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  1. Do we know if the item codes for original Skyrim will work in Skyrim SE? Basically I'm wondering so I can use them to test out my various mods as I begin the process of converting them.
  2. Well that's certainly a relief, for myself and my subscribers. I'm trying to do schoolwork and getting messages from people every 5 mins asking me "please bring this mod!" Especially my nightingale one.
  3. So my main question is, will the new CK when it finally comes out have a means of converting old mods to the new system? The mods I make don't change anything in terms of the data and artwork that is already in the game. My mods mostly jus work with things like armor stats and adding extra stuff to places already in game. I've already gotten like 20 messages from people begging me to send my Nightingale and Companion mods over and I want to know if I have to start those from scratch or if the CK will just convert them for me because they don't add anything new, merely modify.
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