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  1. I got two different questions, first one is how to edit an armor/clothe item to increase their "Warm" level in the CreationKit. Second question is similar, how do i increase the value of "Fullness" of FoodItems? I'm trying to update some of my mods to be compatible with the survival mod from the CreationClub.
  2. Any one knows how to fix those black blocks in the hair mesh? hair 17 http://i.imgur.com/Cm05Jbw.png hair 20 http://i.imgur.com/79ifJmv.png Any help is appreciated. [Edit] Resolved the issue by using mesh > Face Normals in nifskope.
  3. Weird, i did saw the tool since it was in the hotfiles. I tried it before i applied your tip and it did not worked, mesh was still invisible, that's why i came here looking for your comment.
  4. This trick just made my day! I was having a hard time porting DQ3SageOutfit into SE, i tried the trick Arthmoor suggested in the first post but it was just not doing the job, good thing i took notice of "EscondeR" comment back a couple of weeks ago, so i decided to give it a shot... it took me more time reading all the pages to find this comment than to actually fixing the meshes i was working on. I suggest that Arthmoor updates the main post with this info just in case someone else has this exact issue with NiTriStrip Sections.
  5. It's not working even if i pack it as uncompressed, i remember having this issue with my race mod and some voice audio files where they game would crash every time i swing a sword and the engine picked any of the custom sound files i made, so i packed it uncompressed and it worked. This is different since it is not working if it's inside a bsa, some meshes appear invisible while others appear fine, but the breaking glass sound files just do not work, but everything works fine as loose files... ?????? I could just use the Destructible Bottles mod as loose files, but it get´s on my nerves havin
  6. Not working... same thing... what the hell is going on? can someone repack Destructible Bottles v1.5 files and test it? the broken bottle audio is not working and the alto wine renders no broken glass mesh, but if you set the loose files everything works.
  7. Hi, i am getting a very weird issue when using Archive.exe to pack a mod, it seems that if i pack the files into a bsa some meshes stop rendering and some audio fx files never get played in game, this is weird because the same files work Perfectly fine placed as loose files... like... what the hell? the mod i´m trying to port over to SE for my personal use is this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26017/? It's driving me crazy... and i rather not have loose files because for modding purposes i get confused to which assets correspond to which mod, the meshes are working fine out of the
  8. I usually see people add them loose along the esp and bsa, inside bsa they might not even work.
  9. It happen to me, after restarting i click on SkyrimSE ScreationKit and under options i checked for updates and launched the CK. Load the CK and try the Render Window, if you don't get a black screen it means update did went through.
  10. Anyone else getting a Black Screen in the Render Window of the CK after the Update? It's basically useless...
  11. NVM, i found it unter "Other" in SSEEdit. [Edit] I got this hair mesh hairstyle that is not being rendered In Game, when i try to check the Hairstyle in the CK in Headparts it gives an error something about not having Tangentspace and not using Modelspace normals, YET i cant see it being rendered in the CK... Can any of the more techie users with tons of Nif experience shed some light in to what should i be doing to make it work in Game? Help Please!
  12. How do you make one in SSEEdit? New CK takes takes more than the old one to load, it takes even more time to create a SEQ file.
  13. All i can think of is to check what textures that particular argonian nif is using, then try checking those textures and mess with their compression.
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