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    Not in the Cave

    The only thing below Alternative is RDO, the RDO patch, Cooking, Brewing and Alchemy mod, Better Riften Performance mod, Color Patches mod, Realistic Water 2 mod, Dawnguard Map markers, and Restore Vanilla Settings which is disabled. I have never had this happen before until the update the other day. Unlike the first time this happens, I went into Helgan and they both showed up inside. I followed them, and took a bunch of pics as I did. I will purge the LO again, and just use USSEP and Alternative and make another new character and see what happens and then let you know.
  2. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    Okay. I took your advice and figured it was a fluke. I purged my reserve, and my saves. I did a hard restart before re-installing mods, and also after installing mods. I then made a brand new character. I now have a NEW LO and re-installed mods, and started out at the College of Winterhold. It took me a few to get to Helgan from Winterhold. I finally arrive at Helgan, and guess what, they are still out in the courtyard. Both of them. This is a new game, new mods, new character, and there they are. As soon as the pictures come up from the console to xboxlive.com I will post them. One can actually click on them to activate them and talk to them. So the problem still exists for me. Brand new LO --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/rl19tl9afb8y5nq/New XBox LO 4-4-2017.docx?dl=0 Running xbox 1 --- 115 mods / 3.22 gb used / 1.78 gb free
  3. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    Okay on this. I will take as such, and just figure that they got tired of being in the cave and went for a stroll. lol Thank you all the help on this matter. On the other post, I tried it will several different saves, so I do not know about that one.
  4. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    I upgraded when I saw the upgrade in the favorites menu on the xbox and after the upgrade moved the mod back to the top. As usual, when ever I upgrade i always do a hard restart. Then I continued on with the game, and then came across the Hall on the way to Dim Hollow. When I went back to the save that said prisoner, it was after the update. I had no problems before the update and could make a new character with no problems. After the update it changed and I started getting that message so the update was already there and in place when the message came across. Before the update, as I said there were no problems and no messages. It would go right to character creation with that save. Now in order to make a new character, I have to click on new instead of that save, I guess, as I will not know until I get back on the xbox sometime tomorrow or the day after.
  5. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    It happened after the update with Alternative. I have another post I also made about the Hall of the Vigilants. When going to Dim Hollow, the hall is messed up. It looks like someone took the house part that is included in the Alternative Start and placed it on top of the burning one. All the outside walls and floor shimmer and there is a door with no activator. I do not know how to do a video on the xbox, but I did post a pic. This is also after the update. I went to the saves, and loaded the original one that says prisoner and it gave some quick message about how it could not update the character. Usually when you go to that save, it puts you in the character creation menu. It did not and gave that message instead. Hope that helps, along with the other post. EDIT: On a side note, there may be wandering because they got tired of being in the cave. lol
  6. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    The silly dropbox upgraded to a new look which is why. I had to re-set the thing to share. I wish I was fast enough to take more pics but it was very funny. https://www.dropbox.com/s/52xximtc9rw6v37/Mods Used on the XBox One 1-27-2017.docx?dl=0
  7. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    Try this link --- https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Mods+Used+on+the+XBox+One+1-27-2017.docx I discovered that if I am working on the LO one cannot get it. Hope this helps. Plus I used the link button before. I did not this time.
  8. ashleyclark

    Not in the Cave

    EDIT: I should also add that this was AFTER the update to Alternative Start
  9. I have noticed that when this certain chair comes up on the load screen that it is blocked out. Here is a pic of it. --- Loading screen with blocked chair --- I am on the XBox 1 Load order if needed --- Load Order
  10. ashleyclark

    Load Screen Blocked

    I did not know what else to call it, so I called it Load Screen Blocked. If I turn the chair certain ways the chair is visible. If I turn it other ways, I get what is in the picture. I hope that made sense. It is not a big thing. It has always done that to me even before I added mods to the xbox. Just thought I would let someone know.
  11. ashleyclark

    RDO and CRF do not work Together

    How very true. When ever there is a problem on the xbox one with a mod, one does a hard reset and "most" of the time it will fix it. Thank you for the reply.
  12. I have both CRF (Cutting Room Floor) and RDO (Realistic Diagloue Overhaul), along with USSEP and the proper patch for the three. RDO does not work with CRF installed. When one greets the blacksmith in Riverwood the second time, the blacksmith usually greets one with something like "Hey there good to see you again". There is no such greeting with both CRF and RDO installed. I took off CRF and replaced the patch that covers all three with the patch that only covers RDO and USSEP and talked to the blacksmith again, and then that greeting was there. I play on the xbox one, day one edition Load Order if needed -- https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Mods+Used+on+the+XBox+One+1-27-2017.docx EDIT: Being further tested by people on this thread --- https://bethesda.net/community/topic/5795/how-to-load-order/7082 EDIT 2: Further testing showed that if one downloads and installs RDO and CRF along with the proper patch, one must make a hard restart in order for the mods to work properly and the new dialogue to show up. If a hard restart is not done, then no new dialogue will be there. Testing was done with and without the patch on Alvor the blacksmith in Riverwood, Luccus in the Riverwood Trader, at the female merchant at Warmaidens in Whiterun and with Belethor in Whiterun. RDO and CRF had "seemed" to work together without the patch, but the patch is made for a reason and therefore installed. Sorry if I jumped the gun on this but better to be safe than sorry. I had failed to do a hard restart which is why it was not working for me.
  13. ashleyclark

    Wayshrines in the Forgotten Vale

    Okay. Thank you for the insight. Like I said, I did not know if this was from the beginning or not. Playing old Skyrim on the xbox 360 an the pc I had never experienced this. That you again.
  14. I am not sure if this has been brought up or not, but my character finally made it to the Forgotten Vale. The Wayshrines in the Forgotten Vale do not have their portal doors. I have enclosed a couple of pics for one to see. If my LO is needed, here is the link to it. Load Order --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/52xximtc9rw6v37/Mods Used on the XBox One 1-27-2017.docx?dl=0 Wayshrine Portals pic 1 --- http://imgur.com/H9wWHTP Wayshrine Portals pic 2 --- http://imgur.com/8Mhb9U8 I have no idea how long these portals have been like this, as my character has just reached the Forgotten Vale. They could have been like this since the game came out, I do not know. All of the Wayshrines are like this, with no portal door. The portals work, just that there is no portal door even after one used the portal. I am playing on the XBox one, and have the day one edition. Mods are loaded, with 3.19 used and 1.81 free
  15. I can also confirm it both on Bosmers and High Elfs. The inventory states they are wearing it, but it is not showing up.
  16. When first starting out with a new game, either on the SE pc version or the SE XBox version, Alduin flies off in the wrong direction. I choose the Camping in the Woods for the Alternative Start, and enclosed a picture showing the direction he goes. He flies off over the mountains to the left. I do not know if this is a bug, glitch, or supposed to be this way in the SE version. If it is a bug or glitch, is it possible to fix this in the next update? Picture of Direction -- http://imgur.com/aUaMXuW Here is my load order for the pc version of SE Here is my load order for the XBox 1 SE version
  17. Okay. I must have a messed up game or something. I took off all my mods as mentioned earlier. I actually completely un-installed them, all except for USSEP and Alternative Start. I got the same thing. Pic #1 - the two mods - http://imgur.com/Gpuzd07 Pic #2 - the two mods - http://imgur.com/XVBKP7S The above two pics are backwards. Sorry about that. Then I took off USSEP which left only the Alternative Start. Same thing. Pic #1 - one mod - http://imgur.com/7HXJqpG Pic #2 - one mod - http://imgur.com/9AmtNXU I am not going to worry anymore about it, for if it is working like it is supposed to for everyone else, then I probably have a messed up game. I thank everyone for the time and trouble with my little problem, and who knows. Maybe it will fix itself.
  18. I made a test character with all mods removed except for USSEP and Alternative Start. I have not had a chance to actually do anything else as this is finals week. My last final is tomorrow. My new test character is sitting in the prison still. Then I plan on adding one mod at a time until I see which one is doing it, as Arthmoor suggested. I will know this weekend. Sorry for the delay, but I made this rule, Studies first, Play later. As soon as I know I will post it. I am doing this on the pc for it is hard to take pictures on the xbox. I have the same problem on the xbox with the dragon, yet there are only a few mods that I have on both the xbox and pc that are different as most of them are the same, but easier to take pics on the pc. I will let everyone know what I find out.
  19. Thank you very much for the info and the reply. I will do that this weekend for I have final exams I have to do first. Then I will work and see which one it is. When I find out I will post the answer here. Thanks again
  20. Okay. I took out the Dragonfly - No Flee and made a new character to test with I still got the same thing. Picture 1 - http://imgur.com/H6rmWIg Picture 2 - http://imgur.com/VrjEm3Y Picture 3 - http://imgur.com/xeLCMhr Picture 4 - http://imgur.com/DoydIri Could I have something wrong in the load order? I did change a few mods around, mostly I swapped out RLO for ELFX and added Vivid Weathers in place of True Storms, but not the optional file for Vivid Weathers. I also took out Mature Skin.
  21. Yes. I like the Camping option because it actually starts the main quest and it is close to Helgan.
  22. Here are some better pictures. They are in the order that I took them. One can see he is going over the mountains instead of flying over ones character. Pic 1 -- http://imgur.com/Izl8boE Pic 2 -- http://imgur.com/JA50NWM Pic 3 -- http://imgur.com/WBPt22v Pic 4 -- http://imgur.com/3tmZn0B
  23. When doing the camping option he is supposed to fly right over you. At least that is what he does in the original version. In the SE version he goes over the mountains instead. Hope that made sense. Also, I have no idea what an LAL is.
  24. I was wondering if there was a way to bring back the butterflies. I do not know if this is a Bethesda thing or not, yet they are all but gone. Since I first installed the game, I have noticed that there are hardly any butterflies. As one goes down the road toward the bridges outside of Whiterun, on the way to Riverwood, there are no butterflies at the pine tree and rock, and at the bridges there are no butterflies. Continuing towards Riverwood there are none from the bridges all the way to Helgan. If one goes toward the Battle-Born farm from the bridges, there are no butterflies that way either. From Winterhold to Whiterun I have seen maybe 2 or 3 butterflies. From Whiterun to Helgan to the Greybeards I have seen maybe 1 or 2 butterflies. Like I said, I do not know if this is a Bethesda thing or not but I sure miss the butterflies. I play on the XBox 1 and have included my load order for the mods I am using.

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