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  1. I tried the fix that was posted and that the link was given to and it worked just great!! There was a post here --- https://github.com/loot/loot/issues/882 --- and the person who posted, kjm8812 posted a link for a quick fix. --- https://files.fm/u/vhtj7yns After running the fix, LOOT now works great and is back to running for me. Thank you for all the help in the matter. It is good to know that someone is there is needed.
  2. I went into where LOOT is located under user and find this file --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdne4685f4byij8/LOOTDebugLog.txt?dl=0 There are also these files --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk0cygpqjqd8z09/CEFDebugLog.txt?dl=0 --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxth1krpbarnvpp/settings.toml.txt?dl=0 --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/62a4q77f94swcyl/settings.yaml.txt?dl=0 I hope this helps. I am also on Windows 7 and I checked for updates for my pc and there are none. EDIT: I also noticed that in the appdata/local/LOOT/Skyrim file there no .gif file and no masterlist.yaml file. I went into appdata/local/LOOT/Skyrim Special Edition and they are there so I copied over the .gif file and the masterlist.yaml file and at least LOOT will now sort the files for old Skyrim, yet will not tell which files need cleaning. It also gives the same error messages as I posted above. I hope that helps
  3. I am also having trouble with LOOT. It will no longer sort the load order, on old Skyrim. It states that there is no master list present. I enclosed three pictures as to what it is telling me and the pics are in order. The last one is the bug message info. I even went so far as to un-install the game itself, re-installed the game and SKSE for old Skyrim, and installed 12 mods from Steam. I then installed LOOT and started the game through Steam. I also started the game through the SKSE installer, and still LOOT is not showing a master list present and keeps giving me the error code. EDIT: Just so you know, it is also doing it on Oblivion, and Skyrim SE although I am presently playing on Old Skyrim. Link to Settings.toml --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxth1krpbarnvpp/settings.toml.txt?dl=0 Link to settings.yaml --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/62a4q77f94swcyl/settings.yaml.txt?dl=0
  4. UPDATE It has been discoverd that Dawnguard Sentries on the XBox One was the reason the quest will not start. I have posted a notice about it to the MA on Nexus to let the MA know of the problem. Thank you for your time.
  5. I hope I am posting this in the right place and if not, please move to where it should be. I have a question please. I cannot get the Missing in Action quest to start. At all. Upon leaving one of the shops, Olfrid and Idolaf are standing at the stall and Fralia is also standing there yet they are not saying anything to each other. Nothing at all. I even tried to go and get the evidence hoping that will start the quest, yet nothing. I went to Northwatch Keep and Thorald is not there. I am at a loss as to what to do. I disabled Guard & Soldier Dialogue, Civil War Equipment and Dawnguard Sentries, all of which I have used for some time and still nothing. I even went back to the very first game save and started all over and still nothing. Is there a way you could look at my LO and tell me what could be interfering with the quest starting? Thank you XBox One LO --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7rozgp283mtnox/Nord.docx?dl=0
  6. I went to the xbox one today and it updated to include the Creation Club. It also installed Survival mode or parts of it or something. I have Campfires, and now I can no longer harvest wood for a campfire. My character is at Autumn Watch Tower and when clicking on resources and then harvest wood, it tells me there are no trees in the area. I have no yet updated the USSEP patch and this is happened. Then I decided to update the patch, and still I cannot harvest wood. How does one play without this survival mode? I did not click on it, I do not have it installed, and I do not want to use it for I use Campfires and now it is not working right. Neither will Frostfall and Wet and Cold. Can this be fixed, or do I have to use Survival mode? Here is a link to the mods that are presently being affected by the console update, NOT by USSEP https://bethesda.net/community/topic/105669/list-of-mods-affected-by-1-5-update/7 Please advise Ashley
  7. Thank you very much for the reply and the info. I will go ahead and upgrade now that I know. Thanks again and I hope you get to see the eclipse tomorrow. Have a great day.
  8. The old version was 410.37mb and the newer version was at 662.46mb. Now the newer version is saying 410.8mb. This is on the xbox 1 version. Is this the correct file size or should I wait and see.
  9. Yes I have. I just wanted to make sure before I upgraded that the file size was correct. Thank you for the reply.
  10. I hope I posted this in the right place and if not I am sorry. I noticed that the USSEP has been updated and it is over 100mb larger. I was just wondering about the size of the update for it seemed very large compared to past updates. The size went from 410.37mb to 662.46mb.
  11. I am sorry. I will report it to him. Thank you for the reply.
  12. I started a new game today and included Even Better Quest Objectives (EBQO) in with the LO Outside of Whiterun, a female NPC orc named Arob was standing on the road. One could click on her but no dialogue showed although she did mention she sold poisons. She is from the orc stronghold of Dushnikh Yah Here is a link to a picture of her outside of Whiterun on the way to kill the first dragon at the Watchtower --- http://imgur.com/A4cxvm7 After I disabled EBQO she was no longer there. Here is my LO, although EBQO is disabled --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/7panazwcxyhshil/Breton LO.docx?dl=0 Just thought I would let someone know.
  13. In game, one can only "look" at the list of mods. One has to exit out of the game on the xbox and go to the beginning of the game where it has your saves and the Skyrim symbol where you re-enter the game, and choose mods to install a mod, un-install a mod, and to move a mod up or down in the LO.
  14. I do not know. There is another on the thread where we test the new mods that has had the same problem. I can only say what happened to me and what I did to find the answer. I wish there was a way to check the files on the xbox like on the pc version yet there is not. The link for the thread where we test the mods is at the top of my LO in case you need it. I do thank the team for the help in this matter and for my LO at least I know what happened. Thank you for the help and the reply.
  15. I found the mod causing the problem. In your post you mentioned a mod overwriting something in TES5Edit. So I got the idea about the main files being overwritten. Thank you for the memory button push. I got as far as cat 10 in my LO and there was where I found the mod that caused the hall to look like the picture. Also, I continued on and finished re-loading the mods and the place is still burning like it should. Sorry about the picture thing. I did as you requested. Also, one cannot change the LO in-game. The mod causing the problem is No Snow Under the Roof --- https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/2941678 --- at least in my LO this is the mod causing the hall to look like it does in the bottom pic, not broken up and not burning up. I will try to show before and after pictures. The before pics are before the mod was installed and the after ones are after the mod was installed. The hall is burning like it should be, and destroyed. The after picture is where the hall does not look destroyed. It is where the floors and walls shimmer like there are two buildings one on top of the other, plus the door with no activator. The pics came from the gallery thing and I hope I did it right.
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