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About Me

Not much to tell.  I'm just another middle-aged guy sitting in front of a computer, pretending he knows what he's doing.

I started life as a gamer, trying to figure out enough DOS to play games on my shiny new 8088. I worked in law enforcement for most of my life, then went back to college with aspirations of software engineering. Unfortunately medical issues forced me to retire; happens sometimes when people try to break your spine with a metal pipe. Happily though, I now get to be a full-time Daddy to my beautiful twin son & daughter, while trying to squeeze in some gaming while they're asleep.

My favorite games include Morrowind, Oblivion, Star Trek Online, and the Deus Ex series.  I'm an avid Elder Scrolls fan and have been playing and modding since Morrowind first came out.  I've made mods and patches for Oblivion & Morrowind, mostly for my own personal use, or customized for a specific individual. I haven't publicly released anything worth mentioning.  Recently I've become addicted to Oblivion modding again, and helping others troubleshoot various issues.


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