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  1. I'm in all your "cons", really. I'm waiting for some updates/fixes by myself and/or/hope-so from Bethesda before uploading for XB1 my Gray Cowl of Nocturnal and The Notice Board.
  2. Select the mist and press 1 twice. This hides the mist effects. To show again the hidden objects press alt-1
  3. I think they're using " - textures" file because of XB1 texture format. The CK automatically separate files and convert them if you upload for XB1
  4. Hi, what do you mean? My Gray Cowl of Nocturnal and even The Notice Board are working fine with SSE. Just make sure that if you're using Start-Game-Enabled quest to make SEQ file with SSEEedit, even if it already exists because you're porting from standard Skyrim.
  5. Prometheus ma tu sei italiano!??! (pure io!)
  6. Load Dawnguard in CK and look at Lorkhan scene when he shows you the power. Anyway I think it's a spell casting.
  7. Not exactly. Objects can be selectable in CK if there is at least one BSFadeNode node in nif file even if doesn't have any collision object.
  8. Arthmoor, regarding to the discussion made over the chat in the last saturday about ESP/ESM, here my conclusions:
  9. Hi there. It seems that using the trick of integer variable as seen in creation kit page (https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=OnTriggerEnter_-_ObjectReference) is not working anymore: Int InTrigger = 0 Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference akTriggerRef) if (InTrigger == 0) if akTriggerRef == Game.GetPlayer() InTrigger += 1 debug.notification("Entered Trigger") endif endif EndEvent Event OnTriggerLeave(ObjectReference akTriggerRef) if (InTrigger > 0) if akTriggerRef == Game.GetPlayer() InTrigger -
  10. I ported Notice Board to SSE and I had to regenerate SEQ file because the old one didn't worked for me.
  11. Anyone have seen if they've fixed the SPG bug?
  12. Also for proper illumination rendering. If even 2-side flag is on, it takes the same light illumination from both sides.
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