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  1. Your links to Better Dialogue Controls and Better MessageBox Controls still point to the Oldrim versions, rather than the SE versions. I don't know if they may still work, but even so, it may confuse people. Better Dialogue Controls Better MessageBox Controls
  2. As I keep saying (to no avail), I do not have any gameplay-changing mods. Doing a Google search on "skyrim soul trapping summons" turns up the same result. There is even a mod to make soul trapping summons possible. Maybe you are mixing this up with Oblivion?
  3. Hello, I have a correction to make about what you (Arthmoor) wrote in reply to Issue 23341. Summoned creatures can NOT normally be soul trapped, only Ash Guardians can. UESP has a note about this, but I also know from my own experience. (I am indifferent about the bug itself, just thought I'd let you know.)
  4. That doesn't quite explain it because I have never used Cortana and have disabled her since the first day. Anyway, now I've tried Firefox, deleted cache and cookies again in case something carried over from Edge, and the page still uses the bad link. However, it does work correctly on my phone's Chrome, so I guess the reason must be something on my PC... @ArthmoorJust to be clear, I don't even know of any offline copies, I have always used the normal online page behind the link I posted, without using offline browsing or something.
  5. Weird, I cleared my cache and deleted my cookies, both on Edge and IE, but I am still being lead to the forums instead of the tracker.
  6. Hello, on the pages with the Skyrim patchnotes (this, this and this), the "view bug" feature links to the wrong page. It links to www.afkmods.com but should link to afktrack.afkmods.com.
  7. Well, the achievement is for "Collect[ing] 15 Daedric Artifacts", so having the bow count for it technically means that it is, in fact, a Daedric Artifact. The achievement text is pretty unambiguous about it. Other examples of the USKP fixing lore inconsistencies that aren't bugs include the Vigilants of Stendarr not carrying Daedric weapons, Wuuthrad's bonus damage on Orcs, ... True, those fixes only add a property instead of completely reverting something. But I still stand by my theory that they intended something else with it - forgetting the difference between Aedra and Daedra is jus
  8. I do have an idea from the sheer length of the patchlist ;-) Maybe I'm missing something, but I feel like you didn't get my point. If the script didn't work the way it should, okay, that's a bug that should be fixed. But if the script then does something that is objectively wrong, that's another bug (in a broader sense), and that bug should be fixed as well, shouldn't it? I thought his patch fixed inconsistencies to lore and dialogue as well as technical bugs. This is the same as correcting the Black Star to only accept black souls, or as editing voiced dialogue to eliminate mistakes.
  9. Here's the entry from the patch's version history: The fix has also been confirmed to work: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim_talk:Daedric_Quests#Auriel.27s_Bow_Counts_Towards_This_Achievement I don't know if the script has some other function as well, but if this is the only thing it does, it should just be deactivated completely.
  10. Hi, I understand that bug fix #14798 makes Auriel's Bow count as a Daedric artifact. I think this should be undone. All lore and in-game dialogue clearly establish that Auriel is not a Daedra, and that there is nothing Daedric about his bow. In fact, the idea seems pretty absurd to me. Granted, you can (facultatively) use it with blood-cursed arrows that are (indirectly) linked to Molag Bal, but that's far from making the bow a Daedric artifact. If the game code seems to suggest that it was meant to be a Daedric artifact, this is either a major oversight, or possibly a scrapped
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