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  1. For the load or i disabled all my mods to test this and its still there. Dawnguard: yes it is as the quest ends "A new Order" no mater which side i picked (tested vampire and dawnguard) as the quests ends nothing happens the next quest Prophet is not given. for the vampire side garan will tell you to go to lord harkon and the quest will end but when you talk to him nothing happens no quest progression and prophet is not given as the next quest. for the dawnguard side, as you are in the "cleansing light" isran will mention a vampire has come to speak with you (serana) A new order will finish and prophet is not given. i have tested this on new saves i even completely cleaned my game and reinstalled it with no mods or anything. no effect. Heartfire i have tested all these houses but i have had to use console commands to be able to buy this houses once i have gotten the note from the yarl i falkreath i will go there and "attempt to talk to him" but no conversation will start and it is treated like it is an npc that you cannot talk to "not now". meaning i cannot get the quest to help the people of falkreath and his steward will not talk to me. Windsted Manor: once i have gotten the quest start from the bar i went to the yarl as the quest says to talk to her, but she will not talk to mean rejecting any further quest progression i have not tested the last house because by this point i was pretty mad. also it is a reported bug on the USEP https://gyazo.com/e7dd4b066f107f34d2f365251b6ebb5e http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Prophet_(Vampire)
  2. i have noticed a huge bug with no fix that i have found. after completing A new order the next quest no matter which side wont start up after isran or garan merethi will tell you to talk to someone but the next quest (prophet) wont actually start. I have tried this with mods, with no mods but the unofficial patch, and no mods at all. I have had a friend test it and it worked fine with him, it used to work when i used to play but it suddenly stopped. console commands with this quest DO NOT work at all setstage/ startquest nothing Fyi another thing the Hearthfire dlc is having another issue. none of the yarls that assign houses in the dlc will talk to me i have found a way around it but is " immersion breaking" by using player.relationshiprank "yarl id" 4 but i cannot become thane nor get a housecarl. i dont know what other details i can provide.
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