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  1. Wait.... he fixed shadows.... Yeah - switch to OR. Edit: Or maybe not, version 7.0 breaks Enhanced Camera, causes NPCs and the Player to become transparent, and causes CTD on transition from interior to exterior cell-load.
  2. It would be appreciated if you shared your solution with everyone else, so that others can benefit - even if it doesn't work.
  3. That looks to me like an engine issue, complex NPC packs can cause CTD if the engine can't process all the AI. Beth fixed this by applying hard limits of 10 NPC's to combat etc.If Salmo himself has lots of Packs that could cause CTD, I suppose.
  4. No, you need to carry out your own troubleshooting - like anyone else. Have you tried differentiating your load Order? Load 50% of mods with Pellantine installed, then load the other 50%?
  5. Will it work with just Tamriel Heightmaps etc. installed?
  6. Right, it's also a way to judge your overall load on the game, if you're running FCOM then you may just be overtaxing the engine.
  7. Well, time to post a Load Order, then.
  8. ll back!

    1. Sigurð Stormhanð

      Sigurð Stormhanð

      This should say "I'm still back".


      Oh well.


  10. It didn't break my status updates this time!

    1. Sigurð Stormhanð

      Sigurð Stormhanð



      Check to see if they have been disabled - that's what happened to me after an upgrade.

  11. Hey - thanks for the heads up. Also - ironic I decided to check the forum just before it went down for maintenance.
  12. Don't do it. Get Star Citizen instead.
  13. When you import into Blender and Blender's like "nope", and you realise you've cludged this mesh together so much you have about 170 bogus nodes from all the importing, exporting and chopping about.

    1. MadCat221


      ...You don't clean the mesh up in NIFSkope after an export? I never assume a nif is game-ready right out of the exporter.

    2. Sigurð Stormhanð

      Sigurð Stormhanð

      Yes, I do. However, in this case I've been making a tilesset which has involved a lot of import/export prior to any game testing.

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