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    chopping wood, chopping more wood, and spending my spair time chopping wood
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  1. Starting this Wednesday Sah Live ... 7th of July ... THREE TIMES THE ENEMIES, Difficulty Legendary, Level 1 Start, Zero Skill Trees ... my first ever attempt at the impossible ... Sah and lots of Funerals, has nothing to do with weddings and stuff like that

    Thief Sah: I protest ... I never signed up for this 3x enemies, I want to get married!


    1. Sah


      Mage Sah: .... chopping wood

    2. Helgatheangel


      Very ambitious, my wonderful Friend!

      I have the funny feeling that you will figure out how to do it! :D

      And you know - I will be there! :hug: To keep the visitors to the Tap Room happy! :beer:

      I have your back - as far as my eyes allow: I will keep my eyes open for diseases etc...:D

      I love you, Friend Sah! :hug:

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