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    smr1957 got a reaction from Uncus in I need advice and help with a script   
    The light is on, a comfy chair awaits, and a nice drink and snack will be brought over whenever you get back!
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Tasheni in I need advice and help with a script   
    Good luck with the new job, Tasheni!  And I hope that it ls all that you desire it to be.
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in Need help to remove magic visual effect   
    The XX will likely be 07 with a current SE install since Fishing and S&S are proper .esm files.
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch   
    FYI for those who were waiting for it, Garthand has updated the Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches on Nexus.
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch   
    USSEP 4.2.7 is now available. The first post has all the juicy details.
    Please keep in mind that in accordance with our plans, this update REQUIRES the Fishing, Survival, Rare Curios, and Saints & Seducers DLCs that were added to the base game in November's SSE 1.6 update.
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Thelen in Posting Links to "old" versions of mods: DON'T DO IT   
    No arguments - all opinions are respected (or should be), even if there is disagreement about things. I personally respect all those here, and their opinions on this.  As far as I am concerned, I've stated all that I intend to - just a matter of providing information, and respect Pseron Wyrd's view and all others' here, and see no need for myself to comment further.
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    smr1957 reacted to Pseron Wyrd in Starfield   
    Although I mostly agree with you, I think there can be exceptions.  For instance I think Oblivion is a sub-par game, but when I add a boatload of gameplay-changing mods it is transformed into one of my favorite games.
    That said, I agree that as long as Bethesda and Microsoft continue to support modding in Starfield as it has in the past I'll be very happy.  The new Creation Kit is more robust than previous editors. It boasts some cool new features that are bound to stimulate creativity.  I'm very excited to see what the modding community does with Starfield.  I'm sure it will be mind-blowing. 
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    smr1957 reacted to KoolHndLuke in Starfield   
    Agree. So long as they keep working with the modding community they created, I'll be satisfied. But both Beth and the community should remember that mods don't transform a subpar game into a good one. They customize and enhance something that was already pretty good- like Skyrim.
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Tasheni in I need advice and help with a script   
    Perhaps placing a dock extending out from the west side of the spit of land that the Solitude Lighthouse stands on?  Here are some pics I just took to show where I mean (that spot where Etienne is standing):

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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in Game wont load with Open Cities, no matter how few mods.   
    There's no validity to the claim that scripts don't pause when using quick/auto saves. When you get a chance some time, have a look at your Papyrus log while playing. Do some quick and auto saves. You'll see exactly the same messages about the VM thawing and freezing that you'd see with a manual save. This is something that happens whether your in a menu or not.
    Freezing the VM is the process that suspends all currently executing scripts before actually saving the game.
    Thawing is when the VM restarts after that's done.
    People get bent out of shape about this because that process means things will bake into your save and when the VM thaws upon loading it, the state of some of those scripts may not match up with what's current. The game is designed to use the old versions baked into the save until those finish executing.
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in Game wont load with Open Cities, no matter how few mods.   
    Glad you got this working. Sorry it was such a hassle.
    Regarding the method of saving. There's no actual difference between a quick, auto, or manual save except the name that's passed to the save routine. While I'm sure the guy who's being quoted here believes what he's saying, there's no truth to it. Opening a menu vs not opening a menu makes no difference since the save itself is being handled in the background regardless of what you're doing.
    The main problem with saves comes from reloading them. The game engine has had a long standing issue since Morrowind where reloading in the same loaded cells you saved in could result in NPCs being dead who should be alive again, objects being missing that should be present upon reloading, and plenty of other less obvious issues resulting from an incomplete reset of the game state. it's even worse if you switch characters when doing this because the newly loaded character will have these problems instead. So the best advice is, if you want to be sure your save loads properly, ALWAYS quit and drop to desktop first. Dropping to the game menu is never enough.
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    smr1957 reacted to Raskunda in Game wont load with Open Cities, no matter how few mods.   
    SO I've regrabbed the SE version, just to be sure, reloaded my anniversery content picker to add all content, and this time, the open cities patches mod had patches for the grey cowl and bittercup, and it now works as intended.

    Perhaps I did have the wrong version of open cities, I'll never know, but this has been a humbling and well taught lesson, thank you everyone. Even works with my old save. I can only hope it continues to do so.

    Thank you very much all, my game experience is improved with this.
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    smr1957 got a reaction from alt3rn1ty in Starfield   
    Well, any new game, no matter how well designed, how well developed, and how well tested, is going to have some initial issues - and the more involved the game the greater the likelihood of there being bugs.  But as Arthmoor said, with the Microsoft merger, Bethesda would seem to be giving a greater emphasis to getting as much right at the outset as possible.  Still, one thing I know, is that trying to guess ahead of time how something will be is not very practical when there is nothing you can do about it anyway.
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Odin70 in SKSE/Trampoline.h(187): Failed to handle allocation request   
    Check this and the following posts 4, 5, and 6 for a possible solution:
    Good luck!
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Uncus in I need advice and help with a script   
    Coming along really nicely, Tasheni!  Looks great!
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Tasheni in I need advice and help with a script   
    Coming along really nicely, Tasheni!  Looks great!
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in [Skyrim SE] SSEEdit - Records that merge at runtime   
    I've seen a few scattered questions about which records in the game will conflict with each other and which won't and what should be done about it if they do or don't. It can be a bit of a tricky subject. So I figured it's about time to start documenting this in a more proper way than scattering it about on various mod threads on Nexus and elsewhere. A more centralized list if you will.

    If you DO NOT see the records listed here, assume they CANNOT be ignored and that conflict resolution will be necessary. Yes, this can get very specific inside various record types.

    If there is a subrecord you think should be listed here, let me know. It will need to be verified that data will merge or otherwise be collected properly at runtime before adding it to this list.
    Default Object Manager
    DOBJ - DNAM [Objects]: ElminsterAU has confirmed that this record merges its data at runtime, therefore conflict management on this record if it exists in a mod is unnecessary.
    Dialogue Subrecords

    DIAL - TIFC [info Count]: These will appear as conflicts whenever the counts don't match. So far as I have been able to determine, the game will keep track of the highest count and will run with that. It's also possible this subrecord doesn't matter in the end and is only for internal information purposes as this count value is never seen in the CK.

    INFO - PNAM [Previous INFO]: These will be sorted at runtime based on the actual order of the final list of INFOs attached to a DIAL record.

    Story Manager Records

    SMQN - SNAM [Child] subrecord: The children specified in these subrecords will process correctly even if the display appears to indicate they won't. This can be pretty clearly demonstrated by the vanilla game and the Dawnguard DLC. There are SNAM conflicts there suggesting that Dawnguard would block the connections but the game operates them properly anyway.

    SMBN - SNAM [Child] subrecord: As with the equivalent in the SMQN subrecord, these also sort themselves out at runtime.

    Location Records

    LCTN - Location record: As displayed in TES5Edit, everything from ACPR all the way down to LCEP will merge with each other at runtime. Conflict resolution for these subrecords is not necessary.

    All LCTN Subrecords from FULL [Name] to the bottom of the list DO require conflict resolition, as well as everything from EDID [Editor ID] up to the top of the record.

    Idle Animation Records

    IDLE - ANAM [Related Idle Animations] subrecord: This data is sorted out at runtime. ALL OTHER DATA in the IDLE record must be conflict resolved.

    Worldspace Records
    NAM0, NAM9 subrecords: Used to determine the in-game cell dimension of a worldspace. These have been confirmed to be exempt from the Rule of One. *ANY* mod making changes to these sets of values will have those changes propagated into the game WITHOUT conflict management. Be aware of this if you are running two mods together which intentionally change these values for a worldspace. The outcome will not be predictable and you may end up with a worldspace size much larger than you're expecting. This can lead to huge amounts of stuttering in the game that have no other identifiable cause. If you have mods which are altering vanilla worldspaces, chances are these edits were NOT intentional unless the author specifically states they have done so. They can appear in a mod unintentionally and the author may not be aware it has happened.
    Navigation Mesh Info Map
    NAVI - This is a special case record that will exist in any mod which has navmesh edits. Each mod will have this record listed as form ID 00012FB4. All of the data in each mod that has a NAVI entry will be merged at runtime. Conflict management is therefore not necessary, and likely wouldn't be possible anyway due to the complexity of the record.
    NOTE: This information is identical to the original post for Skyrim Classic/LE except for the QNAM subrecord data in the Story Manager. At some point those records stopped merging at runtime and therefore WILL require conflict resolution of some sort.
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in [Skyrim Classic/LE] TES5Edit - Records that merge at runtime   
    I've had a chance to test this now. The conclusions are mixed:
    For LE, everything works as expected. There is no need for the patch .esp file. This was a fresh install of LE with no mods as I had long since uninstalled it and needed to get it back.
    For SE, the patch .esp file is necessary and I'm able to duplicate your results exactly.
    There is only one thing I did to both of these before using the scripts - I changed the call to Debug.Trace instead of Debug.Notification because I've had instances where those notifications are not reliable.
    So it appears as though Bethesda did something in an SE update at some point which has removed the runtime merging of the QNAM group. I've checked my current game load order and this issue would only have affected a minor node between the Bruma mod and the Dawnguard DLC for follower commentary. So it also seems that somewhere along the way Bethesda also quietly resolved the conflicts the files used to have with each other, which was what prompted the original LE testing to begin with.
    In any case, what this means is that I'll need to put up a second post for SE that leaves out the QNAM information since that's now wrong.
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    smr1957 reacted to phatbassanchor in Switching Out, Switching In: Window Frozen   
    Pseron Wyrd has the right idea here.  I always keep at least one program open besides whatever game I am currently playing, Notepad is good but for me I usually have File Explorer and/or my web browser open in the background.  Makes sharing screenshots mid-game possible.  Win10 doesn't like alt+tab for any program if there is no other program open to move to.  It won't just go to desktop, it just doesn't do anything at all!  IDK about any mods.  Just keep something open if you want to alt+tab out of game.  Otherwise, Win10 won't alt+tab at all.  I'm sure you've seen a dog look at something sideways when confused.  Without a second program, Win10 just gives you that sideways dog stare as if saying, "alt+tab to what?" 
    Hope that helps.  Adventure ever on my friends, Phat
    PS:  I have a game open right now.  I used alt+tab to check in on forums and email.  The game is still running, just on pause in the menu.  I do that all the time.  Works with all the games I have tried thus far as well, not just BGS titles.  I pause the game and alt+tab to web, files or whatever then return to game and play some more.  
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    smr1957 reacted to Altbert in I need advice and help with a script   
    I've look a further into the issue by also checking the mod Sailable Ships of Skyrim SE, which uses a longboat and a rowing boat. In the statement PlayerRef.SetVehicle(SeatVehicle)" parameter SeatVehicle should definitely be set to the ship which should be a movable static. The original author has used a very peculiar way to let the player sit down. In the script they use the statement PlayerRef.PlayIdle(SitAnim/SitIdle), but there is no furniture marker on the longboat or rowing boat. Author also doesn't use idles to enter or leave the "seat", though idles are configured as IdleStoolEnterPlayer and EnterChairFront, both non-existing idles in the mod. Instead they use an unnamed package to provide for the sit animation, with the target set to None! Although it's a peculiar solution, at least it works for the rowing boat. 
    I presume you want the player to be at the steering wheel. Then you will need a furniture marker that fits the steering wheel, and configure it usable for the player. Closest I can come up with is the counter/bar lean marker, possibly with appropriate idles to enter and leave the marker, as most idles are only used by NPCs and not the player.
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    smr1957 got a reaction from Tasheni in I need advice and help with a script   
    Hi, Tasheni! I don't know anything really about scripts, but I posted this over in the Coffee House thread in the Steam SSE forum, and perhaps someone there may know -
    "Anyone experienced or knowledgeable about scripts, there is a question over on AFK Mods concerning one, for anyone who would wish to help:
    From Tasheni - "I need advice and help with a script":

    Hope you don't mind, as it was the best way I thought to be able to help.
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    smr1957 got a reaction from S7ORM in Skyrim Anniversary Edition and You   
    Well, in my experience, not just in gaming, but in outside endeavors, I have found that many people just simply like to complain.  Go figure
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    smr1957 reacted to Arthmoor in Skyrim Anniversary Edition and You   
    I genuinely don't get it either. In every other major modding community I know of, users and modders alike welcome updates from the company and move to update their mods in short order. Supporting old copies of games is almost unheard of outside of BGS modding.
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    smr1957 reacted to Altbert in I need advice and help with a script   
    Hi Tasheni,
    I have read Steve's call in the Steam forum and may have found the problem. The SetVehicle function requires a Furniture marker attached to the ship, specifically to the steering wheel, same as riding a horse or dragon, or travelling with a cart or (rowing) boat. So, I think (not completely sure, never done anything like this) that where you use the XMarker, you should use the ship as a parameter for the SetVehicle function, with a Furniture marker in front of the steering wheel. If you have found the proper furniture marker at the steering wheel, the statement should be "PlayerRef.SetVehicle(YourShip)".
    Good luck, Altbert
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    smr1957 reacted to Uncus in Skyrim Anniversary Edition and You   
    true enough there is a sell by date on everything, at a certain point things get to outdated to function in the same way they did when they were created.
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