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  1. Got the above after re-installing with the latest copy from the Nexus. Skyrim SE and Oblivion are fine, but Skyrin LE instance won't start.
  2. I think that this is intended, as the NPC remains the vanilla character FormID/RefID, even when overridden. However, the presence of the FaceGen file in your Data folder then conflicts if your mod's esp is not active. Once the facegen data is packed in the bsa, it turns on and off with the esp (unless you left the loose file behind). The same happens in SLE, it's not SSE-specific. The black-face problem I'm trying to track down affects the player, and goes away when you simply save and reload. I'll understand a lot more about the engine when that makes sense.
  3. I have a mod that needs to re-use existing topic voice files, and so I've updated the existing ones to shared, and used them in the new dialogue. However, copying the .fuz files to a voice folder for the new mod doesn't seem to be working. The CK seems to expect a .wav, and want to re-make the lip sync. Anyone have experience of this, and know how to proceed? Most of the dialogue I'm re-using is already shared, and poses no problem as the game finds it in it's original location, it's just for the newly shared exceptions.
  4. I just converted a mod from Oldrim to SE and found that manually regenerating FaceGen content is needed. The CK does automatically convert, but seems to get it wrong. Ctrl+F4 fixes the issue. Curiously, the auto-generated head looks perfectly good in NifSkope, but is near-black in-game. I regret that I didn't keep the auto-generated instance to compare to the good one, to find out what's going wrong. Maybe I'll remember the next time it happens.
  5. I think there are a few weapon skill perks that ignore a percentage of armour, and I presume the NPC's can have those, so a surplus would ensure you remain over the cap, and retain the full 80% resistance to physical damage. You can't get more, but you can ensure you never have less. The Ghostblade might be an exception, but only the player gets that. Blocking prevents the damage happening, and armour reduces the amount of it you take. Much like the reflect/absorb/resist for magical damage in earlier games. The reflect stopped it reaching you, and then absorb and resist reduced what you took. The one instance of this in the HA tree "Reflect Blows", however, doesn't reduce damage taken, just inflicts it back in retaliation.
  6. I'm sort of moving in the other direction. The console users are certainly a larger number than the PC ones, but they have nothing to give back, not even being able to help diagnose any issues that arise, because they have no way to display quest variables etc. No LOOT, so their load orders are random, and so they get more problems from that. If you throw in the further issues of mods being pulled and the effect that has on running games, I'd say that Bethesda.net is to be avoided as a sink of your time. So yes, my mods there have more downloads, but that's not the whole story. For my own play, I can run SLE on three monitors (6000x1080) but the load with SSE is a bit too much. I've tuned down some of the excesses (turning DOF and lens flare off, for example) but that leaves it looking much like SLE. The stability of the 64-bit engine may sway me once SKSE64 settles down and all the mods I want to use are there too. So I play on both - and go back to Oblivion and Morrowind from time to time as well.
  7. The CK's ini file has a setting to allow opening a mod with multiple masters. It defaults to off. The same was true with Oldrim, but most people changed that so long ago they've forgotten it. It was something like bAllowMultipleMasterLoads and there is no line saying "=0" - it's just not there. You can copy the line over from SkyrimEditor.ini to CreationKit.ini.
  8. The problem I usually have is that everything is surrounded by mist effects, and I can't avoid grabbing them instead.
  9. What are the options for mods that don't fit the "install it all" model that Bethesda has assumed for Xbox1 mods? If a mod has optional or alternate files, how are these handled? There's no equivalent of the installation scripts you get with Bain or FOMOD to select what combination of pieces you want, plus the requirement that the pieces be archives, rather than loose files, is also a constraint. Some mods can be packaged as several separate partial mods, with descriptions that indicate they are intended for use together, but that won't always be the case. The inability to put a hyperlink in a description is a limitation there, too. What is anyone else doing?
  10. I saw somewhere that it was the dialog diagram tool that had issues. It should still be possible to edit the dialog via the PlayerDialog tab, and adding the links there. You can't see the diagram, but I didn't find that much help, once there were enough links to get tangled.
  11. Has anyone written up a checklist for this process? I know that you can break it in a whole bunch of different ways in the construction of the .nif files, and there's also a setting in the AA itself that the CK will randomly(?) turn off for you. The vertex counts, and order - if you accidentally add or remove a vertex in the modeller, it can break everything, even if you think you undid the change. Multiple shapes must be in the same order, and have the same names. What else? Even better would be a correlation of symptom to error. E.g if the outfit explodes between 0 and 1, but it's OK at the ends, then that means ... I started writing one myself, but now I can't find where I saved it!
  12. Has anyone written up a step-by-step process for getting things from Blender all the way to Skyrim SE? At present, my workflow is to use the old NifSkope to prepare the mesh as for Original Edition, and then load up into 2.0.6 just for the final steps of triangulation and tangents as a precaution. If I don't pass it through the old one, I can get a mesh saved that NifSkope 2.0.6 won't even reload. That could be because steps need to be done in a different order than I habitually use.
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