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  1. In reply to my own topic, a bit late: I started a new game, latest UFO4P, and latest FO4 version, and use only one mod besides UFO4P, namely 'BetterCompanions'. This is an old mod, but does what I want. I also recompiled the script for this mod with the current CK. Works fine. and does not change a lot anyway. In my post above I mentioned a problem with the Minutemen Quest for the Castle. They arrived (previous version of UFO4P, latest game version, essentially the same setup as now, only older UFO4P) with pipe weapons - including Preston! As a result only Preston and the essential Minutemen survived. Now I just did this quest again, with the new UFO4P: This time they arrived with adequate weapons and survived, all of them! So - either I just had bad luck the last time or whatever caused this problem was fixed in the new UFO4P! Just wanted to report this... Actually the previous version of UFO4P was the only version where it happened. But maybe UFO4P has nothing to do with it and it is random - no idea...
  2. Just a small observation, probably not a bug: I use the latest patch and the latest UFO4P (2.1.1). I started a new game, no save in the folder, with this setup. I finished Automatron and Far Harbor DLCs. What I see: Now - in contrast to earlier games - Minutemen quests seem to have lost their 'stopgap'. While working normally, suddenly every time I arrive in Sanctuary a settler has a 'Raider Trouble' quest for me. Every time, I had now around 4 such quests, nothing from other settlements. And I just took the Castle, and the moment (really seconds) I connected the transmitter to its power generator I received two new MM quests (two settlements with troubles, both of them new). I do not see this as a bug, but it is highly unusual, never had it in this intensity before. In all the games before this MM quests where rather sparse, and only happened when I talked to Preston (before taking the Castle), and very rarely after taking the Castle. I even complained about this here So I just want to report it, because I think, something you fixed/did with the scripts may have this effect, not bad at all, but different. I use only two Mods (except UFO4P): 1) The Load Accelerator, but this thing just raises frame rates during loading sequences, using a hook into the Direct3D interface, it changes nothing in the data files and seems to work fine. It has no esp or anything. Lately (because I forgot) I sent Nick Valentine during Far Harbor to a FH settlement, because I wanted to do something without him. And then I found, that he would under no circumstances return to his Agency in Diamond City. This is a known weakness/omission in the game, which is bad in a RP sense, especially with Nick, Piper and Hancock. Bethesda never did something about this, but a Google search brings up numerous complaints about it. 2) There is a very old mod named 'Companions Go Home', which I use now. It works fine. It contains a very simple 'quest' and a script, which copies a default location from the esm, and sets the 'Home Location' of the Companion back to its default from the game start. You have to call the quest script via console (cqf ...), but it works. I looked into it in the CK, and it is simple, the script seems to work, but no longer compiles. There is a simple script error, if fixed it compiles and one is able to rebuild the mod. Both, the old and the rebuilt version of the mod work. I install this only if I need it, it makes no sense otherwise, and it does not change anything in existing items or scripts. The behaviour I described above also was seen before using this mod. So - if one of my two mods is responsible it can only be the Load Accelerator, but I don't believe it is.
  3. No not important - I just wanted to make sure that it is intentional different. Thank you!
  4. Hello, 2.0.9 release (just released) is different from 2.0.9 beta. Is this ok? Changelog for both versions is identical. Is this important or only some different packing?
  5. Hello, I do not want to open a new thread for this: In my game practically all merchant guards have no clothes, only armor parts. While this is not new, in earlier versions (and with earlier versions of UFO4P) only several guards ran around this way. In the picture I am over level 50, and often the problem corrected itself when the guards also had a higher level, as the entire world levels up more or less with the player. I always thought, that the reason for this is a sloppy list of clothing, with clothes which cannot be used with armor, and therefore the clothes are not equipped. But now I am unsure. It looks awful - can anything be done? It's not important for the game, but it is a bug I think. Also - should not their equipment level too? I watch this now with new settlers (who arrive at a new settlement and sometimes even introduce themselves) and with merchant guards: I am quite sure that in earlier games settlers and guard slowly had better weapons with increasing player level. Now they still have pipe pistols and pipe rifles, nothing more. I just did the 'Castle' quest (Fort Independence) and the Minutemen with Preston were really bad equipped, they all had pipe weapons (even Preston!!) and despite trying it several times two of them died always even before the Mirelurk Queen entered the scene. I am quite sure that this also is new, in earlier versions at least the weapons leveled a bit up to combat rifles and combat shotguns. Why Preston no longer has his laser musket is unclear, since he was always in Sanctuary, I never did take him with me and never gave or took from him anything. I think there is some problem (maybe introduced with one of Bethesda's patches?) with NPC equipment, but only for friendly and neutral NPCs, Enemies have normal leveled equipment.
  6. Quote from Changelog: Preplaced bodies in the following settlements will now clean up properly once the player has taken them over: Croup Manor, Kingsport Lighthouse, Sunshine Tidings, Taffington Boathouse, National Park Visitor Center. (Bug #20215) Does not work with 2.0.8 on PC in Sunshine Tidings. Bodies of killed Ghouls are cleaned up fine, but in every house including the big barn with the terminal a Ghoul body remains, which is preplaced. In one house a Settler body too remains. One house is barred and can only be entered by the collapsed back side, and this may be outside of the workshop area, but all the other bodies are clearly inside. Many days have passed since I have this settlement, so it is not a question of time, I think. One Ghoul body even 'survived' the scrapping of the table it lay on and now floats, please see the screenshots attached. I also have Taffington Boathouse, there is only one body of the dead woman in the house and the dead cows outside, they seem to clean up fine. But while fighting the insects at Taffington two of them where transformed to the usual red glowing dust, and these two persist. Since they are both outside it is not too bad. The other settlements I do not yet have.
  7. Hello, this is now my third or fourth time playing this - and I still did not learn how to do it This time I received the Mission Jackpot: Hub 360 first from PAM. And going from memory I climbed up to the Skybridge, entered the 'Ruined Skyscraper' (Pinnacle Highrise), used elevators and complained about the quest markers, which always seemed to point the wrong way. But they do this from time to time, and - from memory - I found a Jackpot location, it opened, and the quest was done. So far, so good... After several other missions PAM again wanted a Jackpot Mission: Jackpot: Hub 360. Argh. I saved and run up to the location which I thought to be Hub 360 - and it was open. I feared to have run into a bug, and since it was already open, it did not register. These Jackpot locations respawn items after a while, but they work only once for the quest. So I did a few other things (before PAM gave the 2nd Jackpot Mission) and this time she gave me the Jackpot: Medford Memorial. So I did this - and a few other things, and now I receive the 3rd and last Jackpot. Jackpot: Hub 360. And this time it will not change. Why? Because after thinking a while and checking the Wiki I found out, the I never visited the Jackpot: Hub 360 location, not in this game!! I just checked, from a save before the 3d Jackpot Mission. This time (with instructions) I found the correct Jackpot: Hub 360 location, it is still closed, despite the fact, that the quest is marked as long done! My fault to visit Jackpot: Pinnacle Highrise instead of Hub 360. But ... And here is the possible bug: Obviously you can open every Jackpot location with the RFID card, as long as you carry it. The quest works, but if you have the wrong location, there is confusion. I do not know if this always was so (I suspect it). But it is also a bug, because this would also work in Medford Memorial, which is completely different. And obviously the game registers, if you visit the wrong location. And it marks the correct quest as 'done', and then gives the same quest (to the correct location) again. But it does not tell. No idea if something can be done...
  8. Hello, I think most of this is already known here, I write it up despite that, because there is a fix, but not simple. According to posts this is what can happen: 1) Head crippled, and the effect remains even after using a Stimpak or visiting a Doctor. 2) Use Med-X while poisoned (have the poison effect) and the Perception penalty remains. To fix 1) You can try to become head crippled again, and then use a Stimpak. This works only if the bug occurred because of 1). I tried it with my problem and it did not work. To fix 2) Become poisoned (poison effect from animals), and lower your poison resistance, this is complicated and only works in some cases, and needs you to have a poison resistance item, so that you can unequip it during the poison effect. Both descriptions are especially interesting in Survival Mode, since you cannot use the console. Using the console otherwise is rather bad I think, because you will only counteract the buggy penalty, not remove it. There is now a mod 'Survival SPECIAL Bug Remover', which you can get for free at Bethesdas Site, as the UFO4P. Here is the LINK. The mods works with Survival, but also in other game modes. Since I did not see the problem for hours, I decided to try it. There are instructions how to use it. It adds a Holotape near Vault 111, which you have to pick up. After this you have to remove everything which influences Perception (clothing), wait for 10 hours (sit and wait) to remove all special effects, and then use it. Here is my story: Found out, that I had Perception (-) 1. Originally the character had Perception 4, and then 5 with the Booblehead from Concord. There were no effects shown, and neither Addictol, Stimpak nor visiting a Doctor fixed it. In the perk chart Perception always had 5 stars, but in game it was 1 effectively, and 3 with clothing. Now I used the Holotape from the mod once, like the instructions said. After this I had no (-) before the value, but the value was now 4! After a bit fiddling around (and always keeping the save from before) I found, that I had to use the Holotape twice! After using it a second time (still naked, no effects) the Perception value now is 5 again, without (-) or (+) before it, my base value including the Booblehead effect. So maybe I had even two buggy effects? This seems now fixed, I can equip my items and have now the normal value with a (+) before it, because of clothing effects. I will continue to play with this, and not remove the mod, and keep the Holotape. I hope this has no detrimental effects... By the way: The mod is loaded correctly after the UFO4P, and I hope it does not change the UFO4P. Lesson learned: Always check your SPECIAL stats after a fight and in regular intervals, and restore an older save instead of fiddling around. (In my case this would have meant to loose around 12 levels and all progress) I hope this helps... NB: If this post belongs into another forum part, please move it. It IS a bug, so I posted it here.
  9. I have FO4 installed, all DLCs, and the latest 2.0.8 UFO4P. I use no mods, except UFO4P and the following DLC (plugin) modules: Chinese Stealth Armor Modular Backpack Armor Paintjobs: Minutemen and Railroad Load order for the plugins is automatic, the only mod is UFO4P, and it is loaded after the official DLCs. So the installation seems to be fine? I started a new game with UFO4P 2.0.8 and (The list of Creations is shorter, because before restarting I removed some, I did not like). My PC: Windows 7 64, 32 GB, GTX 1080 Ti, Driver 399.24. Except the newer driver this is exactly the setup I played with before. The problem with Kessler (Bunker Hill) walking away during the dialog while handing in the 'Kill Judge Zeller' quest is sadly not (completely) fixed. The first time I did this it worked fine. But I decided to restart the game with the new 2.0.8 UFO4P, and did it again, just now, and she walked away. It happens always while she is working on the plants, I wait until she stands up and talk to her. This time she said the first sentence and then walked away and I had to follow her, because the dialog will not repeat and if it aborts this way, you will not receive the Caravan Stations for your settlements. Knowing this problem well, I always save before doing it, and I add this save to my post. I hope it helps to identify the problem. I am standing near Kessler (the Supermutanta are already dead) and if you talk to her, you should see how she walks away, hopefully. Also (only Bethesda can do such things) in this case my first try to talk to her was interrupted, since Supermutants showed up during the dialog (which also will make you loose the benefit). But since I had the save I walked outside instead of talking to her, and killed the Supermutants, saved again (the save I added here) and tried to hand in the quest. But before the Supermutant attacked she also had started to walk away. This new dialog system with 4 unclear choices and people walking around freely while talking and interrupting themselves is something only Bethesda can make and then never fix... EDIT: I just found that this save, and a lot of saves before have a bug: My charterer has a permanent Perception lowering effect, caused by the Med-X bug, if you use a Med-X while poisoned! I know this, because the 'head crippled fix' does not work. Sometimes this happens when your head becomes crippled, and it cannot fixed in any other way than again become head crippled and then use a stimpak. If this does not work, it is the other reason. It sets the Perception to 1 (original 4, and 5 with the booblehead in Concord). The save should be okay otherwise. See my other post about this... Rep Bugsave_Kessler_Walks_Away.rar
  10. Ah - thank you. Then you can carry them away and they will not respawn but stay where you drop them, correct? For Demo (Hardware Town): This seems to be new, that he does stay. I restarted yesterday using the 2.0.8 UFO4P, and will watch what happens to Demo (this time he is red powder from a laser :). But in my previous games I never saw Demo persisting, so I thought I would report it.
  11. I have FO4 installed, all DLCs, and the latest 2.0.8 UFO4P.(beta). I use no mods, except UFO4P and the following DLC (plugin) modules: Chinese Stealth Armor Hellfire Powerarmor X02 Powerarmor Antimateriel Rifle Modular Backpack Armor Paintjobs: Minutemen and Railroad Load order for the plugins is automatic, the only mod is UFO4P, and it is loaded after the official DLCs. So the installation seems to be fine? I started a new game with UFO4P 2.0.7 and, and then updated to the beta version 2.0.8. My PC: Windows 7 64, 32 GB, GTX 1080 Ti, Driver 399.24. Except the newer driver this is exactly the setup I played with before. Problem: Hardware Town has a boss named 'Demo'. When I first visited for the wall painting quest in DC, I killed Demo. Now - a lot of time later on my third visit the body of Demo still persists. In the meantime Hardware Town has reset once (there were new Raiders on my second visit), during my third visit, with Hardware Town marked 'Cleared' on the map, Demo still persists. Also I have Starlight Drive In as a settlement, this was the first settlement after Three Pines, and the skeletons there do not go away. Should they?
  12. Hello, I am back to the game after around 6 months, and have FO4 installed, all DLCs, and the latest 2.0.8 UFO4P. I use no mods, except UFO4P and the following DLC (plugin) modules: Chinese Stealth Armor Hellfire Powerarmor X02 Powerarmor Antimateriel Rifle Modular Backpack Armor Paintjobs: Minutemen and Railroad Load order for the plugins is automatic, the only mod is UFO4P, and it is loaded after the official DLCs. So the installation seems to be fine? I started a new game with UFO4P 2.0.7 and, and then updated to the beta version 2.0.8. My PC: Windows 7 64, 32 GB, GTX 1080 Ti, Driver 399.24. Except the newer driver this is exactly the setup I played with before. I have a curious problem: Every time I either build a robot (workbench in Red Rocket) or modify Ada, all works well, if I save the game, end the game and later load it up, Ada and the new robot (at this time only Ada and Jezebel, which I just built) have 'lights' at them. After installing the radar beacon on Ada, she had a very intense red light, just like some sentry bots. After building Jezebel an new body both Jezebel and Ada had sparks at their feet. The first case was visible immediately after Ada left the workbench. I saved and reloaded, and this did not fix it. It is only annoying, not damaging, and it can be fixed by putting the robot into the workbench again, with or without changing something. This seems to fix the effect for good. In the picture added you can see the sparks effect on Ada and Jezebel both, on Ada it is pretty clear. No idea why this happens and as I said it can be fixed by putting the robot into the workbench and releasing it again. I never had this problem before, this is new, either by the new game version and the plugins or an effect of UFO4P. I do not want to downgrade to UFO4P 2.0.7 but if you want me to, I will try it with an extra save. I also will watch this and report if I find more information. As a side note: The new UFO4P now has very tangible and nice effects, I think because of the script fixes. For example there is now a morse code sound in Railroad HQ near the lady at the terminal, and other things seem to work now much smoother! I am very happy with the UFO4P, thank you for your work!
  13. Thank you for looking into it, I just uploaded the save (as a comment to my own report), I cannot see it, but this time it went error free, and took a bit to finish, so I think it worked.
  14. Hello, I just played a bit more FO4, and received a quest: 'Kidnapping at County Crossing', via Radio Freedom. I have a save exactly after receiving this quest, but before accepting it at County Crossing. But I am unable to upload it to my bug report! This is my bug report: Issue #25780 I add the save here, so somebody can look at this. It would be better to attach it to the bug report in the tracker, but this won't work, it always states it failed because the file may not exist. Is this normal? Upload here works fine. I actually tried to solve the quest twice (no sweat, character is strong enough), and both times the quest marker pointed into an empty location, no body, no NPC. The place is quite cramped and a big 'Mr Handy Fuel' is there, so maybe the NPC did not fit. In a YT video somebody solved a kidnapping in exact this location (Revere Beach Station) and my quest marker points to exactly the location where in the YT video the victim was. Something did not work, maybe the NPC spawned under the floor, or failed to spawn. I accepted the quest twice, starting each time from the save added here, by walking to Count Crossing, talking to the quest giver (a settler) and then running over to Revere Beach Station. From receiving the quest to arriving in the victims supposed location (plus cleaned out everything) only a short time (real time and game time) has gone by. I visited the location before, for some quest, I think. So the named Raider Boss was no longer present, but the rest was set up fine, outside an inside, so I do not think it is a setup problem. The third time I had enough and paid the ransom, quest ended normally then. But a bit unsatisfying. My game version: PC, 1.10.120, all official DLC, no mods except UFO4P (2.06b), no CC mods, nothing at all! Can I do something to help? Can I somehow find the ID of the victim? There seems to be a way to fix it with the console, but this will not help to find the problem! I did not try it, since the quest can be solved by paying the ransom. Thank you Kidnapping_no_victim_Before_accepting_quest.rar
  15. Just a very quick and incomplete answer: I have made myself a mod for Fallout 3, which I am using, to slow down level gain, because if you want to do all the side quests your level grows too fast, especially if you play the addons. I found this page, where things in Fallout 4 are explained: Page about Leveling and other things in FO4 The formula seems to be: XP_needed_for_next_level = 75 * (Current_level - 1) + 200. This means in level 1 you need 200 XP to reach level 2. In FO3 the names of the two variables were: XPBase (would be 200 in the above formula) and XPBumPBase (would be 75 in above formula). Therefore: XP_needed_for_next_level = XPBumpBase * (Current_level - 1) + XPBase. To slow down leveling you just need to change XPBumpBase, i.e. change 75 to a lower value. I recommend that you use an Excel Sheet to see the differences. The page above contains a table with the XP values you need in the vanilla game. The mod is very simple, because you just need to change the variable XPBumpBase. It may be, that they renamed the variables, just look at the games global variables. If you change just the correct variable and save this to a mod, you have a very small mod which does what you want. The variables you mention in your question do not look like the variables you need to change, btw. The first set looks like a variable to change XP values you receive (a multiplicator), the second set looks like some other XP value modification. I would not fiddle around with this. Try to find the two variables I mentioned (no idea if they still have the same name), and change one of them. And use the excel sheet to calculate the values and compare them, because it is very frustrating if you then endlessly hang in one level... Hope this helps
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