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  1. I could make a new character and get dehydrated with low perception (base of 2 or 3) to see if it happens again. I'm pretty certain that it is because the dehydration debuff lowered my perception to a point that would be below 0. It also could be a cumulative bug where the debuff stacks and is never removed. I will test this to see. Though I should mention that because I am playing on the Xbox One I don't have a way to actively I.D. the issue.
  2. So is this the place you report bugs or is this not an issue for anyone else it the world? Am I seriously the only one dealing with this bulls*t?
  3. I have been playing the game for a while now on the revamped survival mode. My character is level 67 with all ten ranks in each of the 7 SPECIAL stat perks. Once I had reached rank ten with my perception I has gone out to collect the bobble head to push my stat up from 10 to 11 however when I did collect the bobble head and checked I found that my Perception read (-)2. I reloaded from the last save and checked my stats to find without the bobble head my Perception read (-)1. This is all wrong. I've looked up how this could occur and found two possibilities. The first one was a debuff caused by
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