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  1. Right now I'm using only 2 mods: the Ninja Fix and the more visible map mod. However, I'm pretty sure I didn't have any mod yet during this quest. Edit: Alright, so I loaded up an early save at the beginning of this part of the questline, and everything went totally fine this time. After AJ, the radio directed me to Charlie for info on Kendra. I tried a couple things, but couldn't produce any bug. I have to say I have no idea what exactly happened back then. Something weird did happen that time though: after killing AJ, I forgot to leave the calling card on him, then played the game a bit further. Then when I came back to town, both Delancy's and Aj's corpses became naked, and AJ's inventory was reset, cause I'm sure I already looted him before. But then I did leave the card on him when I realized that. I got stuck after that. Nothing happened to their corpses this time. So this could actually be a false alarm on my part.
  2. I did that, certainly. I suspected something was not right when the quest was not progressing for a while. I tried to be thorough, so I tried leaving the Silver Shroud radio on for a good while, like a day or 2 (ingame of course), both inside and outside town, both close to and far from town. Not just once, but many times: I went in and out of town all the time, and I would turn on the radio every time I returned to town. I also tried talking to Charlie during and after his minor quest, but nothing happened, as I expected. After dealing with Kendra, I headed back to Goodneighbor, turned on the radio, and everything returned to normal. However, I do still have some doubt. I have been assuming that the Kendra part is supposed to happen first. On the wiki page, the stage value of this part is smaller than the others', too. But when I talked to her in her hideout, she mentioned the fact that I killed Wayne Delancy. This wouldn't make sense if Kendra is indeed your first target. Either way, even if Kendra is not the first target, I'm sure that the quest got stuck for me, for one reason or another.
  3. There is a bug during the Silver Shroud questline in which it fails to progress after you kill AJ. After you agree to become the Silver Shroud, you're supposed to kill Kendra first, but this part will be omitted. Instead, you will be dealing with Delancy and AJ first. After you've killed AJ, the objective of the quest is to listen to the radio, but the radio will only broadcast regular episodes, and the quest will not progress. You can fix this by locating and killing Kendra by yourself. The wiki page also mentions this bug. This is probably because you have accpeted Charlie's quest to clear out the warehouses but have not completed it. Because Charlie is also the one you have to talk to to obtain the Kendra mission in the first place, this might cause some sort of conflict.
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