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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh! My mod Bible is back!! Thanks for giving Oracle the finger and having it back up and running!
  2. Best. Retexture. Ever. Thank you so much for making this.
  3. I'm being obnoxious but I was on the NifOptimiser Nexus page and ousinous mentioned you can just set the data to zero and back to the right number and that's basically 50000000 faster than each little block .
  4. Thanks for letting me know Strangely enough the General Display mod actually worked that way.... I think because they're custom markers?
  5. I'm wondering if the Null Texture set inside the CK can be used on the mesh itself and it would work? That way there's no outside nf handling.
  6. And is this why some functions of filling form ID's is not being recognized? The ID's are being overwritten in real time?
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