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  1. Beat this if you can ... hahahahahaha

    1. Helgatheangel


      Hi, Friend Sah! I watched this while having breakfast. It's nice to start the day with a Sah Movie. :dancing:

      Holy sh!t - that was an epic battle in Skuldafn! Sah - the Fearless Mace Maiden at her best!

      This is truly amazing to watch! Sah against all those Deathlords! Hats off to Sah and her fighting skills! :clap:

      The music choice was a perfect fit - to make it even more dramatic!

      Well done to all the Sahs: the Mace Maiden and her very talented Production Crew with Sah - the Director, Sah -the Musical Director, the various Sahs operating the cameras and taking care of the editing.:clap:

      It all came together in a very exciting short movie! :celebration:

      Thank you to all of you, I love you all! :hug:

      PS Michael admires your fighting skills! ... and sends his love to you, Friend Sah! :hug:


    1. Helgatheangel


      I enjoyed watching this on yt, Friend Sah! :hug:

      Changing the words of the song a bit - I say: Sah's the Best she's ever been! :celebration:

      Long live Sah - the Fearless Mace Maiden!  :clap:

      A beautiful video production by Team Sah! :clap: :dancing:

    2. Uncus


      what I said on you tube, Auldun your days are numbered, pick the bones out of that you horned varmit


    1. phatbassanchor


      Saw this and wasn't sure what to make of it at first.  Then I listened again.  Then Triptherift had another Kiffness video on her latest image post...  Hell... Phat is hooked now.

      But then, Phat has always been a music junkie:wub:

      Loves my sweet Sah:wub:

      Adventure on, Phat:hug:

      PS:  Would someone please get this poor kitty a tissue please?:rofl:

    2. phatbassanchor


      This is the one that Trip posted.  Yep... Phat is hooked!:celebration:




    1. phatbassanchor


      How much wood could a wood Sah saw if a wood Sah could saw wood?

      Don't be silly!  You cannot saw with an ax!


      Chop on sweet Sah:wub:  Huzzah!

    2. Helgatheangel


      Hi, Friend Sah, I watched the video on yt :D

      It was an amazing battle - and the Fearless Mace Maiden won! :celebration:

      Sah fought VERY WELL! It was exciting to watch. Long live Sah! :celebration:

  5. smart tech talk ... Sah: when God was raining brains I was holding a umbrella
    The Skyrim Special Edition Butterfly Affect

    Butterfly's in Bethesda's new Skyrim Special Edition have nearly been hunted to extinction by the locals, they are simply so beautiful that every one must have one framed on there wall.

    The new graphical enchantments that changed dull & gloomy Skyrim had a major impact on the little helpless butterfly's making them more valuable then a bar of gold. Jarl's across Skyrim are taking drastic measures as animal rights group Green Peace threatens that they will have get involved and try to stop this insane carnage.

    Singes that read "Butterfly Wing Plucking Free Zone, Between the Hours of 6am - 11pm, Fines up to 5000 Septims" now litter the ever so beautiful landscape of the SSE.

    Regardless of the drastic measures the numbers of Butterfly's keeps on mysteriously dropping, and now Lunar Moths have been also included on the Endangered Spices List

    As the shadow of financial claps looms over Skyrim, Media outlets across Skyrim are coming forward and are revealing the magnitude of the sandal. The front page of ~THE TAMRIEL TIMES~ read like this QUOTE: "A dramatic drop in Luna Moth numbers" & "They are being targeted by invisible, healthy, light armored alchemists"

    Potions of Minor Healing today reached the new record price of 830septims per bottle. The Skyrim Stock Market collapsed again for the third day strait, as Jarls & Thanes rushed to sell there shares. It has been rumored that they are investing there shares in a more respectable offshore Panama-based service provider called Mossack Fonseca

    A spokes man for the Skyrim Treasury said: "Its not our fault we took such drastic measures by banning wing plucking, people where complaining, and animal rights groups where about to get involved in the case." continuing he said: "Its the greedy Alchemist Corporation that has failed to show any compassion to its heavy users & potion addicted customers by jacking up the price, if you want to place any blame, they have caused this financial chaos"

    In other related news Pro Ban Wing Plucking Supporters clashed yesterday with members of the greedy Alchemist Corporation in Solitude. Angelina's Aromatics was burnt to the ground in retaliation for her over priced potions & for selling butterfly wings under the counter. Due to the Civil unrest across Skyrim, it can now be revealed form leaked footage from the Pentagon on Wiki Leaks that there has been a steady build up of Military Forces along the Imperial & Stormcloack borders & that its only a mater of time before this breaks out into the second Skyrim Civil War!...........read more

    1. Uncus


      yay Sah coming up for the helpless and downtrodden again

    2. LeBurns


      LeBurns reads the headlines.  LeBurns checks his pockets and confirms his bag of Luna Moth wings are still there.  LeBurns decides that selling them now may not be such a good idea and figures he'll go collect skeever tails.

  7. thanks for all that I have never done a show case by a request from a mod author, I don't think any one has ever thought to ask like all the combat mods, I have done some mod reviews but that was because I wanted to (usual the mod author would get a email with the video as a surprise) I know you can become real popular doing reviews, but that's a bigger arena to compete in the author of the pit arena mods put me on there mod page my best ever review was my first ... not even combat related with 177.225 views but if anyone wants a video no problems ... if
  8. Sah Live ....


    on a YouTube near you

    1. Talyn82


      Okay I'm gonna go there now.

  9. sounds like a good idea if anyone here wants a small video for there mod will be happy to give it a go

    1. Helgatheangel


      Hi, Sah, I just watched this on yt. You fought very well, my fearless Friend! :celebration:

      The music added to the excitement! Loved the production. Well done, Team Sah!  :celebration::hug:

  11. MISSION LOG Twas the night before the next day, when all thro’ the house, Not a moderator was stirring, not even a mouse; Detective Sah, Nick Valentine and Strong have infiltrated AFK whilst everyone is unofficially sleeping and are installing a button Detective Sah: Nick are you almost done? Nick Valentine: yea download complete just have to press ENTER and we done Detective Sah: you think anyone will notice its not the same Personal Chat Button? Strong: yea blah blah blah ... portable wrist chat buttons are better! Detective Sah: uhmm that's not a
  12. Werewolves: You don’t have to feel like a lost little puppy! After an extensive research of 2 years and with over 3millon werewolves participating in tests & working with their local practitioner’s we can finally reveal to you 5 easy steps you can take to make your life as a werewolf happy & fulfilling & avoid the long arm of the Law.

    Step 1: By Law in most countries on Earth it is compulsory to get microchip, that way if you ever lose yourself, all you have to do is walk into your closest Vet & they will contact you to come and pick yourself up, small fee might apply.

    Step 2: It is advised to use a leash on yourself, when you take yourself for walk to the park, also take some small plastic bags for when you want take a crap in the bush. It is advise to leave your self-tied up on a pole whilst you do your shopping, and if you leave yourself in the car please leave a widow slightly open for fresh air & so you don’t come back and find your beloved self-dead from the Heat.

    Step 3: You will be arrested for urinating on poles with the excuse that you are marking your territory & it does not help chasing after the cop car as it is trying to leave!

    Step 4: make sure you get all your shots & flea treatments, rabies & frantic scratching is not a good way to socialize, especially if you’re looking for that special [censored] to bear your children.

    Step 5: our study shows that most common injuries to a werewolf are dislocated ankles, knees, and hips from trying to scratch that itch behind the ear, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED do not attempt in human form.

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    2. Helgatheangel


      Sah, I love the stories you tell! They are what makes you special! :celebration:

      The stories/conversations of the many Sahs and all the other stories that you have told over the years - they are things that make people smile = happy. :D

      You are helping people by your wonderful story-telling!:hug:

      Love you:innocent:

    3. LeBurns


      I'd be fine if it wasn't for that mailman.  And squirrels.  I just know they are taunting me...

    4. Uncus


      What about the refuse collecters that take away our lovely smelly rubish

  13. ohhh this Bethesda sunset is having a real negative affect because of all the negative attention from the Bethesda closing down its web site the name Sah has plummeted in popularity from #7 right down to #831 on the list of most common girl baby names
  14. here is the original training video, it was intended to be a insight to all my blocking secrets and the actual training I do, a visual manual but no one showed interest and it was cut at episode one if you watch my blocking its not a fluke, practice make perfect ... PS i did the training, I sat there by the hours blocking
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