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  1. I think Skyrim's writers did a good job, given that there are many thousands of lines of text in the game. I haven't noticed many typos after spending hundreds of hours playing. I think I noticed dropped or repeated words mostly. But you are right, there are many NPCs with names that end in S, and if you look through the USEEP changelogs, they have been changing all possessive forms of these names and labeling them as bugs, which is unnecessary. I figured I would post here because I didn't know how else to contact them, thinking that they must believe that "Talos's mead" is a grammatical e
  2. Apologies if you have been over this. I searched the forums and could find no threads discussing it, and I haven't been over it, so here we are. You all have my sympathies then for being taught incorrectly in school. Gallus's is not in any way wrong. Neither is Gallus'. This is a matter more of style than of grammar. If your teachers marked you down for it, then it was because they wanted you to go with one style over the other. If they taught you it was incorrect grammar, well, again, you're learning now that it isn't. Also, by way of explanation the plural versus singular do
  3. Hi, I am grateful for all the work done on USSEP. I just reviewed the changelog for 4.07 and am again blown away by all that is being fixed. However, I thought I'd point out that some of the text changes you are fixing are not really bugs, and you don't need to work as hard as you're doing on those. Specifically, whoever is submitting these "bugs" seems to think that this possessive form: "Gallus's" is some sort of mistake. I assure you, it is not. When someone's name ends in an S, adding an apostrophe S is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. It is not in any way a grammatical m
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