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  1. For those wondering - no, installing an RX 6700XT does not improve performance in modded Oblivion.

    1. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Bannerlord works much better, though.

    2. Phinnous Ande

      Phinnous Ande

      Not without DXVK (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/51989) as it translates the DirectX 9.0 calls to Vulkan based ones. Vulkan is much more efficient so the performance is way higher, so there's likely to be a performance increase. Just make sure that if you are using Oblivion Reloaded, that it's version 10.0 or higher. Also recommended to use Reshade in Vulkan mode if you are interested in the Anti-Aliasing functions of the game.

    3. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      It's not really effective, as most of the slowdown is caused by a CPU/System RAm bottleneck related to things like Havok calculation, not graphics. This has been the case for years, so I was really just having a jape.

  2. ATTENTION: We will not tolerate any "spill over" of the recent Nexus drama around marriage in Skyrim. Political discourse is explicitly banned here.

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    2. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Ignorance really is bliss, trust me.

    3. phatbassanchor


      I saw the mod war as they were published on Nexus.  I stay out of political stuff as a general rule.  But, as open to everyone as Skyrim is... Phat just doesn't get it.  Probably for the best.  Like you said, ignorance really is bliss.  So, I'll keep ignoring the politics and just converse with my friends:highfive:

      Peace, Phat:blackhand:

    4. smr1957


      Absolutely, Sigurd!  I play games to get away from many real life issues.  And I help and participate in the forums on Steam and here to help others enjoy that escape.  The LAST thing I want to see and be reminded of are those things that I play games to avoid - LOL!  If people want to talk about those things, well that's what soapboxes are for (does anyone even still use them - or even know what they are anymore? - lol!).

  3. Marry Christmas, all!


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    2. Sah


      Christmas gift to Blackpete & Siguro .... 25 pieces each of chopped wood :santa:

    3. Tasheni


      Merry Christmas to you all.

      Jolly Santa Dance Sticker - Jolly Santa Dance Christmas Music Stickers

    4. smr1957


      And a merry (belated) Christmas to you as well - and a happy New Year - and to all else here, as well!


  5. ll back!

    1. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      This should say "I'm still back".


      Oh well.


  7. It didn't break my status updates this time!

    1. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand



      Check to see if they have been disabled - that's what happened to me after an upgrade.

  8. When you import into Blender and Blender's like "nope", and you realise you've cludged this mesh together so much you have about 170 bogus nodes from all the importing, exporting and chopping about.

    1. MadCat221


      ...You don't clean the mesh up in NIFSkope after an export? I never assume a nif is game-ready right out of the exporter.

    2. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Yes, I do. However, in this case I've been making a tilesset which has involved a lot of import/export prior to any game testing.

  9. Not until you see all the cool male armour mods for Skyrim do you remember what a wasteland Oblivion armour mods were.

    Unless you were playing a female character, and using HGEC.


  11. Writer's block is gone!


    1. Thomas Kaira

      Thomas Kaira

      He also broke my refrigerator.

    2. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      psychically, or in person?

    3. Dwip


      I am in fact the bane of refrigerators everywhere.

  13. New case arrived today - Wooo!

  14. At parents' house packing up Star Wars toys.

  15. Dear Brain - we shall either model, or work on the paper. Sitting here staring at the screen is NOT a valid option!

    1. NightStar
    2. Lorelai


      But staring at the screen can be so much fun!... :P

    3. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      I went into town and did the recycling instead.

  16. I got fanmail!

    1. Arthmoor


      Good fanmail or bad fanmail? :P

    2. Sigurð Stormhand

      Sigurð Stormhand

      Bad fanmail would be hate mail :P

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