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  1. Question: there's a rumour on Reddit that cell data has changed so cell modifications are not compatible and will need to be redone. What is this about, and is it something one could just fix in the CK/xEdit or does it mean that existing cell modifications are broken/gone and need to be redone from scratch?
  2. Oh god you just saved me from a very big mistake. That's what they call dropping the mic.
  3. I didn't realise the functionality is actually based on the filename. Thanks! I wanted to see if SSEEdit could handle vanilla Skyrim mods because it is capable of loading multiple mods at the same time. People have load orders with potentially 50 or 100 mods that won't get an official port. It turns out that SSEEdit won't even run without SSE installed, so I'll have to wait a few days.
  4. So weapons are not compatible? ... I'm not sure if there's an executable version of SSEdit or just the source files. Github is hard. Anyway, can the new SSE xEdit still load Skyrim esps and (after some manual fixing) therefore convert them to SSE esps on save? If so, that would be a big deal because one could load their entire load order and convert it all in one go, solving the problem that people have 200 mods of which 150 are no longer maintained.

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