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  1. Hello. The masterlist dated desember 28 reports that TES5Edit has found 117 ITM's in USLEEP 3.0.13a (for original Skyrim). Only Lanterns of Skyrim are above USLEEP. I also get 3 ITM for Kynesgrove 1.1.6 and 1 ITM for Shor Stone 1.0.3 (both by Arthmoor). The previous list didn't report any of these. What is correct? LOOT also now report 17 ITM's in Unique Border Gates 2.2. Unique Border Gates
  2. I installed 0.13.3 now, and the issues are gone. Thank you.
  3. Hello. Updated to 0.13.2, and get some error messages: - Your installed version of Place Everywhere is not compatible with your version of Fallout 4. - Failed to check for LOOT updates! You can check your LOOTDebugLog.txt (you can get to it through the main menu) for more information. Regarding the first error I don' have this mod installed (I've never used it). I've enclosed LOOTDebugLog for the second message. I had none of these messages with 0.13.1. LOOTDebugLog.txt
  4. I placed a campfire bedroll (in Skyrim LE though) in Wndheim marketplace, and when I woke up a guard gave me the same message. Although Breezehome is a owned playerhome there is probably someting with Campfire that triggers this.
  5. Hello. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with USLEEP, but I'm putting it here to let you know. The world encounter Orcs Fighting Forsworn seems to be bugged. Just north of the Lover stone is a spawn point for, among others, this world encounter, and each time I pass this place more and more hunters and forsworn are gathered here. I counted 12 hunters, but there may be more, there is a large number of forsworn warning me against getting to close. I mention it because I noticed this encounter was modified regarding the hostility of the hunters against the player character. O
  6. Hi. I'm playing Skyrim (old). I added a mod just now (with NMM), and moved it up in the load list. When I then run LOOT I get the same bug message. My Skyrim plugins.txt is not set with read only. LOOT worked fine yesterday when I did a validate game files.
  7. Thanks for answering. I am actually deleting Skyrim now in order to start a new game Fallout 4. I mostly do texture and game fixes mods. I never uninstall mods, and rarely install/update, during game play. I use NMM, and I suppose something went wrong during the update of CRF. I use script cleaner, it showed no errors.
  8. The female noble is bothersome. Whenever the noble pair with their guard pops up at the random event places she plus 1 horse remains after I have left the area and the male noble on horse + guard has disappeared. After a couple trips whiterun-Markarth I now have 6 instances of her + the horse. Other random events spawns as usual at these places. Am I asking for trouble if I remove her with the "disable" command?
  9. Hello. The female noble seems to be bugged in my playtrough. When the pair spawned he would just ride on while she just stoods still, next to her horse (without saddle). Now I just find her just standing at spawnpoints (over time) with the horse. First she stood between Western Watchtower and Fort Greymoor (near the ruined farmhouse). and lately between Batteborn Farm and Whitewatch Tower. Just now the wandering noble pair spawned again at this place, so suddenly there were two of the female noble and their horses. I'm just now doing a game file validation and TES5Edit file cleaning,
  10. I want to thank you and every else for the great effort you have put into the unofficial patch. Unlike most I will continue to play the legendary version, but I reckon most of the bugs have been patched already.
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