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  1. I am track every mod and use Mod organizer. It is strange. Anyway, thanks for answer.
  2. What is folder by path "Data > Meshes > Actors > Character >facemods"? It seems like a facegen folder. I did rename folder, placeatme id of name of files in this folder - no blackfaces. Is it redundant, deprecated folder?
  3. Thanks, but I already rewrite script in another logic (separate launch for each loaded plugin and use IInterface)
  4. Hello. Tes5Edit Scripts: How I can check existence of record by formid in string format (example "000d001a")? I did find function RecordbyFormID, but it requiers aiFormID as integer. I can't to cast string like this ''000d001a'' in integer.
  5. In which cases files 'meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\xxxx' and 'textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\xxxx' are not needs or needs? Which subrecords ('Head Parts', 'QNAM - Texture lighting', 'NAM9 - Face morph', 'NAMA - Face parts', 'Tint Layers' ...) must be not empty if npc needs for facegen-data files? In Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Oblivion.
  6. Is MXPF by Mator work with SSEdit? I need to custom "copy as override" functional to forwarding definite subrecords from plugin to other plugin, for examle, Lighting templates from lighting mod
  7. Thanks. i know about .seq, "start game enabled", "run once".... etc. Today or tomorrow will work with dialogues at mods merging again, will see. Game is SSE
  8. I know, i wrote in post "...renaming voice files with new id". I just thought, maybe xEdit have bugs with topic structure handle, because can't find my error. If xEdit work fine with topics means i made error, anyway. Will try one more time.
  9. Can xEdit the break dialogues after renumbering formids (witb injection in master) of topic and copying in this master? I am merging plugins with manual changing formids, copying, renaming voice files with new id. XEdit don't find errors, but in game all dialogues with player not work.
  10. Hello. How to right way to handle with large reference in SSE? Do I need to forward it in last plugin in load order? I am try to use xEdit script to generate large references in USSEP (only one visible plugin in combobox of script), but game crashed after generation (for example at the start scene thief's dialogue). Screenshot RNAM after script full of errors. Why errors? Don't understand how the script work and when and how i should use it. Sorry for bad english
  11. Thanks. Very sad, there are not similar tools for morrowind
  12. https://github.com/TES5Edit/TES3Edit
  13. Hello. How I can compile TES3Edit (for Morrowind) in Delphi 10.1 Berlin or other ide? I get errors about nondefined types etc...
  14. I know about resaving mod in CK. But plugin what i mean is a skyrim.esm. I deleted test worlds in skyrim.esm and get error about navmesh reference in navigation mesh map info. I loaded it in active mode (make it skyrim.esp or renaming, for example) in CK. Loading take much time, but successful. When try to save, CK working few minutes and crash. But this is different theme to discussion. Are you trying save skyrim.esm/skyrim.esp in CK?
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