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  1. I feel if the dragon flew slower it wouldn't glitch out. Thats how I got it to work in oldrim is the original mod had a speed slider while the ported version doesn't. on occasion the dragon does glitch and fly at a slower pace which keeps the screen from going black but it rarely happens. Perhaps thewre is a way to slow the dragon down while riding?
  2. ah that could be it I do like running high resolution textures...
  3. Well im stumped guess Ill just have to wait for a r5esponse on the mod page if im lucky.
  4. Part of me wonders if the game glitches out due to trying to load too many textures at once because I see the trees and ground flicker on and off before it goes all black. Isn't there a mod to help with loading issues? There was one in oldrim mods to help with this problem.
  5. Well I pretty much just deleted all the files except the .esp and did a backup of my data folder. then I put all the meshes, textures, sounds, and scripts into the corresponding folders. Now the mod works but it goes to a black screen (with hud still visible) whenever I try to get the dragon to fly from a to b and I can't remember how I fixed that in oldrim. Still doing some tests in game to see if I can even run it alongside real time dragon fast travel mod.
  6. Alright well maybe I can get someone to convert this mod for me then while I am still learning all this stuff. Gosh, I thought converting mods was just a few simple steps but I guess I looked up the wrong instructions. Here's a link to the original mod on the nexus page: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36788/?
  7. Update: I've been playing around with the archiver trying to get this thing to work and I ended up with four different files .esp .bsa .bsl and .bak no clue what either of these mean and neither of them are doing anything unless NMM doesnt load them or something. Is there a way to test a mod without having to upload? Everything loads, all the actors and textures and meshes are there but its still not behaving like its supposed to.
  8. so I repacked the files and got a .bsa and a .bsl reloaded with the .esp into a zipped folder activated via NMM and its still not working properly. Do I have to upload the mod just to get it to work? It's never needed a script extender so would it need one now?
  9. I was thinking about just being able to use my favorite mod myself though I give full credit to the original author. I just want to be able to use it in special edition and I was thinking about posting it so others can use it but it's not my mod though. On the nexus page the author said I couldnt steal the work without crediting. So could I reload the mod and post link to original? The mod was made back in 2013.
  10. I unpacked the files and did the texture and mesh conversions. What is left before I pack and where is the official archiver in the CK? Do I need to combine the modified .bsa to the .esp?
  11. I checked out bae and it gives me an error when i try to open it saying its not supported or is corrupted. Do i not click on the open archive button? Ok I think I figured it out. Edit*
  12. So how do you unpack a .bsa file? is it as simple as using a zip program or loading it into a text document?
  13. mmkay so i was able to open the file in creation kit. the next step was to simply get it to save and check everything. so i did then tested in game all the assets are there but don't apear to be working at all. the mod i am trying to port had a .bsa file but the instructions told me not to bother with it so does that have anything to do with why it isnt working?
  14. I can't find the skyrimeditor.ini for special edition is it the same as creationkit.ini?
  15. I need help porting a mod from oldrim to the special edition I found a guide that says to open the oldrim mod by activating it in nexus mod manager then opening it in the new creation kit. it wont open because it requires more then one master file so creation kit tries to open all the master files and can't. help?
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