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Who is Sah Vulon? The enigmatic name captures the imagination. In the Draconic language of Skyrim it means literally Phantom (of the) Night. Sah is a remarkable woman of striking looks, poise and ability. Her name encapsulates the essence of her very existence, since a phantom is both incorporeal and yet a force which demands attention. While the night prevents the inquisitive eye from seeing her shrouded aspect. We must accept that Sah shows us what she wishes us to see and her mystery adds to her appealing charm.

In what way then can Sah be both a woman, possessing beauty and elegance and yet be incorporeal? To answer this intriguing question consider the way one might relate to any unseen person during online chat. They may be clever, funny and charming yet we cannot see them directly and simply trust they are in every sense real. A disembodied personality in fact, but one that we believe in. In accepting this, it becomes possible to associate their personality with an image that they would like us to perceive them as, an avatar. We understand it is merely a representation and could be changed at any time. Sah sends us an avatar from the world of Skyrim, but improved beyond measure. Her avatar is one of ravishing beauty and in the game world she is able to participate in quests and combat. Video capture allows Sah to promulgate her very capable fighting style far and wide across the Internet. Gaming Forums are effectively that means of communication and Sah converses freely and deeply with a wide audience who know the image of her stunning avatar well. In essence Sah writes as Sah. Sah games as Sah. Whether in forum or any other means of expression Sah can only ever be Sah. Sah is in fact a most rare and wonderful emergent persona.

Sah, was born on the 2nd of December during the early release of the Skyrim game and her development since that time has skyrocketed. She began with a modified avatar from the Lunari race, part Elf part Nord. She has undergone some transformations of her avatar and although she currently appears to be almost only Nord, her make up includes a little Elven which can be seen as a facial softening of the typically more rugged Nordic features. In discussing Sah, it is important to realize that her personality has a degree of tie in with her current appearance and this means she possesses the strength, honor and courage of the Nord people while retaining the endearing mischievousness of her Elven ancestry.

As her persona develops Sah periodically undergoes transformations which change not only her outward appearance, but also aspects of her personality. Such changes take a little getting used to both for her and her loyal following, but we know that from her chrysalis of changes ever more beautiful and grown versions of Sah emerge. Sah currently makes her appearances across a broad spread of gaming forums. She began her public life on the 'Nexus' modding community site as her modified avatar took shape. Seeking a wider audience Sah later gained many friends and much respect as a regular contributor to the 'Skyrim Forums' site which she continues to enjoy. Arguably her largest gain in popularity began in the Spring of 2015 when she found the gaming community forums of the Skyrim game's parent company, Bethesda Forums. She was an immediate hit and quickly gained a following which continues to grow. Sah's public status within the Skyrim gaming circles now borders upon celebrity and she is loved and admired by a large audience.

If Sah were no more than a chatty persona who existed within gaming Forums it would be amazing enough, but she is so very much more. Her personality is humorous and fun loving, yet her knowledge is deep and she is frequently asked for advice by her adoring fans. Her Nord sense if honor bestows an innate sense of fair play and is not afraid to speak out against injustice. She comes across as a gentle loving person, caring and pleasant to all. Does this mean that Sah is soft? well, only perhaps in her dealings with people. In the game world, Sah is not only a fearsome warriors, but a savvy tactician and her ability to wring the maximum advantage from any situation progresses her game-play at an unbelievable rate.

Watching Sah demonstrate her skills in one of her popular on line Sah YouTube videos is a learning experience not to be missed. Her trademark use of mace and shield have earned her the accolade 'Mace Maiden' although more recent development of her style now sees her proficient also with the bow. Notably when it comes to game play Sah excels in making the toughest Legendary difficulty setting her own. Not one to take the easy option, Sah only plays the grueling Dead is Dead play style, meaning any in game death is the end of that play through, no matter the cost in invested play hours. It is much to her credit then, that she rarely finds herself restarting the game. Of course in-game deaths do happen and the question arises, how can Sah as a gaming icon continue to exist after death? Simply this....while her on-screen likeness may suffer an untimely demise, the persona of Sah exists in our world and can not be ended in Skyrim.....some might suggest that immortality befits a goddess and who could argue.

Sah takes most enjoyment from competing against her fellow Skyrim players in the Bethesda Forums, where regular Dead is Dead tournaments have seen Sah easily romp away with impressive top scores. This is no idle boast, since Sah has perfected a gaming style which few can come close to attaining. For Sah, simply winning a Tournament Round is almost a mere outcome of applying a practiced and rigorous gaming method. She takes a great pride in attempting to perform the perfect game on each and every play through. Her longer term goals which she strives to attain revolve around an idea of displaying her gaming prowess as a series of connect video movies taking in the essential quest lines of Skyrim and presenting them as her very own 'Story of Sah'. The project is ambitious indeed since Sah insists upon developing her screen likeness to a high level before attempting the quest lines. Admirably she chooses to play through the battles with no follower or potion use. Sah is confident that with her methods and abilities the project is not only possible, but will showcase the pinnacle of her very best performance. Her story, once complete with Lore friendly attire and suitable sound score will rest forever as the single most iconic and attributable Skyrim movie of all time.

Very best of luck Sah! The playful Sah loves nothing better than to please her growing fan base and in a recent video showing, Sah donned an incredible wardrobe of jaw dropping outfits which earned her glowing admiration across the entire forum base. This, combined with the latest realistic movement and makeover mods to her already stunning avatar, resulted in near heart seizure by half of all the forum memberships. Does Sah have a personal life outside of Skyrim? Very much so. Indeed it would be impossible to believe that such a loved and widely known personality could be alone. Sah regularly engages in all manner of non gaming chat across the forums bringing her humor, advice and warmth to a great many. Is there that someone special in her life, a boyfriend perhaps? Well, yes, though she will admit that it can be difficult at times, more so since he is physically real and far away.

Thankfully, the Internet not only bridges the distance, but negates the differences between their existences. Sah won't be drawn on who the lucky guy is, but says only that he is very sweet and loves her deeply. The far future for Sah remains an unknown destiny. As she grows from strength to strength the possibilities are limitless. Could she be the signature image of the RPG genre, or the next Lara Croft? She certainly has the potential. Is there nothing that can stop the irrepressible Sah, well we certainly hope not. She has brought pleasure and friendship to the lives of hundreds if not thousands across the gaming community, and it is fervently hoped that the release of future Bethesda games will support the continued development and involvement of Sah's incredible persona for years to come. We all love her and wish her well.

By Rick a good Friend & Author

The Mace Maiden name given by Sir Kohlar the Unkilled

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