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  1. Awesome! It's cool to see there are still bugs fixed that are actually possibly noticeable by the average player. Keep up the good work man
  2. It should also be possible by making an xEdit script to remove the test cell records automatically. But I don't know how the scripting works and don't have the time to learn it(it would take me a long time since i'm not a very good programmer).
  3. Since Apply Filter for Cleaning is now defunct, here's an updated manual cleaning of Dawnguard.esm: Make sure you first used Quick Auto-Clean on Update.esm and Dawnguard.esm 1) Go to "Apply Filter" 2) Just keep it on the default settings which are in the image below. 3) Just press Filter. The default settings are enough for it to catch the records you need to manually remove from Dawnguard.esm, then continue following the guide in OP.
  4. I remember the old one being on Oldrims list, but that didn't fix every case of the bug and could cause terrible script load: "Most people are familiar with the popular Brawl Bugs Patch. Unfortunately, it is several years old and some users are still suffering from the brawl bug anyway due to several errors in its implementation. It also has the potential to generate significant script load. Because its permissions do not allow redistribution, I made an improved fix from scratch." It can easily be checked if there's any conflict with the scripts. It's not a very big bug because if the bug does trigger, you can always just reload a save and try again. Plus it usually only triggers if you're doing stuff besides just spamming attack.
  5. Any reason why Modern Brawl Bug Fix by EnaiSiaion isn't on the list?
  6. They seriously can't wait releasing an update before getting the new CK files ready? Classic Ignorethecommunitythesda
  7. Any idea if the new patch breaks certain USSEP scripts? The changelog says that there are once again script changes to support new Creation content so they might need to be merged in USSEP again.
  8. So USSEP *will* load before .ESL files since it's flagged as a fake ESM?
  9. So that means the only way you can properly merge CC content later on is by making USSEP plugins that take specific CC content's additions to stuff as masters to avoid compatibility problems? Man this is such a blow towards modders.
  10. I have a question: Do i load .esl CC content above or under USSEP? I'm going to guess that all CC content will not be intrusive to mods, since they added most intrusive data to the base game?
  11. The problem then would be is you release an update every so often, which means they'd have to distribute a new patch on all platforms every so often(which also costs money on Xbox), which seems one of the reasons they're not doing it.
  12. Someone know at what point(the amount of mods) the FPS drop will be noticeable? Is this dependent on CPU performance?
  13. So i did a bug report a few days about a bug with Skyrim SE and USSEP; whereas NPC's get confused on what dialogue to use when they kill an enemy. They sometimes decide to use "Must've run away", which really completely kills the immersion. BlackPete wasn't able to reproduce it and closed the issue on the bug tracker, while me and other people has had the bug happen before, but also couldn't reliably reproduce. The author of Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul says it has been reported as a vanilla Skyrim SE bug not specific to any mod. Now since it's an issue with combat AI, putting a save where the bug happens is pointless: Reloading the save and killing the enemy again doesn't guarantee it to happen again. It seems like this is an engine bug specific to Skyrim SE(it has never ever happened to Skyrim LE, even with the same mods installed), and i hope it is fixable in one way or another(i highly doubt it though).
  14. All i'm looking for is some kind of workaround. Cell reset after 10 days isn't working(hall of attainment resets after 10 days). Maybe *that* is the reason this issue occurred in the first place: Because of a cell reset.
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