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  1. It should be fine. At this point the only mods that won't work are ones that have their own DLL. Everything else should just "go".
  2. This one remind me of a girl I met at 18 and last saw at 21.
  3. OK, so that's a Wryebash Error. What triggers it?
  4. I am a void without personality or sense of humour. That's why I'm a moderator.
  5. As has been stated previously, Arthmoor does not support older versions of the game and does not support VR. This is unlikely to change, and certainly not whilst the the PC community is in the state it currently is with players trying to forcibly downgrade their game to 1.5x from the current 1.6x standard.
  6. I think I should probably get the upgrade, I have a small suspicion that things may have change since release. Arth, are you sure Steam will re-download CC content? My understanding is that it doesn't track that content because it comes from Bethesda.
  7. Thread unlocked. Be Polite. Otherwise the thread will get locked permanently and sanctions will be issued.
  8. It does seem to be included in EngineBugFixes: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085
  9. ATTENTION: We will not tolerate any "spill over" of the recent Nexus drama around marriage in Skyrim. Political discourse is explicitly banned here.

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    2. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Ignorance really is bliss, trust me.

    3. phatbassanchor


      I saw the mod war as they were published on Nexus.  I stay out of political stuff as a general rule.  But, as open to everyone as Skyrim is... Phat just doesn't get it.  Probably for the best.  Like you said, ignorance really is bliss.  So, I'll keep ignoring the politics and just converse with my friends:highfive:

      Peace, Phat:blackhand:

    4. smr1957


      Absolutely, Sigurd!  I play games to get away from many real life issues.  And I help and participate in the forums on Steam and here to help others enjoy that escape.  The LAST thing I want to see and be reminded of are those things that I play games to avoid - LOL!  If people want to talk about those things, well that's what soapboxes are for (does anyone even still use them - or even know what they are anymore? - lol!).

  10. Thread locked. Let's all take 24 hours and relax. I'll unlock this thread after then and we'll see if there's any more useful discussion to be had.
  11. Everybody cool off, please. Play the ball, not the man. Is it, perhaps, possible that you have to select a DLC for download but once you pick it once you're stuck with it forever.
  12. The advice is always going to be "update to the latest version of everything." If you've barely played the game I'd suggest that chasing the "downgrade dragon" is pointless. Setting that up correctly would require an encyclopaedic knowledge of the different versions of each mod and how they interact.
  13. Well, we're talking about private file sharing now, not public distribution. It's still copyright infringement, which is the legal term, not "piracy". Piracy is a specific criminal offence involving violence and theft at sea. In most cases individual instances of copyright infringement are not criminal, with a notable exception being circumvention of DRM. However, the circumvention of DRM etc. is a separate, distinct, criminal offence from the distribution of cracked software. This is like the old "trespasses will be prosecuted" sign - you can't prosecute trespassers because trespass is not (usually, and not at all prior to 1994) a crime in England, but you can sue them in Civil Court. Similarly, in most cases copyright infringement will not be specifically criminal. However, some people seem to take this to mean it is not illegal, or immoral - which is not the same thing.
  14. I'm locking comments on this file. People are entitled to their opinions but this constant pestering asking for unsupported versions is bordering on spam. Arthmoor has been very clear he only supports the most recent version of the game.
  15. Something to consider here, mix tapes and VHS TV recordings. When you recorded something off the TV onto VHS and leant it to a friend or family member you were technically breaching copyright. Ditto the mix tape you made for your girlfriend. Despite both of these being breaches of copyright various mixing decks, tape recorders and VHS recorders have been available for decades, sold expressly for the purpose of copying works and therefore theoretically breaching copyright. It should be noted that in both these cases the infringement of copyright also implies financial loss for the injured party, which is why it is sometimes described as "copyright theft" or "piracy". I'm personally against the use of these terms when it comes to modding because there's no financial injury. Copyright infringement is generally a Civil matter, not a criminal one, unless it is conducted on an industrial scale.
  16. Guys, if this devolves into another argument I'm going to delete all the replies and lock the thread.
  17. PyFFi *shouldn't* do that. That last one may have been me, I've improved in skill a lot over the years, but my tendency to itterate quickly has left some issues in the past - see the recent update for examples.
  18. Hey guys, I wanted to flag up that we now have an open section for the UOP on AFKTrack: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&project=36 Feel free to continue to discuss things here, but please also file bug reports as this will be a huge help in keeping things organised. It will also help us to track how many open issues we have, which will help to guide when we decide to release another update. We're aware there are some "historic" issues with the patch beyond serious bugs, we need your help to track them down though.
  19. So, seems we need to talk about the etiquette around linking to files, specifically other people's files. Unfortunate that we need to start the new year this way, but here we are. I get it, we've all been there, you want a mod and it's suddenly disappeared from the Internet, or the modder has updated their mod and the new version has something janky, or you just plain don't like it. Then you have an HDD crash, or just accidentally delete the mod and now you don't have a copy. It sucks. You know what also sucks, though? Updating your mod and having everyone complain about the new version, then going and downloading the old version on Google Drive, or Mega, after you took it down because you don't want people to use that old, broken, version. The difference is, it's the modder who puts in the man-hours and it's the modder who holds the intellectual copyright, that's the right to decide what happens to their mod. Modders have the right to cease distributing their own mods, assuming they haven't granted someone else a licence, and they are entitled to exercise that right both morally, and legally. Some modders leave old versions of their mods up, but that is a courtesy, not an obligation. Recently, a user on our site posted a link to r/drownedmods pointing to old (pre 1.6x) versions of two Skyrim SE mods. I like to think they believed they were being helpful, but I've been accused of being too charitable, but there's just so much wrong with this I feel the need to address it here, publicly. r/drownedmods distributes pirated content. Let's be clear, even if you want to argue that redistributing files against the express permission of mod authors isn't technically "piracy" because no money changes hands, it's still definitely breach of copyright, which is a breach of Civil Law. Further, the sub also redistributes Creation Club content and that definitely counts as software piracy. If that doesn't convince you, the moderators of that sub are also tolerant of pirated versions of games themselves. Oh, and the main moderator has the word "modpiracy" in his name and even references his previous account being banned. If you want an old version of a mod the best thing to do is to politely ask the author for a version. I would hope they would politely reply, but regardless if the answer is "no" then that should be the end of it. Failure to respect the copyright of modders, or anyone else, will result in your content being moderated and punishments doled out as appropriate. This is not complex guys - if the readme that came with a mod says "don't distribute previous versions of my files" don't do it. If a modder doesn't want to provide a previous version of a file, stop asking. You didn't pay for the mod, you didn't purchase a licence that entitles you to download it. The only thing I dislike more than having to write posts like this is having to take action against users who don't recognise basic legal rights. I sincerely hope everyone has a good new year and this issue can be put to bed.
  20. I thought we responded to this. So, basically, right now we don't have a fix. Thankfully, it's only a problem when browsing a user's list of files. Once you click on the file it shows the full path, but from the user list it only shows the "bottom" category. Arth said he can't see a way to change this in the forum software and obviously we want to avoid janky hacks, because janky hacks is what causes sites to crash when you run updates.
  21. Marry Christmas, all!


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    2. Sah


      Christmas gift to Blackpete & Siguro .... 25 pieces each of chopped wood :santa:

    3. Tasheni


      Merry Christmas to you all.

      Jolly Santa Dance Sticker - Jolly Santa Dance Christmas Music Stickers

    4. smr1957


      And a merry (belated) Christmas to you as well - and a happy New Year - and to all else here, as well!

  22. This topic has run it's course. Time for it to rest. To be honest, probably needed to be sent to bed a while back.
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