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  2. It didn't break my status updates this time!

    1. JayCrane


      I think it broke for me as I'm not able to make any :(

    2. Sigurð Stormhanð

      Sigurð Stormhanð



      Check to see if they have been disabled - that's what happened to me after an upgrade.

    3. JayCrane


      Yep, was disabled in settings. :crazy:

  3. Hey - thanks for the heads up. Also - ironic I decided to check the forum just before it went down for maintenance.
  4. Don't do it. Get Star Citizen instead.
  5. When you import into Blender and Blender's like "nope", and you realise you've cludged this mesh together so much you have about 170 bogus nodes from all the importing, exporting and chopping about.

    1. MadCat221


      ...You don't clean the mesh up in NIFSkope after an export? I never assume a nif is game-ready right out of the exporter.

    2. Sigurð Stormhanð

      Sigurð Stormhanð

      Yes, I do. However, in this case I've been making a tilesset which has involved a lot of import/export prior to any game testing.

  6. Not until you see all the cool male armour mods for Skyrim do you remember what a wasteland Oblivion armour mods were.

    Unless you were playing a female character, and using HGEC.


  8. Greetings and salutations, newcomer.
  9. Hello, and welcome. If we're less "toxic" it might be because there aren't too many of us. Having said that, newcomers are always welcome, and we don't discriminate against console players - we promise. Well, maybe we jest about them, a bit
  10. Theoretically the game should take a less powerful GPU of the same generation. As to Update.esm - Skyrim.esm is virtually unchanged, this is essentially the same game with a few things added to update.esm itself. We should get a patch or two, though.
  11. Well, at least they're getting back to proper consoles again. We'll see how those contacts for the controllers hold up.
  12. Apparently people were really nice to the Chinese one, but the American one got bullied until she became a Nazi - kinda sad, really.
  13. I was bored, so I decided to Romanise some Star Wars quotes - I am not ashamed. "I find your lack of Romanitas et pietas disturbing" - Domitian to the Christians (before killing them). "I sense a great disturbance in the Pax Romana, as though millions cried out in Latin and were suddenly silenced, I fear something barberous has happened" - Augustine of Hippo during Alaric's sack of Rome. "He's more Grecian now than Roman" - Augustus on Mark Antony. "It's a Trap!" Varus in the Teutoburg Forest. "So this is how democracy dies, to thunderous applause" Porcia - daughter of Cato on the accession of Octavian and Anthony. "Brutus, I AM your father" - Caesar to Brutus. OK - that's all I got for the moment.
  14. Glad to see this released, thought it might never come out for a bit there. Also - Nightstar

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