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  1. ...in skyrim, if you have 99% in all skills, what level are you? [the old level cap before legendary was level 81 with 100 in all skills] or how many levels do you get raising all 16 skills from 99% to 100%? per skill: Skill Improve Mult * skill level1.95 + Skill Improve Offset where 991.95 = 7789, nominally (≈) Magic Alchemy - 1.6 * 7,789 + 65 = 12,527 Illusion - 2 * 7,789 + 0 = 15,578 Conjuration - 2 * 7,789 + 0 = 15,578 Destruction - 2 * 7,789 + 0 = 15,578 Restoration - 2 * 7,789 + 0 = 15,578 Alteration - 2 * 7,789 +
  2. we are left to shank things at random and take note of what bleeds...
  3. i would have posted this topic to a more serious forum, if i had known so much useful info would come from asking. this was posted with a skyrim-bandit-finding-winterhold slant, how was i supposed to know which mirror Da meant... i never thought a higher-traffic site might actually be faster than going straight into the depths of Black Marsh. thanks!~
  4. it's easy, he says... the bottom one skips to fail instantly, the top one doesn't even want to hear it... i need one big egg timer hourglass that lasts 3 hours... yay...! it worked...! plot twist. :skull:
  5. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20120719-awoken-from-a-2d-world i've given a lot of thought to what difference it makes to people's ability to fly a plane or scan a horizon with 20 or 30 degrees more or less overlapping binocular vision this article has me thinking that more overlap means better chances for developing depth vision by using both eyes in concert.
  6. fireundubh - 01/13/2017 i found what helped to increase my play time tolerance was to always have a weapon out. based on this: https://www.wired.com/2015/04/reduce-vr-sickness-just-add-virtual-nose/ Nico coiN - 01/13/2017 http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13003/? pinky - 01/13/2017 we all have a disable head bob mod installed as well as a camera stabiliser mod,
  7. may warm sands fill your litter box

    1. Kesta


      Why did I read "My warm hands fill your little box" ? (I'm very sorry)

    2. longpinkytoes
  8.   i posted this back yard and this storm on a discord channel with her little brother who is off-pic to the right. and while i respect the decision by a moderator to consider the picture inappropriate for their channel, it nudged a gargoyle that had been lurking in the wings cleanly to centre stage and into the spotlight. and since she had the floor, the gargoyle did the only sensible thing. she drew a huge venn diagram. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 two mice meet at an event. he asks if they can keep in touch, she agrees and it seems fine. anoth
  9. Here are some common learning paths for learning Houdini...
  10. the method i see in review videos is to use a strong enough npc then using console check their health before and after the damage. you could either start a game and use Hadvar or Ralof as targets since i don't think they will ever turn hostile before u leave Helgen. or maybe tai the npc you want to use so that they stay put. if you type in reset health before you attack then type in getav health to see the damage then u can just tap the up arrow twice in console to get the console command you need next.
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