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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Choose the main file or the brighter barracks lighting, but not both. This is the Whiterun Stables Guard mod that was removed from nexus. It adds a few extra guards, two around the Whiterun Stables, and one around the main gate. I got tired of vampires and death hounds, chewing up my merchants and the horses. There are two shifts, and they will sandbox in the general area of their post. Like vanilla guards, they are Imperial aligned. If the Stormcloaks control Whiterun, they will be replaced by Stormcloak soldiers with the same AI packages. The guards are on post from 8-8 and sleep in an underground barracks, accessible from the outer Whiterun gate. The beds are usable by the player. Compatibility: Affects the area around Whiterun Stables and the area just inside the main gate. The remainder is stand-alone. None of the vanilla guards have been touched. Cleaned with xedit
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Destruction Power Enchantment mod, which was removed from nexus. It includes .esp only, no loose or archived files. Also available on Bethesda.net, for both PS4 and xbox1. It adds a set of 4 pieces of heavily-enchanted gear to a hidden location in Skyrim. Once you reach 100 Destruction, you can buy a journal from Faralda, with clues as to where to find the set, which consists of a cuirass, helm, necklace, and ring. It can also be found/recovered earlier, if you happen to find it or know where it is. The gear is enchanted as the armor of the famous battlemage could be expected to be. It not only boosts your destruction power by 100% per piece worn, but also gives you some magicka regeneration, some resistance, and reduces casting cost considerably. Any of these can be disenchanted, and the enchantment applied to other items, with the same worn restrictions as the vanilla destruction (cost reduction) enchantment has. If all pieces are worn, your destruction spells will be 5x stronger than normal. *NOTE: Due to the problematic handling of multiple effect enchantments, this enchantment was necessarily locked into a single strength. If disenchanted and applied to another item, it goes on at the same strength, regardless of enchanting skill, and regardless of soul gem size. I spent many hours trying to figure out how to fix this, with no luck. This is the primary reason I made the journal only available at destruction 100, where an "easy" enchantment isn't really a Nirn-shattering thing.* There are also several rings, with a lesser version of the enchantment, which only boosts the destruction power. These range from 20% - 80%, depending on your level when you encounter them. They can be found in Drela's Cottage, near Whiterun, or purchased from Faralda, who has them available roughly 50% of the time. If disenchanted and applied to another item, this simple enchantment will scale with your enchanting skill and will be affected by soul gem size. I have tested it, and it is possible to place both enchantments on a dual-enchanted item, for even stronger destruction. This will not affect spells which are not designated as destruction spells, including some shouts. If you want more affect, you would need to open the magic effects in question, and make sure they are destruction magic. If you make changes, depending on how many other mods you have, that may require you to make a bashed patch, to work properly. This has been cleaned with xedit.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    These are the two Warmer Guards files, which were previously removed from nexus. Choose one or the other, but not both. Warmer Guards adds Skaal clothing to Dawnstar, Windhelm, and Winterhold guards. They will still wear their normal guard helmet and shield, and carry their normal weapons. Warmer Guards with Imperials adds the same, but also equips the Imperial-aligned guards with a chainmail-reinforced version of the Skaal clothing, if they take possession of the one of those holds. The other holds in the game are unaffected. In the future, I will upload a version for the Imperials, which does not have the chainmail. Cleaned with xedit, no requirements. Edits outfits. If you use a bashed patch, you may need to manually remove some of the original guard equipment from the bashed patch, or they may spawn with both their original gear and this, and then wear what they like.
  4. It moves a little bit, like the normal cloaks from Cloaks of Skyrim, and bends roughly at the waist like they do, but it's not HDT physics or anything.
  5. Hi Rev, Thank you for that. I'm glad to be able to make someone's game better. I'm also glad you got the ESL thing figured out, because I unfortunately don't know enough about them to be able to say whether it's safe to do. Sorry about the 4.0 thing. I think that got auto-added. I'll see if I can get rid of it.
  6. I second this. Unless I'm missing something, I am having a heck of a time trying to find mods for Skyrim SE by author.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is the chainmail cloak mod, which was previously available for PC on nexus. This was made using a Cloaks of Skyrim mesh, thanks to Nazenn's generous permissions. It does not require Cloaks of Skyrim to function. It will perform and clip the same as any other cloak from the same mod, something I'm afraid I'm unable to do anything about. The chainmail cloak, while probably not a very realistic armor concept, was the result of my trying to figure out normal maps and transparencies. It looked kind of neat, so I put it up for use. This is considered as clothing, but with the steel material keyword for crafting purposes. It does offer some protection, uses slots 40 and 46 to avoid conflict with normal armor. It can be forged with steel, leather, and leather strips, and tempered with steel.
  8. Version 4.0


    *Requires Campfire by Chesko* - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/667/ ** This is version 4, the final version created and the most recent one that was available on nexus (PC) and bethesda.net (xbox) in 2017. Due to an unexpected Windows reinstall, I no longer have the older files. This mod uses the Campfire framework to allow you to create and carry up to 9 different storage containers. They are created at the forge, at the tanning rack, and using the Campfire powers menu. Once created, the containers can be placed on the ground by activating them from your inventory. There will be a blue activator to help you position the container, then the usable container will appear once placed. Add or remove your items, then you can pick them back up and carry them with you. The containers themselves have weight, but not the items in them. Like-named containers can be made and will share their inventory with each other. (ie: chest > chest, barrel > barrel). If you lose or accidentally sell one, just make another and your items will be in it. You can store containers in other containers, and you can place copies in multiple houses or wherever you like. Followers can also carry containers. Other helpful mods - Favorite Misc Items by PowerOfThree - Allows you to favorite your containers. Essential Favorites by PowerOfThree - Favorited items can't be sold or deconstructed Better Container Controls by CDCooley - allows one-button storage between containers, with a config file to help you filter out what should stay in place The containers and their workstations are as follows. They each require a relatively small amount of materials, such as iron, wood, leather, linen, etc. There is also a bonus, the ability to use collected wood to construct placeable barricades. These can be placed, removed, and carried as well, but they cannot be destroyed by weapon or magic hits. Good for keeping enemies away from your camp site at night. Tanning Rack satchel food supplies alchemy supplies Forge chest small chest noble chest strongbox barrel Campfire Crafting Menu blacksmithing supplies
  9. Ah, I see. It's just gone off nexus, but can be had here. TYVM.
  10. Is there any chance for this mod to come back to SSE? I miss it.
  11. Has this mod been pulled from the nexus? I didn't see it anymore. It's not even in my list of previous downloads.
  12. Just wanted to say thanks again. Worked like a charm. I spawned a bandit chief, gave him an even 1000 health, then went between resethealth and getav health, for each shot I took at him. Was able to (mostly) diagnose what was going wrong, and correct it. TYVM!
  13. That is outstanding! Thank you very much. Now, hopefully, I can get to the bottom of this spell issue. Much appreciated.
  14. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to make (or if there is already) a test target, so I can shoot spells at it and see how much actual damage is being done. I'm trying to test/troubleshoot a couple of spell mods, in which the two spells gave the correct information until I took the augmentation perks. Now the weaker spell says it does more damage than that stronger one, although the stronger one seems to take a bigger bite out of enemies. Without knowing whether one enemy had more hp than the other, I thought maybe if I could make a test target that reads damage, I could figure out what's happening. Thanks in advance.
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