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  1. so i need to register on this nexus shit too? i was happy to find a dl for the patch where i dont need another registration.
  2. Im not so sure its a translation thing but maybe a thing where the game gets the names from (allocation to wrong language tables in the mod maybe? ) , because i cant believe they needed to Rewrite the name from the item "beer bottle" as example and delievered that name again in the patch for that item....
  3. Installed version 201a today and it works great with a little (well not so little) problem. i play the game in german and somehow the mod messes with localised text of really all sort. Questtext NPC Names Item names What puzzles me is that it seems so ultra random what is involved and what not: So far i seen one enemy , a feral ghouls, whos name changed to english another wired thing is combat armor, only right legs of that armor type changed to english name with still german mod prefixes if found with a mod. all kinds of empty beer bottles changed to english names. mirelurk eggs , "gunner guard outfit", "undershirt and jeans" and the "The Unstoppable" Comics are some more things that english named now. the bos quest where u must walk the zeppelin and speak with all npc and the nuka world start quest changed to english texts in the quest log. thats only what i seen so far today changed to english despite german installation. so, is something really gone wrong or is that mesh of languages somehow intended? btw no other mods installed exept a mod to unlock console in survival and a mod that is not even activated over the mod list to unlock archivments again.
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