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  1. For those wondering - no, installing an RX 6700XT does not improve performance in modded Oblivion.

    1. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Bannerlord works much better, though.

    2. Phinnous Ande

      Phinnous Ande

      Not without DXVK (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/51989) as it translates the DirectX 9.0 calls to Vulkan based ones. Vulkan is much more efficient so the performance is way higher, so there's likely to be a performance increase. Just make sure that if you are using Oblivion Reloaded, that it's version 10.0 or higher. Also recommended to use Reshade in Vulkan mode if you are interested in the Anti-Aliasing functions of the game.

    3. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      It's not really effective, as most of the slowdown is caused by a CPU/System RAm bottleneck related to things like Havok calculation, not graphics. This has been the case for years, so I was really just having a jape.

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