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    Keno, an Animal Companion
    by Hanaisse
    Requires Dawnguard DLC.

    Keno is an adorable unique red husky waiting to adventure with you!
    He can be found living behind the Moorside Inn in Morthal. Just talk to him and he will instantly follow you anywhere.
    Talk to him again while he's following and you'll find the options;
    - Stay (wait)
    - Trade (Keno can hold a small amount of gear for you)
    - Dismiss (send Keno back home - don't forget to take anything he may be holding first)
    If you want to bring him along with you again, he should be waiting in his makeshift doghouse.
    He will not set off your sneak meter and will not set off traps. He should be quiet enough to sneak around through dungeons, regardless of his barking.
    Install the .esp and .bsa with whatever mod manager you use. Activate the .esp.
    De-activate the .esp. Uninstall with whatever mod manager you use.

    Keno was made for fun and to learn about making a companion. If there are serious issues with his behaviour I will try to fix them, but for the most part he comes as is. That means, if there are compatibility issues with other companion mods or multiple companion mods there is nothing I can do. He is a 'pet' companion, not an NPC so should behave like the vanilla dog companions. Hope you enjoy his company.
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