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  1. You could argue that the non workshop mattresses were made before the war though which is why they have steel in them. Anyway it makes no sense that mattresses cost more resources to make than a standard bed does. That's why I say it's a bug. It's basically rendered workshop mattresses pointless. There is now no point in them existing in the game if they cost more resources to make than a standard bed. They are less useful than a standard bed in survival mode yet they cost more resources to make. It just makes no sense. A better option would have been just to change the scrap recipe of the pre-built mattresses to give back just 3 cloth and no steel
  2. When the Unofficial Patch is installed it costs 4 steel as well as 6 cloth to build a mattress. A mattress should not use steel. If it does it should not use that much. This is actually more materials than it costs to build a standard bed. A standard bed costs 4 steel and only 5 cloth. It just makes no sense for the mattress to cost more materials than a bed so this must be a bug
  3. Just downloaded the updated patch on Xbox one. Unfortunately the orange squares are still there. Is this one of those engine bugs only Bethesda can fix?
  4. There is a screenshot in this thread in the official bethesda forums. Someone else has the same issue. https://beta-community.bethesda.net/topic/1205/texture-issues Been testing myself and after restarting console with all mods disabled the problem went away. But problem came back after enabling all mods. There have been reports about the unofficial patch causing this so did you testing by activating all mods one at a time starting with unofficial patch. It's only after activating the cutting room floor mod that the problem came back. So problem could possibly be caused by cutting room floor or possibly a conflict between having both unofficial patch and cutting room floor installed. EDIT:Now its happening with cutting room floor disabled
  5. I am seeing a large orange patch on the floor in the sawmill in Riverview. It's as though a texture is missing. This is happening vanilla with no mods loaded in an unmodded save. So I know the problem is not caused by mods. If it is at all possible to fix this it would be appreciated.
  6. Thankyou for updating the patch. The wolves are now howling
  7. Keeping my fingers crossed it will get fixed. Although i'm not having problems with wolves not attacking. They do bark like dogs when attacking which doesn't sound right to me.
  8. I've looked and the only thing I can see mentioned about wolves is fixing the bug that prevents wolves from attacking the player. I can't find any reference to the wolves not howling.
  9. I would like to report a bug about the wolves not howling but the bugtracker doesn't work for me. It says i'm not authorised.
  10. I just registered to this site for the same problem. Wolves not howling is a major game breaker for me. It ruins immersion. I hated playing the 360 version with dawnguard installed because of it. Unfortunately there is no way to disable dawnguard with the xbox one version. I have tried the unofficial patch and it currently doesn't fix this issue. If it would be possible to fix this issue I would be very grateful.
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