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  1. I know since Montreal is consider to be the cheap labor capital of video games! At least other developers are doing it the right way like Everquest who share the sale profit with content creators. https://www.everquest2.com/player-studio There is also one developer in Montreal that will allowed paid mods for their upcoming medieval fantasy sand box and they said they will use the same model as the unity asset store who take a 30% cut and leave 70% to the content creators and i found this a fair deal.
  2. Don't get me wrong the 33,790 is yearly wage so let's say you made a new weapon in let's say one day they will pay you around 80$ for it and they wont be able to curate the whole process like they mention since the amount of applications will stacked pretty fast and the cost of it in term of employees will skyrocket very fast. The only winner here will be Bethesda and the modders will get even less than the steam attempt!
  3. This is sad to see that the steam last effort was a better deal for modders since they got at least a little 25% meaning that if they made a very successful mod sold for 1$ and bought by 2 millions people then the modder get a hit. Now modders will probably get paid the lowest entry rate from bethesda and even if their mods sold 5 millions copy they will gain nothing from it and Bethesda will get the lion share. Not to forget that modders will sell their rights for their custom assets meaning they wont be able to sell them elsewhere to gain a litte extra. So now it's more like bethesda 95% and modders 5%. Professional developers can make 5 times the amount of money via freelance work so they wont jump in this boat. It's ironic when you consider selling beds for second life can get you 3000$ weekly! You can have an idea about what they will pay you here since the entry rate fort bethesda is 33,790 meaning you will get very little for a lot of work. http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Employer=Bethesda_Softworks/Salary
  4. After a lot of test i think that i can confirmed that the light flicker or pulse FX will never work with magic effect, it's have to be hard coded on the torch or else the magic effect form is not supporting light FX for performance considerations. Last hope to get it working is to make some nifskope voodoo and use a ring nif and replace every nodes with the torch nodes and see if i can fool the game engine this way. Technically if using the ring nif with the torch nif nodes in a body slot then equipping the lantern should trigger the torch light with working flickering fx. If this does not work than my last choice will be to just replace the torch with my lantern mesh and fit it to the hand holding torch position since this way flickering will work. For some it might sound like i am desperate to get a trivial FX to work but i will make a video with lantern with flickering FX and one without it and you will quickly see how immersion get broken without.
  5. Just got a new problem that occurred after a few more test the light flickering FX simply stop working and even re starting the game and re installing the mod did not fix it. So far i only had problem with the magic effect that include a light(candlelight) but if i use the torch it work flawlessly so maybe something is conflicting, at first i thought it could be the glass from the lantern since it's enclosing the light source but it's change nothing! I will try to put a candle with associated light and see if i can get it to work or else i think there is no other mesh that have a light in it but i could be wrong. Someone on another forum mention the possibility to avoid loading the arm holding torch pose but he probably was referring to do it via script and i want my mod to be without script. I got another full day to do test so let's hope i will fix these issues.
  6. OK thing are going much better after a day of testing, now i can equip the new lantern on the back of the player via body slot and i understand how to add light to object via magic effect and i have flickering light FX that work hurrayyyyyyyy! The only thing left to do will be giving choice of various light intensity like low,medium,high via spellbook but i never did this before so i will have to Google it tomorrow. I will not include a fuel gauge since it would imply a script and i want most of my mod without them for simplicity and reliability.
  7. Not much success so far, not able to find a way to equip the lantern on the character, what is needed is a way to make the lantern appear on back of player via keyboard command.
  8. Hi Imstearn, I am currently analyzing how some of the lantern mods were done and will probably do some testing but i think using a torch duplicate will not work since the player will have the holding torch pose and that why some mods just made the player using the torch holding pose to fit with a lantern. The approach with armor slots seem to be the best choice to do it but i will investigate a little more today.
  9. Thank Amstearn, I already saw all these links but thank anyway. Maybe there is no need for a script at all since i was thinking of using a duplicate of the torch in weapon and replace the torch mesh with my custom lantern preferably in the back of the player and then moving it to the correct location. Problem is i think that the hand of the player will be displaying the hold torch pose?
  10. Anyone can at least point me in the right direction?
  11. Hi guy's, I just finished a 3D lantern model that i want to use like in the quick light mod here : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73473/? I have a fair knowledge of modding with nifskope and the CK but i have only basic knowledge of scripting so i download the mod to see how it was setup and i decompile both pex to psc so i can read them in notepad++. One script was the mcm part that go with skse and as we recently learn that it will be indefinitely reported so i am trying to make mods working without skse. What i want is the player to be able to equip a lantern on his belt and to be able to have an on and off switch via keyboard keys. If someone can help with this scripting task you will be author like me in the credits. Please don't ask me to use wearable lantern since it make face too dark and it use armor equipment slots.
  12. Hi guy's, I can confirm that 3ds max 2016 with the figment nif plugin 3.80 can export bones perfectly.
  13. Only a few close to 20 or 30 i would say and i didn't notice any frame drop. The other tutorial mention he was having 33 bones in his own tree without any performance lost. Also if any performance issues were to show in later test i still have room for optimization on 2 front, one on assigning only 2 bones per vertex instead of 4 and i can reduce the current tree to 938 vertices without losing too much detail.
  14. Hi guy's. Another test with 62 active bones in the BStreeNode show no performance lost at all so the next test i want to make is replacing all pine trees with the same one i have currently finish to see if performance hold the line.
  15. Hi guy's, More good news i fix the Skyrim SE problem that was related to change made by 64 bits on skin partitions also 3ds max 2016 was use with nif plugins from figment 3.8 and Nifskope 2.0 so there is no need to use older versions to make this work. If i have time i will upload a video of my tree on my channel today.

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