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    RavenMind reacted to VaultDuke in In need of assistance: converting mod to SSE   
    and the mod is up:
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    RavenMind reacted to Beermotor in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    So you guys got me thinking and I got bored, so as part of some prep work for v308 I ported some of the Oblivion tweaks to Skyrim/Skyrim SE and added a few new ones.
    Et voila:
    This is for later (e.g. after Beta 2 or even later depending on priorities) and just a proof of concept. I still have a lot of in-game testing and code clean-up to do.
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    RavenMind reacted to Beermotor in [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread   
    Updated Crimes against Nature BCF to match the new 5.1.1 release.
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    RavenMind reacted to alt3rn1ty in Windows 10   
    Those bad penny apps I just keep them installed :
    Reason .. Most of them will auto appear in Settings / Privacy / Location | Camera | Microphone | Contacts etc etc, when they auto re-install.
    Leave them installed and your preferences in Privacy settings of having them not gathering data about you, and uploading it to MS via the OneDrive, remains in force.
    Uninstall them and they will again appear in those settings with default On (At least they have done once in the past for me, never uninstalled them since and keep them set to off for data gathering)
    You're right they have nothing to do with the system, but this is why Win 10 was initially free :
    As they say "you have become the product", imagine the behaviour science applied in analyzing all your data that MS has access to now, assuming most people will never touch privacy settings and use all the default programs including Edge and Cortana, People / Photos / Contacts etc, the amount of meta data scraping too from just the information held in a photo these days. Thats also why OneDrive is not made easy to turn off / get rid of, its crucial to all the data gathering stored in MS Cloud. Who else has access to all that ?.
    Anyway, this is a bit of a leap from discussing Paint3D, but I do believe Win 10 is all about marketing and advertising, and being a data hoover. Just switch off what you can without uninstalling because if its important to the data gathering machine it will get re-installed.
    Notice how you cant get the old Windows Picture and Fax Viewer back easily?, its still part of a .dll, but Win 10 has buried its registry settings, and gets rid of them again after any major update because they want you using Photo instead. https://www.howtogeek.com/225844/how-to-make-windows-photo-viewer-your-default-image-viewer-on-windows-10/
    The old registry tweak to add "Copy to .." and "Move to .." back into the right click context menu also gets removed by major updates to windows 10, not entirely sure why but its a PITA. It still works fine on Win 10 https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/add-copy-to-move-to-to-the-windows-explorer-right-click-menu/
    On the subject of Clouds - I prefer my external USB HD, doesnt cost bandwidth and so long as I use it once every couple of month to do backups of documents / bookmarks / emails .. Having a trashed HD is not something I worry about.
    Thunderbird and all my email accounts get backed up with MozBackup (it still works for the latest version of Thunderbird), probably the most important backup file out of all of them.
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    RavenMind reacted to Nebulous112 in Cheap or Free Games   
    It's not just UPlay; everyone is giving away free stuff right now. Good time to be a cheap gamer, lol.
    Company of Heroes 2 is free on Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle has had a few different free games out in the past few days, only for a short period at a time (a couple days I think). So be on the lookout for more - I've already missed a couple myself. :-/
    Plants vs. Zombies: GotY Edition is free on Origin.
    Also, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, LIMBO, and a bunch of other games are free on GOG Connect if you already have them on Steam. It's the first time I have seen BGII:EE on GOG Connect, but I don't religiously check it. The really neat thing about the GOG editions of the Beamdog Enhanced Editions is they also come with a serial code for an original copy of the game. So if you get them through GOG Connect, it is like two free games instead of one! In your game library, click on the Enhanced Edition and navigate to the serial codes, and go to the website to get the original game added to your library.
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    RavenMind reacted to alt3rn1ty in Cheap or Free Games   
    No Mans Sky (If you havent already got it) is going cheap on GOG for £16 https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky
    X Rebirth Home of Light £10 https://www.gog.com/game/x_rebirth_home_of_light_complete_edition
    X3: Terran War Pack (Includes X3AP) £7 https://www.gog.com/game/x3_terran_war_pack
    .. In fact a whole heap of stuff on GOG is on sale now.
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    RavenMind reacted to Arthmoor in Cheap or Free Games   
    No Mans Sky is worth it at $24 people. This also may indicate they're about to release the next big patch so now's the time to jump in if you've been hesitating
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    RavenMind reacted to alt3rn1ty in Identical to Master Records   
    If you do try T.I.E, pick up the book in the opening sewers on top of a barrel, its called "Tactics and Maneuvers", you may have to be very sneaky in the area its placed, couple of Goblins in sewer tunnels close by ..

    Highly recommend also having Duke Patricks mod installed, which compliments T.I.E very nicely (and was the inspiration for Skyrims Archery, its very close in the mechanics and Bethesda hinted that it was indeed inspired by a mod in one of their blogs, there was only one mod which fits .. )
    Combat Archery
    Download on TESA (while the site is still up, it went down for a while recently due to running out of funds)
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    RavenMind reacted to Arthmoor in Identical to Master Records   
    Injected records can be somewhat tricky, but even they have to obey the restrictions. An ESM file cannot edit a CELL record from another ESM no matter what the reason. ESM files are allowed to add their own new cells though so long as they are not cells being added to a worldspace from another ESM file.
    These lines got blurred with Fallout 3 and blurred even more with Skyrim once Bethesda realized they themselves needed the ability to edit an ESM's cells with another ESM. It's what gave rise to the ONAM subrecords in the main header section. Oblivion does not have these though.
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    RavenMind got a reaction from Verayth in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    LOL, they all are "New Folder" Lazy, lazy...
    I had a similar problem with a mod that contained a ReadMe with Korean characters in the filename.
    Have you by any chance tried manually unpacking it from the archive to \Skyrim Special Edition Mods\Bash Installers\ and then installing it as a project? Same debug log error?
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    RavenMind reacted to Beermotor in [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread   
    Updated the RS Children overhaul to v1.1.1.  I no longer use RS Children but it has been completely overhauled and is a lot nicer now.
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    RavenMind reacted to alt3rn1ty in Intel Management Engine Exploit   
    Concur, extra crap we dont need running in the background.
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    RavenMind reacted to Sharlikran in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    Some family pics but not all, some morrowind mods maybe, but just not everything I want to keep. So I ordered a refurbished drive of same model to use as a parts drive. But I need tools to swap out the heads then a new drive as my new permanent drive. Not looking forward to this and I don't have the money for the new drive yet. And my mom's situation is worse. So just not convenient at all.
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    RavenMind reacted to Sharlikran in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    Computer hd died no idea when I will be able to do anything. Could be tomorrow, few days, or whatever.
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    RavenMind reacted to lmstearn in Searching Github   
    Like visualising regex expressions, it's debatable whether any of the browser Git clients make the job of searching repos a trivial process.
    But never fear, there's good docs on searching issues and searching code at Github. Or if you a looking for a fairly unique string somewhere in a repo, then Surch is your man. But there are helpers available as extensions- for example search for 'git' in ChromeStore. GitCheatSheet looks handy, but their website is gone.
    And one can always sample a host of standalone Git clients, none of them appear to be particularly lightweight, however complexity of use is enough for some to beat a hasty retreat back to the more familiar browser interfaces.
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    RavenMind reacted to alt3rn1ty in New DNS Server = Fast   
    Just updated the OP to include a few tips on undoing this if it all goes wrong because of unforeseen circumstances, and in case other ISP's provide similar services to British Telecom which require the ISP's own DNS Servers to be in use, otherwise the ISP then sends you to an error page all the time.
    I also sent a message to Quad9 informing them that the simple instructions they give in the video, may not be quite so simple where ISP's are meddling with this stuff.
    I got a reply ..
    Also to future proof this a bit, I included a paragraph on setting IPv6 settings.
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    RavenMind reacted to hlp in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    Since ESL came into play, the load order id (FExx) and the actual order of loading are no longer identical. A form named FX01nnnn can be loaded before a form named 08nnnnnn.
    To find the actual order you have to follow the logic that the runtime applies, which should be:
    vanilla esm in order of publication (the table is inside the runtime).
    vanilla esl in the order of the ccc file.
    other master files (esm/esl or esp with master flag) activated in plugins.txt in the order they are listed with dependent esm/esp/esl "injected" before if they aren't selected yet.
    remaining files activated, with once again dependent esm/esp/esl "injected" before if they aren't selected yet.
    That is what I concluded by "reading" the code in the next to last version of Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. Though there was also a difference between F4 and SSE I don't remember right now.
    We probably need to create a test suite of plugins that can be used and shared to confirm every hypothesis we have so far. Just no time for it at the moment.
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    RavenMind got a reaction from Utumno in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    @Utumno Done. Issue 399.
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    RavenMind got a reaction from Utumno in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    @Utumno Here's reproduction steps & noticed behaviors. Tried to be succinct for you.
    Stumbled upon another possible issue. Switching games more than twice causes WB to close/reopen only to the last selected game.
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    RavenMind reacted to zilav in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    IsOverEncumbered GetActorWarmth
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    RavenMind reacted to Sharlikran in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    I'm going to use the CK tomorrow to figure it out. I don't need the SKSE plugin for that. However, I am hoping hlp has some time to help with that to see if xEdit has all the proper values for vanilla and SKSE anyway.
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    RavenMind reacted to alt3rn1ty in Wrye Bash - All Games   
    @Utumno And same again for the Advanced Readme  --> Advanced Readme Links Fixed <-- 
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    RavenMind reacted to Leonardo in Cannot visit TES Alliance   
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    RavenMind got a reaction from Leonardo in Cannot visit TES Alliance   
    It's back, in-case anybody is wondering.
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    RavenMind reacted to Beermotor in [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread   
    Yes this would just be the delta of any files that changed, meaning as you said, always the plugin and the meshes.  The scripts and the majority of the textures can normally stay. The goal is to get people to use Bash and witness its power firsthand.
    Yes I absolutely want to keep it ethical.  The mods I had in mind were mostly mods that were extremely popular but the author lost interest long before SSE came out. Like you say, the saving grace is it is CRC locked to the original mod, and I'll put all kinds of scary language on the release page about redistributing and what-not.
    Do you think I should do a single BCF page or do a page per mod? I think the latter would give perhaps the wrong impression but it may be clearer for end-users. Given that the only people that can use them are Wrye Bash users (muahahaaha!!!)   I think we can trust that the end-user will be a sophisticated enough to navigate a multi-mod page.
    Yep I see exactly where you're coming from. Fortunately I took a look at "The Care Taker" mod list and there aren't any mods in there I'd want to port aside from TripTheRift's old stuff, and she already ported everything to improved versions on SSE.
    I guess from here I need a wish list of mods people would like to see ported.
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