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  1. EvilPandaButt


    Hello and thanks to both of you
  2. EvilPandaButt


    Thank you
  3. EvilPandaButt


    Yeah that was pretty much what I was asking, sorry if it didn't come across as understandable, I've been pretty tired lately with binge watching tutorials on how to script and make custom items using the creation kit.
  4. EvilPandaButt


    I was going to but felt intimidated, also thank you, I will certainly host my mods here but one question before I do so, how exactly would I go about doing that? with bethesda and nexus being very different and confusing at first (nexus especially) I just want to ask how to would post a mod that one is for the old version and another for special edition? (I dunno if I explained it properly but hopefully it came across as intended)
  5. EvilPandaButt


    Hello, I go by the name EvilPandaButt on most websites I use on the interweb. I started my modding career as porting mods to console for Xbox One and a few months after that I started making on own mods. All weapon mods as I can't properly model armour, anyways, I want to thank all the modders on here for the awesome work. I was just wondering if I could also host my mods here? I know you guys are probably going to say go ahead but I wanted to ask first. Anyways I'm currently working on one of the biggest mods I have ever worked on or probably will work on (not really relevant but I'm excited about the mod so I pretty much announce it everywhere). If you want details on the mod I can provide some. PS. For those who stumble across and have recognized my name or is by any chance a fan of the work I have uploaded or ported. I want to thank everyone for the support Anyways that's enough out of me, thanks again to all the modders for the awesome work.

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