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  1. What no biscuits? LOL Nice Altbert congrats
  2. bump ... any ideas on correcting the DLC load order?
  3. Hi again Mator Well not 100%, I am having what amounts to a minor but troubling issue I thought was resolved with 2.3.1 ... Masters /DLC ordering in the MP plugins screen. As you can see from the pic WB is fine, the Plugins file matches perfectly, and I'm just not sure what to do with the a ? automatic re-numbering ? I am registered on your server, and fully updated. The only missing tool is BSAOpt (which I haven't used - I'm set up to extract). The program works fine as far as telling me what I need to know in order to merge, and I made 2 merges already with no issues, and no errors to resolve. I'm writing a how-to for the downtrodden folk in the trenches (having fun:) on using WB as a primary manager with NMM as a simple installer/fomod reader, and using Remote installation monitoring to allow ignoring the fomods. So far everything worked fine except for the exceptions list in MP ... I'd like to sort that out before I post the installer pics. I'm not sure if this would be considered a bug, or Avrie shot his foot again. I'll be happy to update a bug report, if this is something new... didn't want to go there until I checked it wasn't an obvious noob error I did read through the PDF in docs end to end ... well written BTW. And thanks for bothering with an old noob learning new tricks
  4. Will do and thanks. I have the decompiler installed, and the paths updated to the data folder. It appears my issue is with the CK. I have it and use it, but my version after cleaning and re-installing the game is there are no script files. I'm presently trying to validate the CK (and running into bethnet issues) I'll get it sorted. I'm still just learning to really use WB to it's potential. The issue is solved ... Validating the CK corrected the issue, I was missing the source files. Thanks again
  5. I'm wondering if it is possible to use the merge Plugins standalone (Nexus 69905-2-3-1) to merge the ESP files after they have been added to a WB307 project created from a monitored installation? I'm testing with using the feature to create a project which includes all of the current videos available for VOTW as a single project. Project creation worked perfectly, The question stems from realizing that all of those esp files can be merged into a single esp. But I'm having issues getting the Merge plugins standalone configured correctly I believe. Following Gamer Poets video, I'm realizing that I'm having integration issues. If someone is already using this program with WB307, and FO4, I'd appreciate a quick heads up on paths and integration. Specifically Papyrus integration, and manager paths. I have a feeling I'm missing something very basic, but I have no Champollion De-compiler, or Papyrus flags path (no source files to extract) and as a result I can not activate the script fragment handling check box. (Damn shame everyone ignores poor WB ... there should have been a check box for it like NMM and MO) Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies, Trust me I'm not shooting bain installation. I love nothing more than grabbing what I know is going to be a very complex mod, extracting it to a folder, and seeing "00 Core" Etc. in a proper package structure. Makes me smile every time ... it's the mods that make you guys a little nervous that end up back in NMM (shudders) because I have no idea what to do with them. I'm not a layman anymore, or a noob. I already peeled away the fomods from more than thirty of the mods I had in NMM. I'm down to 14 from 44. From experience I defer back to fomod installation when I can't recognize the structure and realize the fomod is assembling sub trees on the fly. The other thing is the executable containing installation like BodySlide, or on the SSE side any of the reproccer based mods. I understand from following the forums that this is by design (for oblivion? I'm a little fuzzy on the why(s)) But there must be a way to get past that limitation as well. Now that SKSE64 is out, and mods will soon be actively converted that use reproccers We're in trouble there as well. Like I said, I'm not picking on bash ... it's all I use now. I just wish it was easier to use for mods not designed for it. And didn't throw a hissy fit every time you run into a binary. I know I'm being captain obvious here, And there is the heart of the issue ... it's fading because new modders only see it as a tool for patching. If you could simply throw a mod list at it without concern for what it can and can't actually install it would get a lot more users, and therefor a lot more support. I actually had to remind some of the modders (in my own group!) who were having a slightly heated discussion over the drawbacks of NMM Vs, Mo2 that WB was in fact a viable manager, and better than both. I wish I understood that end of the process better, I would be actively helping you with bain wizard creation in the trenches. I was actually quite surprised by the number of mods with "fomod" folders that contained a single XML identifying the name of the mod and the author only. Unfortunately we also NEED to be able to install executable files as I mentioned with BodySlide, Fnis, Dual sheaths ... Etc. Where it isn't a mistake, or malware. Thanks again for getting back to me. Bad enough dealing with 300+ mods, having to do it multiple times in multiple managers and not knowing what didn't work until you're out of the vault simply sucks.
  7. Starting a new thread so Utumno doesn't beat me up for asking in the official thread Yes I'm still quietly sitting in the corner keeping up. This is a thread to discuss the direction we'd like to see Wrye Bash take moving forward. (call it version 309 for TES6:) This is my personal opinion after having switched to WB307 as my preferred manager for Skyrim LE, SSE, and FO4 exclusively well over a year ago now. First I'd like to thank Utumno, Alt3rn1ty, Sharlikran, Arthmoor and the rest of the team for their continued hard work and dedication. Now that I've been using WB exclusively for a while I really do consider it superior to all other available managers ... I'm on your side, I want to see WB develop and grow, and I support it, and recommend it in the forums. So here's my one MUST HAVE wish for future versions ... Teach this old dog to read FOMODS. That's it ... I'm not going to bug anyone for bells an whistles. While I love the game, and I'm getting ready to mod it again, it's time for the team to get their heads out of oblivion, and realize that NO ONE is writing bain wizards anymore NO ONE! My only wish moving forward to include modding future games is that it can read the installer files that everyone is actually using. I'm presently putting together a new build for FO4 with approximately 350 mods merged down to under 254 plugins. WB307 works flawlessly, and gives me all the control and error checking features I could ask for (except one) It's embarrassing to admit I have to use it in conjunction with NMM (eol version) for 44 out of the 350 mods, because the FOMODS are just complex enough piecing together the installation file paths that WB simply can't install them correctly without manually populating file structures that WB chose not to make. A good example would be any mod that includes an executable binary like Bodyslide, or mods that create subfolders for texture redirection like Korax glowing plants. I love you guys, and feel free to beat me up all you want here without messing up the official threads. But Oblivion is approaching puberty at this point, I'm interested in the games we're modding NOW. I'm not a programmer, and don't pretend to be. I'm a die hard modder looking for the tools that work. (like the vast majority of your users) I'm never going to master converting fomods to wizards and really have no desire to learn how. Can you please teach this old dog to read fomods? That's all I ask. Thanks
  8. Nice to see you active on the Wrye Bash threads ... Utomno beats me up when I ask questions over there ... Do you think I could use you to put a bug in his ear about adding the ability to read fomods for the next version. Converting to wizards is not something I'm any good with, and is the only reason WB isn't the only manager I use. LOL

    1. Sharlikran


      I don't defend people's actions, sometimes people are more abrasive then they need to be.  However, so am I. I tend to get impatient when people ask the same question that's already asked or when something is already covered in documentation. Another thing that annoys me is when people ask for an update to a request. So if Utumno is reacting to those, he may be doing so in a way that's common for most people.

      The fomod support might be added at some point. However, until that happens, and it shows up, then know it may show up at some point. Besides, I have never ever, ever, found documentation on that anyway. I can't write in Python so I can't do that anyway.  However, lets pretend I could and I found a Python module for parsing xml data. I wouldn't know what to look for and once I made support thinking I covered it all, then someone would come along with a new function I didn't see in any of the mod files I downloaded from the Nexus so the support would be incomplete.

      The other problem I see with this is Gopher usually uses complex C scripts also. So to say that Wrye is fomod compatible would be inaccurate. It would be better to say, if it has the simple xml installer file, then it supports that. Anything else would not be supported.

      All that has to be considered. So that's why I say, may, might, and best not to ask about it.  It's on the GitHub site as a request so just leave it be.

      Now I have told people in the past to use the functionality already built into Wrye Bash. Make sure you have Beta1 it works better.

      Optional: Go to the mopy folder and use the default_ini file to make a bash.ini file. Remove the semicolon from the line sSkippedBashInstallersDirs to skip the NMM folders like cache and other things Wrye Doesn't use. I have NMM pointing to my Bash Installers folder so I can use NMM to download the files.

      Feature: Open Wrye and chose the monitor external installer option.  It will do a refresh so be prepared to wait. I even recommended a full refresh (even though it will do some kind of refresh again) if you haven't done it in a while. One it's done refreshing, then it will tell you to install your mod. You leave the dialogue box open and run NMM and install the mod choosing the options you want.  Then you leave NMM open and return to Wrye where it's waiting for you to finish. Tell Wrye you are done and it will scan for changes. Then it makes a folder in your Bash Installers folder of all the files from that external installation. Valid files and locations though so you can't do this with EXE files and stuff.

      After you have the installer folder, go back to NMM and uninstall the mod. Then go to Wrye Bash and install it. Now Wrye is tracking the files so it knows how to override them with other mods. Also if you did the Clean Data procedure those files are tracked now and left alone which cleans out your data folder of unneeded files.

    2. avrie05


      Thanks for the reply, I didn't notice the notification icon until now ... sorry.

      This should help me quite a bit. I wish I had seen the icon before I posted my "WB wish list" thread, but no harm done. I really am looking forward to trying the remote installer monitoring. I have less than 20 mods in NMM, all the rest were either simple mods, bain compatible, or choose from a,b,c,d fomods so it's really only a handful that are the issue. It's a shame that the most important ones also contain binary files. I don't suppose there's a secret feature that fixes that as well ;-)

      Anyway, thank you for taking the time, I learned a lot, and will be giving the feature a test drive in short order ... hopefully I'll end up with only 2 or 3 files with binaries left in NMM. 

  9. LOL, I was just going to request a few FO4 Wizbains. I've been seriously wanting to start pushing Utumno into making Wryebash capable of reading Fomods ... it's got to be easier than reverse engineering every fomod into a wizard. I do appreciate what your doing here, I almost started trying to convert a few fomods myself but scripting is not my strong suit. I'll be following the thread and thanks again for sharing the wizbains.
  10. Just to keep things current while we're waiting to come out of beta, I posted a cleaning guide on the steam forums. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943456144 If you'd like to copy it for now until the official cleaning guide comes out feel free. I'll be happy to upload the pics.
  11. Sorry, I'm a duffus ... I downloaded the current installer version from Utumno's WIP link, but accidentally installed the current Nexus version (307.201612302300) from my library drive which I had previously downloaded. Thanks for the replies. Funny how I got no errors until after I cleaned. That's what threw me. I didn't even notice the incorrect version #. Seeing as the current version on the Nexus is 6 months old ... Might I suggest it's probably a good time to update the file ... if for no other reason than to avoid other idiots like me doing what I just did to myself. Thanks again
  12. What no coffee?

  13. Seeing as I'm a disciple of the AFK cleaning guide for Skyrim and the SSE, and have been spreading the gospel all over the Steam forums ... I'm wondering about FO4. I just bit the bullet and picked up season pass. The first thing I did was install FO4edit, and checked the masters (out of shear habit at this point) and ran into the expected hundreds of ITMs and UDRs. I had hoped to find a cleaning guide here showing any additional manual edits, but I didn't find any. Just wondering if I missed it somewhere, or if I shouldn't be cleaning FO4 ??? WB307b1 is clean and green, I just want to make sure I didn't screw up anything Thanks Edit - Everything appears to be OK, but I'm now getting "missing string localization files" and red backgrounds for only the three workshop.esm files in WryeBash. I re-ran the launcher, and even restored the original "dirty" masters. Not sure what's happening, but the game seems to run OK.
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