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  1. What I believe now is that by making all NPCs non-essential in the console, the brawl mechanism is overwritten, though it doesn't seem to count as a crime if a brawler is killed. In Discord, somebody suggested race as a cause for the unexpected hostility, but my character is a Wood Elf and that day in Riverwood mentioned above included Faendal attacking me, and after I escaped to Whiterun, curiously only Elrindir and his brother were attacking. Since then, I had a day when Zaria of Grave Concoctions in Falkreath suddenly was hostile, and orcs in their strongholds (this one is surprising because I was made a blood kin and had also done a favor for Malacath), and after fleeing from one orc stronghold I came across the companions Vilkas and Athis attacking a bear, but only Athis was marked as hostile (as seen from a distance when wearing Nocturnal's Cowl). And, Delphine in Dragonsreach before giving Farengar the Dragonstone (and is partly why I decided I will not give him the item to complete that quest). So, there are many idiosyncrasies that I cannot account for yet, what offends an NPC to the point it would attack me on sight despite having a morality actor value of 3. I know Nocturnal's Cowl is problematic for some but many hostilities I've had before I had acquired that item or when I wasn't even wearing it, though I believe there is some kind of cooldown with that item and the effect is still active for some time after the cowl is unequipped and the visual effects fade.
  2. Thanks, I was not aware of that term alias before so now I have something to go on. When I typed help Serana 0 in the console the result included that term alias multiple times. But, Serana was killed before I got her home, so that may be the difference that Barbas had an alias in more than one active quests, whereas Serana was only active in Bloodline at that time.
  3. I forgot to check this post until now. So, the strange thing is the inconsistencies of the disappearing bodies: Some were living and suddenly vanish from combat. Other dead bodies linger for several days. But some disappear in less than an hour (eg. my killed horse with so much loot being the harshest example). I have however noticed another thing since I posted: some carcasses fall through the ground, then depending whether it gets stuck I could loot/interact with it in TCL mode, or the body may have simply fallen down out of sight. Regarding the USSEP question, I watched the YouTube video but I don't see how that applies to either Bethesda contracting with the USSEP team or simply patching the game themselves. From what I gather, the USSEP is only focused on patching bugs and not adding new ideas to the game, bugs which must've been reported to Bethesda since release in 2011 multiple times. Considering how much money they've likely gained from the game and that they have a Creation Club already, means they aren't averse to contracts with mod authors. I like the option also of Bethesda hiring somebody that showed an interest and ability to fix the bugs. I wonder if either the USSEP team or Bethesda have reached out to the other regarding working together.
  4. I'll try if the scenario presents itself but the first time this happened the guards in Riverwood joined the villagers and were attacking me. Then in Whiterun the guards were fleeing from me when I tried approaching them. Just now I went to Dushnik Yal but the chief Burguk was hostile, which is confusing because I have (or maybe it's "had"?) blood-kin status. After I fled their stronghold, I came across two NPCs attacking a bear, while wearing Nocturnal's Cowl I could see one was marked red and the other blue. Using console I was able to identify from a safe distance they were Athus and Vilkas of the Companions. Athus was marked red and I decided to give a wide berth.
  5. I'm playing with no mods other than the Creation Club what came with November 11th update yet sometimes (several in fact) named NPCs are unexpectedly hostile towards my character and I can't figure out why. Somebody at the Bethesda Discord said this is a bug in the vanilla game and suggested asking at AFK Mods more about it and whether the USSEP addresses it. However, I'm wondering if there is something I could do without installing any mods until after I've finished playing vanilla, perhaps a console command I could use, to immediately change the hostility status of an NPC.
  6. I wanted to kill Barbas, but the dog takes no damage even after I used the command to mark it unessential.
  7. 1. Happened first in Markharth, and seems to make sense after what I did: I was approached by a thug into a beat down because I was snooping around too much supposedly, but I started to worry that I was going to be killed and not just hurt so I killed him and when a guard came into the den where the fight was and joined against me, I killed the guard also, and then every guard was after me. I presume my resorting to magic and weapons is what did that, but I don't know for sure. 2. Before that happened I engaged in what I thought would be a "harmless" brawl in the SIlver Blood bar, but the combatant was killed somehow in the process which I thought was impossible according to the help menu. 3. I rode into Riverwood one day like any other I thought to barter and pretty much the whole town was up in arms against me, including guards or actually what seemed like only some of the guards and not all guards. 4. I eventually left Riverwood unable to figure out why I was being attacked or diffuse the combat, and went to Whiterun to barter. The elf shop owner in Drunken Huntsman got up in arms against me, after I had no issue bartering with the War Maiden shop. Near the center of the market his brother joined in, but only these two, and guards did nothing to intervene. Again, I heard no reason why they were attacking me but I did not kill them, nor anybody in Riverwood as I was told that if I just gave them time of a day or two, the tension would be gone. I have no bounty other than in the Reach Hold because of murder which I'm still confused how I got considering I was attacked first, so I'm wondering if any of these are as yet mysterious to me game feature, or a bug or some kind.
  8. I don't know if this is a feature of the game or not, but it's happened different ways I'm sharing: 1) I was attacked by Justiciars (because they didn't like my answer) escorting a prisoner, and while I was playing sneak, the prisoner and mage suddenly disappeared. 2) During this same encounter, my horse was killed. I bought another horse and returned to the scene but the dead horse carcass was gone with all the inventory. 3) I lured a bandit into an area with a sabre cat, which killed the bandit, however the bandit's body was gone when I returned to the area to loot it. 4) I have watched as a beehive inside my home's greenhouse will fade in and out of view depending where my character is standing. I have not installed any mods yet wanting to get the most basic experience of the game. PC/Steam version. USSEP seems super interesting and wondering how often fixes have historically made into an official patch and what prevents the project from becoming official?
  9. PC/Steam, the only way I was able to bypass this area was to run recklessly down the tunnel. Otherwise, if I played how I wanted, involving moving the bucket of wine our of the way and cautiously looking down the tunnel and thinking about what I want to do, CTD every time.
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