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  1. @Arthmoor well there is a lot on my plate already - @cptmcsplody or @Infernio ? Thanks @mvoided - could you try the latest nightly from second post here?
  2. https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog @mvoided - you must start from command line using C:\path\to\Mopy>"Wrye Bash.exe" -d
  3. Please post me the bugdump - see links in second post for reporting a bug
  4. Damn missed this - fixed on utumno-wip
  5. Two bachelors and one masters - it was this very gaming business that started me on coding and got me my second bachelor on CS actually :p
  6. Python 3 is far-fetched at this time and all those "attempts" were from toy ones to just mock ones. There is no way this is done without serious and dedicated effort from people that are well versed in python and ready to spend months with menial and tedious debugging. Otherwise, there is a chance that parts of bash are broken to tiny pieces. However, moving on to wx python 3 is time to be done now, and from there wxpython 4 (phoenix). This will give us a much more clear insight on what is needed for a full python 3 transition NB: I _love_ python 3 - and in my job I use this exclusively
  7. Thanks @Supierce - these were some last minute additions - reverted, the one up now should be ok
  8. New version on utumno-wip should fix the error code 2/7, please test if it fixes tmp folders with spaces in the filename too
  9. Damn! - plus now I have to reply in two places (there's discord too). Will give it another whirl - getting error cocde 2 too (that's a very helpful "Fatal error")
  10. Please do I need a definite answer if I am to ever finalize support for esls in bash
  11. What is the first downloadable option? If it's an exe then you run it - or use the Wrye Bash 307.201812241806 - Standalone Executable.7z - Unzip it and replace the mopy folder you use with that one No you are not I guess that 307.2018 10 22 1913 has support for esls that is not built into 307.2018 12 24 1806
  12. Just a wild guess for that particular one though - try installing Vortex outside of the UAC protected Program Files dir - then you may be able to run Bash New link with updated fomod installer: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s5m6k0iq2wbpaf/AADCmdGQKUIZlSSZUEAB5t8Fa?dl=0&lst=
  13. Ok - I updated the second post and redirected to Gandas dropbox complete with installer and source: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s5m6k0iq2wbpaf/AADCmdGQKUIZlSSZUEAB5t8Fa?dl=0 @Ganda Thanks! If you have a new build dump it into the same folder and it will work out of the box (I guess it's a folder link)
  14. I have no time for that now, unfortunately, could you post me an issue (with all relevant info and steps to reproduce) so it's not forgotten?

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