warrior Purple: Wizard I am going to do something now that is badass. If you take a book from a container that has not been read and drop it, it will start glowing. What do you think?
  8. New Feature to track and identify unread books taken from chests.
  9. I am really glad I decided to do another version of this Mod. This has been a real challenge. In many years of working with Papyrus I have never encountered this situation. This version of the Mod uses an array of quest aliases to fire functions on those aliases. It greatly simplified the code because all of the properties are kept right on each alias. It also resulted in the functions "that work" on the aliases being blazing fast. If you put 128 copies of the same book in a cell and read one, they will all blink off at the same time. This also has greatly improved the functionality of
  10. When the Gargoyles are set up properly, you have: 1. Just a Statue 2. A Gargoyle NPC - Disabled ( If not disable it.) 3. A trigger Box that enables the disabled Gargoyle NPC, disables the statute and sets off an explosion. Deleting all of those things and replacing them with a statue is one way to go. Simply disabling the trigger box and leaving the statue that is already there is another. The trigger box is very easy to find. If you click on it there should be a line that shows the connected objects. It is possible the statue could enable the Gargoyle so you should d
  11. YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!!! Remember Disable do not Delete.
  12. Why not? Save your esp and back it up. Disable the transparent box around it and see what happens. Take a risk!!! LOL
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