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  1. Hi there @Leeux - glad to see you around again To add to Infernio's comment any and all work on CBash would be more than welcome - people are still using and I think there are some tarcebacks floating on discord The rest is mostly profile work - I second Infernio, all this would be much easier to manage once we have python3 refactoring done See you on github
  2. @Arthmoor well there is a lot on my plate already - @cptmcsplody or @Infernio ? Thanks @mvoided - could you try the latest nightly from second post here?
  3. https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog @mvoided - you must start from command line using C:\path\to\Mopy>"Wrye Bash.exe" -d
  4. Please post me the bugdump - see links in second post for reporting a bug
  5. Damn missed this - fixed on utumno-wip
  6. Two bachelors and one masters - it was this very gaming business that started me on coding and got me my second bachelor on CS actually :p
  7. Python 3 is far-fetched at this time and all those "attempts" were from toy ones to just mock ones. There is no way this is done without serious and dedicated effort from people that are well versed in python and ready to spend months with menial and tedious debugging. Otherwise, there is a chance that parts of bash are broken to tiny pieces. However, moving on to wx python 3 is time to be done now, and from there wxpython 4 (phoenix). This will give us a much more clear insight on what is needed for a full python 3 transition NB: I _love_ python 3 - and in my job I use this exclusively
  8. Thanks @Supierce - these were some last minute additions - reverted, the one up now should be ok
  9. New version on utumno-wip should fix the error code 2/7, please test if it fixes tmp folders with spaces in the filename too
  10. Damn! - plus now I have to reply in two places (there's discord too). Will give it another whirl - getting error cocde 2 too (that's a very helpful "Fatal error")
  11. Please do I need a definite answer if I am to ever finalize support for esls in bash
  12. Wait for it to download completely...
  13. What is the first downloadable option? If it's an exe then you run it - or use the Wrye Bash 307.201812241806 - Standalone Executable.7z - Unzip it and replace the mopy folder you use with that one No you are not I guess that 307.2018 10 22 1913 has support for esls that is not built into 307.2018 12 24 1806
  14. Just a wild guess for that particular one though - try installing Vortex outside of the UAC protected Program Files dir - then you may be able to run Bash New link with updated fomod installer: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s5m6k0iq2wbpaf/AADCmdGQKUIZlSSZUEAB5t8Fa?dl=0&lst=
  15. Ok - I updated the second post and redirected to Gandas dropbox complete with installer and source: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s5m6k0iq2wbpaf/AADCmdGQKUIZlSSZUEAB5t8Fa?dl=0 @Ganda Thanks! If you have a new build dump it into the same folder and it will work out of the box (I guess it's a folder link)
  16. I have no time for that now, unfortunately, could you post me an issue (with all relevant info and steps to reproduce) so it's not forgotten?
  17. Very interesting @Arthmoor thanks indeed. Please edit the OP (it would be a good idea to allow the last edit date to be seen so we know when it's updated) I answered and asked some more questions on github: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/issues/426#issuecomment-448718981 Please reply to me there - I would need some testing with the esls on saves (rearranging esl masters and including esp/esm ESL flagged plugins) Where do people discuss those these days ? Is SKSE discord? Can't seem to find a link for that - I would like to keep technical info on github so it's easy to find but I need to contact the more technical fellows like @ElminsterEU
  18. So is this true for all games (Oblivion, Fallout3, Oldrim etc)? This should mean that Bash should disallow activating more than 254 non esl plugins? Is this true for non esl mods too? (just for clarity) What are the dollar signs? Ok should this be corrected to determined by their the esm flag set implicitly (for .esl files) or explicitly (for .esp files). What happens with esm files - can those have the esl flag set? Also (and that's my main question): Given that the formIds of the esl flagged files end up in slot FE don't they override all the rest (apart from the save file FF formids)? So what difference does it make .esl files load with esms? What does the load order mean really? Maybe the save file displaying its esl masters at the end is more correctly? Where would such a file display an esl flagged esp? I probably don 't understand load order meaning - I thought it was there to actually sort conflicts in form ids from mods (last loading wins) - and that's how the Bashed Patch thinks IIUC. Does this mean we should exclude all esl flagged mods from the patch? What is the function of load order if not this? Is the way we display load order correct or should we display esl flagged files at the bottom? Or does the load order has to do with master/children relationships - but how would then an esp override a record from an esl master, since that record would end up in FE?I need the answer to these questions however elementary they may seem to get things right in bash. I do acknowledge that the questions may be answered again but then there is no central place I can find the answers (also looked https://tes5edit.github.io/docs/9-appendix.html#s_9-2 and https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Data_File ) but did not find a clear answer and I got some contradictions on top. Better have all the info and links on OP here
  19. Hi everybody - been crazy busy but now I have a holiday and some time to look back at bash - I reply here to recent comments but if an issue still needs attention please link me to the relevant post - no time to go through all the pages. Now - there is much discussion on esls - if someone can point me to a technical overview of the current status of affairs I would gladly spend some thought on it - where is the technical discussion taking place? Discord ? Bash should looks to match ModName...bsa/b2a Please try the second post file - strange error looks like corruption -------- After a long while of inactivity @Ganda packed a new standalone that also contains his fomod installer !!! Check out the exe here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewr6vxwhgq0zhpv/Wrye Bash 307.201812190031 - Standalone Executable.7z?dl=0 while we are working with Ganda for a full package (installer and all)
  20. So So MelModel is imported correctly for skyrim SE? Could you please provide me with the record info for the fnv traceback? Do it on my wip branch so I have correct line numbers (and I know what code to look at) - use PyCharm's debugger for this - put a breakpoint in: File "bash\brec.pyo", line 1000, in dumpData or whatever this line is on ut-wip
  21. If you want to use the same MelModel then all this machinery I set up is not needed really - you just add the MelModel to skyrim.records.py and it gets imported from there Now about the traceback - I need to know what record is failing To really help I would need a technical report of what you are trying to achieve - not sure about it yet
  22. No need I guess I removed the star imports myself The jar: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b242qzu7hdnboyf/settings.jar?dl=0 I pushed a commit that fixes the MelMODS traceback. My understanding was that you want a different MelModel for Wrye Bash for skyrim and a different for SSE correct?
  23. Good one - will try and fix it - will post here
  24. @Sharlikran I just pushed some commits in utumno-wip containing the SSE MelModel you wrote (is this final? There are some typos in the docs) and a hack for loading correct MelModel per game. Please test. If this works for MelModel we should make sure there are no other such cases
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