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  1. Whew! Thought you were gone for a second. Luckily a quick search of AFKMods turned up the new domain. Glad it's still up & running! FYI, the Wrye Bash mirror link on Nexus' FO4 site is pointing to the old domain.
  2. Are you unable to open a second command prompt window? I haven't tried it myself with WB debug mode running, but I often have multiple command prompt windows open. Not sure what you mean by only being able to use debug *during* game play..? You're not expecting it to produce anything during game play are you? After game launch it doesn't do anything, (AFAIK), all its magic is done prior to launch. There's even an option to have WB close itself upon game launch, which I like to use just to be certain any changes to .dat files are written before I play.
  3. That is the expected behavior. The command prompt window remains open, just ignore it. (Others, corrct me if I'm wrong), basically it's monitoring Wrye Bash and if an error is encountered it allows more info to be logged. Go ahead & use WB to do whatever you're doing, then when you close WB, it writes any pertinent information to the BashBugDump.log. I'll often run in debug mode when I'm not necessarily expecting a problem, just so if something happens I'll have the info in the log afterward. Be advised though, when running in debug mode, you'll not get the standard pop up notification that something errored. Often it will appear nothing went wrong and you won't know unless you check the log, so I don't really recommend running in debug as standard. Are you concerned with the particular error evidenced in your logs, or were just asking about the debug mode? It looks like you're missing "loot_api.dll", which should be located in your \Skyrim Special Edition\Mopy\ folder. You should be able to copy that file in from one of the non-installer versions of WB found in the link at the bottom of the second post of this thread.
  4. Story of my (computing) life right there. Darn tuples'll getcha every time! Let me guess.. value-comma-SPACE-value?
  5. I prefer to play as a mage so this looks very cool. Thanks VaultDuke!
  6. Okay, I'm going to have to check that one out just due to the name. It's got me thinking of baaaaaahd things involving sheep or something.
  7. That's good to know, thanks! I will just let them install. It's too much trouble to keep adjusting the settings, as you said, and I don't want to forget. I wonder if they take into consideration that all the data they hoover are from the lazy and/or non-tech savvy, and that those who are concerned about privacy aren't getting their data gathered. Basically they're not getting the whole picture. It probably doesn't matter as they're still able to sell that info or use it to target those same people as consumers. This is what I've done with Cortana: https://www.askvg.com/windows-10-tip-remove-cortana-microsoft-edge-contact-support-and-feedback-apps/ Plus I've completely disabled OneDrive. Lots of great info on that site, if you haven't run across it before. HowToGeek's site annoys me but I'll take a look at those links, thanks for providing them. I too use an external HDD for dedicated backup, but also use a cloud service with a private encryption key. Just switched to IDrive after CrashPlan effed their home users. Haven't had a chance to assess them very well yet, but so far I've been pleased. Managed to finagle a deal for 5TB, unlimited computers @ $10/year.
  8. In addition, it looks like Betheseda titles are discounted on GOG as well! (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, etc.)
  9. CCleaner & SpinRite help keep my old HDD's in decent shape. At least as long as Avast doesn't let CCleaner get hacked... Oh wait.. Yeah, I do a clean up after every update. It's pretty amazing the crap that gets stored. I once even compressed Windows.old and sent it off as a just-in-case backup. After a while I saw the foolishness in that & just delete it. I'm getting more than a little annoyed that they keep reinstalling "system applications" I've very intentionally uninstalled, and reverted various settings to how THEY want them. How on Earth can 3D Objects & Paint3D be considered a necessary "system application"? LOL, I've learned not to mess with Old Man Murphy!
  10. Received & accepted, thank you! See you in-game.
  11. Considering moving to Canada. Is there anywhere there that's warm? Probably not..

    1. Nebulous112


      Absolutely. But I guess it depends on your definition of warm. The west coast is comparatively warm - Southern BC is where you want to be. It rains a lot in Vancouver, but it is surprisingly pretty sunny in Victoria. Much less rain. Beautiful little city, IIRC. And hardly ever snows. Small, though. Living on "the island" is it's own unique lifestyle. Pretty laid back.

      For big cities weather-wise, I would suggest Calgary or Vancouver. Calgary can get really cold, but it usually isn't, and it experiences "Chinooks" during the winter, periods of warm weather driven by winds off the mountains. It is sunny almost all the time. Economy is historically very good as well. People compare it to Denver because of the mountains.

      Vancouver's weather is like Seattle, but maybe a bit sunnier. Still wet. But rarely gets snow. Bigger city than Calgary, and more diverse. A large Asian population. Decent economy. Much better culture, and somewhat better nightlife than Calgary. But house prices are ridiculous. Does not get hardly as cold as Calgary can get, though.


    2. RavenMind


      Wow! Great info, thanks! I've been through Calgary once on my way up to Banff. I was a teenager then, but remember thinking it was a nice place. I would miss my mountains, so Calgary sounds pretty good. Though Victoria sounds nice too. Coastal would be a nice change from desert/mountainland. :D

  12. Great, thank you! I should be able log in later tonight.
  13. I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.

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    2. RavenMind


      Big surprise, the people lost out to corporate interests once again. Trump's America.. *sigh*

    3. Nebulous112


      The fight is not over yet...I hope the people of the US can keep raising enough of a stink for a bill to go through for Net Neutrality in Congress.

      It would put legislators on the record as to their support, either way.

    4. RavenMind


      It would, but they won't. IF such a bill is brought, it's likely to be shot down in committee so that nobody is really on the record. Then they'll say the various states Attorneys General should bring suit. Which some have promised is coming, but it'll take a good while to get through the courts & then the Supreme Court has the option of not even bothering to hear the case. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic. There's always the chance that the average American could understand that the language about the issue got twisted around, and that it's going to hurt them in the end, then they'll care enough to do something about it... Okay, I couldn't keep a straight face for half the time it took me to write that sentence.

  14. Oh, sorry. It is.. RavenMind1 (had to look it up)
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