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  1. Naturally, you have to play through once on each side to find out what story Beth wrote. Then you can choose with all the facts known. I came to the position that I believed the Emperor would much rather the conflict be kept simmering and undecided, as the Thalmor wouldn’t take any action until it came to some conclusion. So the Civil War was buying time for the Empire to rebuild. Titus could keep Tullius low on resources, so he couldn’t defeat the Stormcloaks, but give him just enough to keep them contained. Actually defeating the Stormcloaks would probably alienate all the Nords, whereas a “law and order” action to keep them quiet would not. Ulfric appears to be motivated by personal interests, rather than any real patriotism, so I could never side with him. Tullius is following orders, but does not know what considerations are behind them. You can support him without wanting him to win, if you believe that a victory is not the desirable outcome. So my vote is for status quo, and my games leave the CW alone, except when interrupting it because of dragons.
  2. Just came across this topic and discovered that it wasn’t about the new homes at all. If you like building your own, but don’t want another identical Hearthfires home in a different location, my “build your own” series is available again at http://ghastley.org/TESMods/ where you can make an Orc Stronghold, a Bosmer cave, an Argonian home with an underwater entrance, a Khajiit mobile home with a workshop to maintain it, a Nordic tower suitable for a Dremora and house carl, or someone who wants a Dremora house carl, or both. There are instructions on how to build your own “build your own” home, too. The mods were all on the Nexus in the past, but I pulled them off about the same time Arthmoor did, for much the same reasons. There are others in progress, such as a Forsworn redoubt that I’ve just started. The latest piece, a small mod to make your own glass and straw, was first seen here. I will post the WIPs here as soon as there’s anything playable, too.
  3. Good mods may be getting harder to find, but I suspect that they still exist, and the authors are all boycotting the Nexus, which is the only place Google seems to look. You may find this site, too, but many others have just slipped into the shadows and you really need to hunt.
  4. A small improvement to the Hearthfire experience. You can finally make your own Glass and Straw, instead of having to deal with those annoying merchants. http://ghastley.org/TESMods/HFMatsMod.html Beta version, but there's not much to go wrong. (I'll probably regret typing that)
  5. It seems to work. The items have to be put in lists, and the count applies to each item in that list, but there's enough flexibility for what I need right now.I'm making 5 Sacks of flour and one Straw from 15 Wheat. The little .esl mod that uses it will be available soon, once I sort out packaging.
  6. The method I intend using is similar to the way Hearthfire does it as described at http://ghastley.org/Skyrim/ModNotes/HearthfiresMods.html using a Misc Item token with an attached script. It's the two-step process rolled into one as far as the player sees. Make one item and the conversion to multiple is behind the scenes. Instead of calling the BuildingItem script, the inventory token will simply AddItem the results, and then RemoveItem itself. No enabling of world items needed in this case, because it's all in the container, conveniently the same one that triggers the OnContainerChanged(). Heartfire DLC had to track what you'd made to avoid duplicates etc, but this is much simpler. Current plan is two options - second item is added randomly, or always. Either item can be an item list, as AddItem takes single or list. Lots of properties, so the script can be applied to any result token, which can be the result of a regular recipe. Edit: I'm starting to think this may not be needed. The current recipe for Flour produces a leveled list result. with the possibility of 1-4 sacks. A different LeveledItem could mix them without added scripts, or intermediates. LeveledItem already has the "chance of none" and the multiple returns. More experimentation is required Mis-read that. LeveledList is not valid for result.
  7. Before I leap in and potentially re-invent a wheel, is there an existing implementation of constructible items with multiple results? That is, more than one type of item is made, as multiples of a single item already exists, e.g. leather strips. It would have at least two uses: bonus items and deconstruction. My initial implementation wants to allow grain milling to result in both flour and straw, but I want to create a generic method. The idea is to borrow from hearthfire’s token system to run a script on the combo result that splits out the components when it enters the player’s inventory. It’s obvious enough that I expect it already exists, but can’t find it.
  8. I am starting to suspect it goes further than described. I’m in process of porting a mod up from LE, that has a scene with dialogue that just doesn’t do anything in SE. The quest is NOT marked “start game enabled” but the dialogue is stubbornly missing. Everyone just stands around looking at each other and saying nothing. Since player controls are disabled at this point, it becomes a show-stopper. I will try to detach the stage-setting from the dialogue, but I suspect the scene is just hung up, and the quest will never get any notification of it ending. Orc Hearthfires’ post-fight scene dialogue worked, but there are still some pathing/timing issues with that. So I have one mod with a semi-working scene, and another where it hangs with no dialogue showing. If I gain any insights, I’ll add them here.
  9. It is probably best to keep this detail with the rest. When you include skin in an armour/clothing item, you will have that part use a shader type of “Skin Tint”. That allows the hue of the skin to be mixed in to the base shade, so it matches the head etc. As a side-effect it overrides the declared textures to the defaults, which is why so many nifs have Astrid’s burnt skin. That gets replaced when you use it. It only causes a problem when you don’t want that to happen, That is where texture sets come in. You can put any overriding textures, such as a muscle map, into a texture set, and then add that to the Armour Addon by selecting it in the Skin Texture drop-down.
  10. Since it appears I can edit my posts, I'll make this one a list of known issues, so they need not get repeated. The statuette of Dibella has the Dynamic BSX flag set, so it can get knocked over. The same for the dead deer, which lets it slide out of position. The NAVCUT box for the Tanning rack is blocking activation (too tall). The scene with Yarob removing her mask can fail if she's too far from her start position at the end of the fight. Grash the forge-wife should be showing more muscle definition.
  11. I have a question about site etiquette: should I create separate threads under LE and SE when a mod is for both? Two threads would let version-specific issues be discussed without confusion, but also dilute anything common to both. I’ll assume a single thread under Special Edition, and only open a second for LE-only problems, unless advised otherwise.
  12. Time to see if I can still remember how to create installable mods. If the gods were smiling, you should be able to get the WIP version of Orc Hearthfires 2.0 at http://ghastley.org/TESMods//OrcHFMod.html Use the right one of the bottom links on the download tab. There are LE and SE versions, so don't pick the other one! And be kind to Yarob. She doesn't have a voice yet. So far, the only other other mod I know it's compatible with is LAL, as I'm not waiting through a cart ride when I start yet another test character.
  13. OK, let's push my luck. I'll open a new thread for Orc Hearthfires 2.0 and see what happens.
  14. Since I have exposed the site for access to Gweden Brothel for Oblivion, I should start a thread here to let everyone know that http://ghastley.org/TESMods/ has all my mods available for download as last seen on the Nexus. There are mods for SE, LE, Oblivion, Morrowind, and even Daggerfall. I will be repackaging some with updates, and releasing a few WIPs for feedback. Expect an Orc Hearthfires 2.0 beta soon. It will be missing voice for the new wise woman, which is the main reason it’s not a release. The order I work on the rest will depend on how much interest there is, so let me know.
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