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  1. Hi As I play my strength and endurance increase by 1 point at a time, until I find myself with an Endurance exceeding 20 after 30 hours of play, when it should be a lot less than that. Not only that, but my actual Endurance and Strength skill points max out at 10, allowing me to get Solar Powered and Pain Train, even though I should only have Strength 3 an Endurance 5. I formatted my drive, reinstalled FO3, restarted, but the same bug has begun again. And what's more, sometimes my PipBoy shows stats well into the negatives. Even with a perception of 11, and a positive endurance, I can have -10s and -3s. I have installed MODs, mostly cosmetic. Notable ones that are not cosmetic include: Enhanced Game Play Better Settlers More Power Armor Mods UFO4P Ron Staples Inventory Search and Destroy I play survival mode. Any help you can give would be great. Cheers Jupiter
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