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  1. hi yeah , i just to Congrats your  Lag Dubble post warring" you gave me for serve lag posting the same thing 2cx is a give away that the forms lagged but thats ok, hope i made your day ! thank you for the warring 8) ! new to this site looks like i joined facebook!

    1. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Hi, I had to check the logs to find out what this was about.

      You weren't warned for double-posting, you were warned for creating a spam topic and making what appeared to be a political comment. In point of fact, you did not double post, it was a single post.

      If you are unhappy with my decision the correct thing to do is to contact the Admins and raise the issue with them in private.

      To answer your other question, no, I do not enjoy moderating the forums. I much prefered the time when moderation wasn't necessary.

    2. lmstearn


      Reports, rumours, and impressions that we are in any way affiliated to Zuck & Co. are wholly fictitious!

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