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  1. I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.

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    2. RavenMind


      Big surprise, the people lost out to corporate interests once again. Trump's America.. *sigh*

    3. Nebulous112


      The fight is not over yet...I hope the people of the US can keep raising enough of a stink for a bill to go through for Net Neutrality in Congress.

      It would put legislators on the record as to their support, either way.

    4. RavenMind


      It would, but they won't. IF such a bill is brought, it's likely to be shot down in committee so that nobody is really on the record. Then they'll say the various states Attorneys General should bring suit. Which some have promised is coming, but it'll take a good while to get through the courts & then the Supreme Court has the option of not even bothering to hear the case. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic. There's always the chance that the average American could understand that the language about the issue got twisted around, and that it's going to hurt them in the end, then they'll care enough to do something about it... Okay, I couldn't keep a straight face for half the time it took me to write that sentence.

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